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Sanjaya Prepares for Retirement

5/27/2008 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your scrunchie! Despite being on his 16th minute of fame, pony-hawked "Idol" wannabeen Sanjaya Malakar is going Nationwide.

Instead of performing at the opening of an outlet mall or local balloon festival like his fellow "Idol" losers, Sanji followed in the bankrupt footsteps of MC Hammer and Kevin Federline and filmed the latest ad for Nationwide insurance in India today.

The theme of the commercial is about planning for your retirement -- something that happened to Sanjaya the minute he was voted off "A.I."


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2309 days ago


I dont think Sanjaya will be an escort. I think when the money runs out, he will find himself a wealthy hot man to take care of him. Thats a long time away though. In the meantime, there will be hundreds of hot boys he will go through. Thats what young pretty boys do in the gay world. Im not making fun of the guy, if you were gay and single and you could pull it off, you would do it too. Sanjaya is going to have a great life and alot of fun. Hes beautiful, and Im sure he has a great heart and personality that we never really see too much of. And if by some chance he can make a hit CD, then that would be just awesome!

2309 days ago


He is great I wish him nothing but the best but his sister and mother need to go and find real jobs and quit mooching off of him. He is not your personal ATM machine bitches,

2309 days ago


This kid has lots of potential, too bad he has a sister that is trying to milk his fame- Girl go pose for Playboy and earn your own money. A mother who would sell her son for a quick buck. But hey atleast he is doing more with his fame then that closet case beat boxer who has zero chance of a career

2309 days ago


Signed sealed delivered he's yours!

2308 days ago


TMZ, you are so stupid. I hate you with every fiber of my being. You have no right to be making fun of innocent people. They are not the ones who are sitting on their asses writing things about people like its a bad thing, when in reality their fans are rejoicing over it.

Sanjaya is an amazing person. I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop saying horrible things about him. If he is a loser, then why are you so into talking about him??? Exactly. So just shut up!!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way, he looks absolutely fabulous in those pictures!!!!!!! I can't wait until that commercial comes out!! I'll be watching commercials more than TV!!!!!!! HAHA>!!!!!!!!!! I love SANJAYA MALAKAR!!!!!!!

2308 days ago


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2308 days ago


(I resent you Rainah, for taking post numbr 69 from me.)

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2308 days ago


OMG111!!!! How can you say such things? U think U R an indusrty xpert?

2308 days ago


Call me, Ishmael.

2308 days ago


Every post on this this thread is gramtically incorect.

2308 days ago


Catch me, I'm falling.


2308 days ago


Dimples, you can get one of Blake's CDs for free if you know a Blaker Girl. Email them at Team Plaid. I'm sure they can hook you up.

2308 days ago


Bless you all. BTW, we have a paypal account. All donations excepted.

2308 days ago


mhmmm. signed sealed delivered he really is yours. love it question. everyone from daze is commenting this? but like sanjaya has great things ahead!!

2308 days ago
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