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China Shows Sharon What Karma Really Is

5/28/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the Chinese will have to live without Sharon Stone's "Sliver" for a while: The biggest movie chain in China says it's banning her flicks from its screens after she called the horrific earthquakes there "karma" for past abuses.

Ng See-Yuen, head of the UME Cineplex chain, tells the Hollywood Reporter that Stone's ridiculous remarks were "inappropriate" and that actors should not bring personal politics to such a disaster that's killed tens of thousands and left 5 million homeless.

No word on whether the absence of "Last Action Hero" will cause widespread rioting in the streets of Beijing.


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TMZ Staff is obviously illiterate! lmao!

2338 days ago


Sharon is not dealing well with her alcoholism or aging.
Casino was a LONG time ago.....

2338 days ago


don't care about sharon stone one way or the other. but since, for the moment at least, this is still america, she has a right to say anything she wants. and for you pathetic politically correct whiners attacking her, you might instead attack our enemy. china. while there's still time.

2338 days ago


"No word on whether the absence of "Last Action Hero" will cause widespread rioting in the streets of Beijing."

It's soon, I think !

2338 days ago


She wasn't in Last Action Hero, she was in Total Recall

2338 days ago


What a callous , insinsitive remark that just reflects how crazy she really is . I also think the press should just stay away from this limelight hog. Nothing she says is important to anyone but her and we don't want to see her posed pictures or her read about her holier than thou cooments. She is washed up and this is the only attention she can get I guess.

2338 days ago


I agree that it was a ridiculous comment, however I wish we would have "pulled" our business from China when they tried to poison our pets and then our children.
They are hypocrites, and let's face it, what is worse, an inappropriate comment or LEAD PAINT?
China can kiss my @ss and so can Sharon Stone

2338 days ago


If Sharon really believes in karma, then that really sucks for herself. Look at the backlash already. So something obviously is 'coming around' for her now. Her movie career seems to have already experienced a few tremors.

2338 days ago

happy day    

If she never showed her taco years ago she would be nothing, Goes to show why they are actors because without a written script, they do not know what really goes on in the world. What a dumb drunk, with no clue. I bet she loves chinese food, she better watch out, next time she goes in a chinese restaurant, wonder what they will serve her???

2338 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

You know what? It is horrible that all of those people died, and I don't deny that. However, I agree with Sharon Stone. You can't perform acts of evil, then expect nothing to come around full-circle. Seems most people either can't, or don't want to, understand the definition of Karma, because of the loss of human life. Well, what happened in China is THE definition: You do horrible things, like violate human rights, and horrible things will happen back. Bash me, hate me, and/or ridicule me all you idiots want, but China got what was coming to them for all the years of evil they perpetrated.

2338 days ago


If she really stands by her comments than she wouldn't want their money. I personally don't think innocent people should pay for their governments actions, but we (united states) have seen to it persnally in the past to other countries, Hiroshima anyone. So it is a bit ironic that everyone is getting upset about some actres's comments. People make comments every day that might not be politically correct, but that is everyone's right to free speach. Personally I don't think that's karma, Karma would be if the people that have poisoned us in food and toys or mis treated anyone would be the only ones effected.

2338 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

No, what's immature is the use of ALL CAPS, you dumb whore. Learn how to use your Caps Lock button, dumb@$$.

2338 days ago


14. Amen. And like it or not, if there is such a thing as Karma, China got bit in the ass by it. China has no value of human life, brought on by their wonderful government and populated down to their people. It's hard to respect a culture that has no problem with infanticide (among many other things) of female newborns.

And seeing as how they value their human life, it's exceedingly difficult to want to donate money to help them. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese people who haven't murdered their infant daughters. But ya know, gender balance over there (and India) speaks very highly of what actually goes on over there.


2338 days ago


Sharon Stone has always been dumb but this takes the cake comming down on the Chineese people like that.What a dumb ass.


2338 days ago


She's right!

2338 days ago
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