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Evil Harry Potter Smites God-Fearing Librarian

5/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you think "Harry Potter," you think of an evil, Occultist, pagan, heathen devil, don't you?

Well, in this lawsuit, a Missouri librarian refused to push the Potter books on kids because she was afraid that The Boss -- the Almighty One -- would bring his fury on her and cast her out if she did. Unfortunately, she ended up incurring the wrath of the boss -- the one who pays her rent -- and got herself canned as a result.

So now Deborah Smith has invoked the help of the highly secular ACLU, which is helping her sue the Poplar Bluff Library for money. You know, the earthly kind. Amen.


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It reads to me like the director was looking for a way to get rid of this person. The person's immediate supervisor seemed to be willing to accommodate her and not make her work the event but when the director got wind of that it all escalated into not only forcing her to work but then demoting her to a worse job as punishment, a much more physically demanding job she was pretty obviously going to quit. On the other hand though, I can see the accommodation of only one person's beliefs being a problem in a public library job environment where everything's supposed to be equitable for all employees. Since there's no way to prove religious belief, what if an employee suddenly wants all the ____ religious holidays off?

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Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I doubt this lawsuit will go anywhere as similar lawsuits have failed using the same excuse in regard to public school teachers objecting to teaching sex ed or evolution. It appears they are attempting to use the fact the activity was outside of regular work hours to establish it was not a job requirement. I've been through much worse retailiation than she in regard to a disabiltiy without being able to get legal help so I'm very surprised she was even able to find an attorney to take her case. The ACLU was probably looking for a test case like hers. This is a case that has no merit, is what she should have been told.

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Good! She's entitled to her own opinions but when she tries to impose her beliefs on others she's no better than Islamic fanatics. The Harry Potter books are responsible for increased reading amongst millions of children and are no more "satanic" than the fairy tales we grew up on.

2341 days ago


Read the lawsuit before you call her any names. She never refused to allow children to read the books. She did not want to work at a HARRY POTTER BOOK NIGHT function because of her beliefs. She was then ridiculed and fired. READ!!!!!

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It's just crazy... I can't believe people are STILL so thick headed that they have to use these books just to get their kicks.

When a place hires you, it's under the understanding that they are hiring you reguardless of your race, RELION, sex, gender, etc. So it is expected of you to be tolerent of others in the same sense at your job. This woman? This woman is an idiot if she doesn't understand that!

This means that if they wanted to promote a BOOK, not magic, but a BOOK, then she should have done her job. The fact that she did not want to do her JOB is why they suspended her. So she's just using this whole issue as an excuse to get something out of them.

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Harry Potter Books have nothing to do with GOD. The actions of idiots like this woman are an embarrassment and a waste of tax payers money. My advice to her, "GO GET ANOTHER JOB!"

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Bunnie - I am a Southern Baptist, and I have read every Harry Potter book, and so have my children...don't lump us all into one group. I am proud to believe in God, but I think He has more important things to worry about than rather or not I read fiction stories.

2341 days ago


Sure, she's foolish for thinking that Harry Potter is evil, but all of the commenters who think that she was pushing her religious beliefs on other people weren't reading the story carefully. She wasn't pushing her beliefs on other people, she was refusing to push the Harry Potter books onto kids. That is the opposite of pushing your beliefs on others. She feels her boss was pushing her beliefs on her and she refused to let it happen. The story doesn't say that she refused to let kids check out Harry Potter, only that she refused to promote the Harry Potter books to kids. She should have the right to refuse this, whether or not she's right about the Harry Potter books being evil.

2341 days ago

Amy S    

I just love these religious morons - doesn't she realize that Harry Potter belongs in the same section as the bible... FICTION!

2341 days ago


Just when you think people can't GET anymore ignorant and uninformed......

Personally, I think she's pulling this stunt to make some money. Easiest way to do it? Sue somebody with deep pockets. I don't believe for a second she has any religious convictions. Why become a librarian then? The library is apparently FULL of Godless, evil books; like The Golden Compass, or The Lord of the Rings.

2341 days ago

Bland Ambition    

Inkeddreams: I didn't say she was "quit". I said that she "left". Big difference. But thanks for proving my point about people not knowing how to read.

48. Bland Ambition before calling people "freaking Morons" for not reading the story, may I suggest you read the story as well? She didnt quit..."Unfortunately, she ended up incurring the wrath of the boss -- the one who pays her rent -- and got herself canned as a result." Far cry from quitting.

Posted at 7:02PM on May 28th 2008 by Inkeddreams

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First let me say I'm a huge Harry Potter Fan and I'm also a Baptist (which this woman is). I understand that some people don't approve of HP and imo, that's fine if that's their view, but for me personally I feel that its harmless fiction. I also used to live in Poplar Bluff and can TOTALLY see this being an issue down there, so I was all set to think this lady was a fanatic after reading TMZ's commentary.
But to be fair, I would just point out that, if you read the complaint, it doesn't say she refused to make the book available or tried to get it banned or something - just that she wasn't comfortable and didn't want to work Harry Potter Night for the release of the new book because she felt it disagreed with her religious beliefs to promote the occult, etc., especially to children. She was told that was fine as there were other employees to work it, but then apparently the main supervisor had problems with that. Its not clear from the complaint if she was then told she had to work it, or she had to help with behind the scenes stuff, but when she refused she was suspended for 10 days and then effectively demoted by assignments of work.
So, it doesn't appear to quite be the picture TMZ paints.

2341 days ago


13. Everyone knows that the ACLU is run by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, so let me try to help them both with this simple Muggle Spell: Illuminatus ignoramus

Posted at 4:38PM on May 28th 2008 by HeadShaker


2341 days ago


I'm going back to what I said earlier.

1. she has other job choices. like Dee said, you can't be morally or religiously against something... only after hours. that sounds more like she didn't want to work that night and was finding an excuse to get off of work. If I'm against Animal cruelty... I'd be against it all the time... not just if the slaughterhouse I work for asks me to stay late for a "slaughter night".

2. People who say they need to "READ THE COMPLAINT" better, need to "READ IT THEMSELVES"

This happened in JULY

She quit TWO MONTHS later in SEPTEMBER

She was not fired, she was given a 10 day suspension. Then she was demoted... FOR NOT DOING HER JOB.

Yet she didn't feel it was religious descrimination THEN, because she came back to work, and continued to work for 2 more months...

then she quit

and A YEAR LATER she filed a lawsuit.

If someone violated my rights, I would have quit on the spot and called a lawyer. Not go back to work for a few months, then wait a year before filing a claim.

And if she is that against pushing a BOOK at a LIBRARY after hours... she should have taken that into consideration before taking a job.

I know that if I worked at an animal shelter, I may be called in on my off day to euthanise a healthy animal simply because it wasn't being adopted. I know I would not morally be able to euthanise a healthy animal just because it was taking up room, so I choose not to work at an animal shelter.

She realized she may be pushing books that are against her religious beliefs. So she shouldn't work at a library unless its a church library. And again, everyone is saying "But but but, it was AFTER HOURS. She had the RIGHT To not want to promote the book after hours if its against her religion."

But but but... its a LIBRARY and its a BOOK. she has probably checked them out, (And worse books) to kids DURING hours... yet she doesn't claim she was made to violate her religious beliefs then. She's against a book morally and religiously...

but only after the library closes?

2341 days ago
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