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Gary Dourdan: Guilty, But No Jail

5/28/2008 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Dourdan pleaded guilty to two of the felony possession charges against him and won't have to serve any jail time.

The first charged against him, for having heroin, was dropped. He pleaded guilty to the possession of coke and ecstasy charges.

Dourdan's mega-lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ he will enter a treatment program -- but it isn't rehab -- that consists of 30 hours of classes which usually meet once a week. He needs to enroll in the classes by June 11 and the charges will be dismissed when he completes the program.

UPDATE 2:10 PM PT: TMZ has learned Dourdan has already enrolled in a treatment program. Talk about not wasting any time!


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To me that sounds like BS. Anybody else would have been in for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2337 days ago


Wow, really , no jail time huh? For possesion of heroin, go figure I know in several r states, apparently Cali isn't one of them, he would have had to serve MANDATORY prison or county time. Oh my bad that's just for the little people who live in the real world, must be nice to buy justice.
As for rehab, next to meth, heroin is one of the hardest drugs to quit, 16 weeks, yeah..... right. Color me stupid.

2337 days ago


Only in 'Hollyweird! The rest of us would be in prison and would have lost our Driver's Licenses for a couple years. California is 'F****!'D

2337 days ago


This doesn't just happen in Hollywood people. The prisons are overcrowded everywhere, so its a waste to take up space with someone caught with a small bag of drugs. If it was a quantity large enough to be considered for distribution its mandatory prison time, but for personal use is a different story. Rehab is where he should be.

And I had no idea he was killed off CSI. I need to catch up on my DVR I guess.

2337 days ago

hollywood joe    

It's unbelievable here in southern california how celebrities get off without any jail time, or very little.
I guess there are 2 justice systems in effect here. The celebrities' and then us regular people.
Go vote when there are elections and get these "celebrity lover" judges out!

2337 days ago


Praise the Lord! I went to bed praying for him last night! I will continue praying that he finds help to get rid of these bad things.

Gary you are one of the finest specimens God ever created! I repent of the thoughts that run through my mind ever time I see you and lets not forget hear you, what a voice! Be good to yourself find a nice girl and get married you can’t keeping hanging out in the clubs forever.

2337 days ago


Time to take the criminality out of drugs. Legalize and regulate them and all those evil drug cartels will go away. Put all that money that is being wasted on interdiction into treatment.

2337 days ago


An example of another celebrity getting off the hook when he deserves jail time. Either way, I hope the classes help him get his act togther before he destroys what's left of his career.

2337 days ago

Dawn Day    

Don't enable him or nothin'.

2337 days ago

Outlaw Star    

Hmmm,,,, I guess his diva attitude and telling everybody that he is leaving the show when his contract expired was part of the reason why the producers killed him off. the drug problems and arrest just added to it. SO lets bring on his replacement and welcome him or her when the new season starts!!

2337 days ago


Nice, My son is 34 and was busted with 3 packs of cocaine, all under 2 grams. He received 15 months in prison and 7 years parole, and his drivers license was suspended for 18 months from date if his release from prison. This was his first offense. Too bad he isn't an actor. Why are there two sets of rules? This is BS.

2337 days ago


uh.. the update is posted as "2:10 pm PT".
*looks at watch*
uh, i live in california, and where i am, it's not 2:10 yet. not even close lol. how about 11:10 am PT or 2:10 ET.
makes a big diff

2337 days ago

No Spin    

FYI...which should have been mentioned in the article... Dourdan was eligible for California's drug diversion program. It's a statutory law, under Penal Code 1000, which allows first time drug offenders to avoid jail time. A guilty plea is entered but judgment is deferred....if the defendant completes the required clasees/program then the guily plea is set aside and the case is dismissed. If he doesn't complete it, then the convictions are entered and he faces possible jail time, Prop. 36, etc. at that point.

So...despite how this appears, this was not a case of special treatment for a celebrity.

2337 days ago


Whatever kind of an ass he his, I hope he gets the help he needs! Though I doubt any help will be beneficial to a guy with such an egotistical attitude. Addiction is a bitch, I wish him the best...

2337 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Years ago I thought about starting a celebrity justice scrapbook. And then I figured if I ever got busted for anything I'd find the celebrity that did the same thing and tell the judge "I'll have what he/she got".

2337 days ago
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