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Tony to Jess: No Mo' Joe or I Go!

5/28/2008 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So here's the latest as the Tony Romo-Jess Simpson world turns: They're seeing each other again, but only if Papa Joe Simpson stays totally on the sidelines.

A college pal of Tony's tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the Cowboy "made it super-clear that if they were to give another go, her dad had to seriously back off." This go-round is "a trial thing" and will only work if Joe leaves the couple alone and doesn't try to QB the QB.

The pair have been very publicly out and about in the past few days.

Big One About to Drop in R. Kelly Trial

The bombshell witness in the R. Kelly trial -– a woman who claims she had a three-way with R. and the alleged victim – is due to testify today.

The defense is clearly rattled – they tried to force her removal from the witness list completely, but the judge nixed that. The woman, who lives in Georgia, is expected to ID the girl on the pee-pee tape and to verify that she was a minor at the time.

Yesterday, a woman who worked for Kelly reluctantly ID'd the singer as the guy in the tape.

Swayze -– Havin' Some Cows

A TMZ operative spotted Patrick Swayze at a Laker game over the weekend looking swell (at least until he got assaulted by Paula Abdul, right), and he's saying publicly that he's responding "well" to treatment for pancreatic cancer.

He tells People that he and wife Lisa have "been back and forth from New Mexico enjoying the arrival of spring and new baby calves." What's more, he's still "continuing treatment at Stanford and the great news is I continue to respond well." Patrick announced his cancer back in March.

Party Favors: Mike Lohan on LiLo – Nothing Wrong with That ... Cindy Margolis Splits from Hubby ... Estelle Loves Her Some "American Boy"

Michael Lohan tells the New York Daily News that he doesn't much care if Lindsay is mackin' with Sam Ronson. "Lindsay's life choices are up to her," says MiLo. "I don't get involved in my daughter's personal life." ... Former Internet sensation Cindy Margolis and husband Guy Starkman have split after nine years of marriage, reports Margolis will be in the July issue of Playboy. ... We're told that Brit R&B songstress Estelle was crooning her hit "American Boy" at the Inocente Tequila Launch Party at Hamptons hotspot Lily Pond.


No Avatar


Here I was, all ready to be bored by more Tony/Jessica phoniness, when I saw Patrick Swayze's picture. I hope he's feeling as good as he looks!

2309 days ago


Tony, PLEASE leave that girl alone and focus on football for christsakes.

2309 days ago

Lenn K.    

Best wishes to Patrick Swayze and my God with you and your family at this difficult time. R. Kelly, you are goihg down you low down dog. Cindy Margolis, what's new about a marriage in Hollyweird going bad, 99,5 percent of them don't even come close to lasting. Tony, Joe will always be there to ruin everything, get out now!!

2309 days ago


"Lindsay's life choices are up to her," says MiLo. "I don't get involved in my daughter's personal life." ...

Uh, maybe that's what her problem is. Her parents never got involved in her personal life, all they cared about was her celebrity life and how they could make money off her.

2309 days ago


I'm glade to hear Tony has the guts to put his foot down to get Joe out of his way! I wonder now if Jessica can even funcition without her dad up her ass? Maybe She will finally grow up I think thats what the problem was with Nick was Joe running her life instead of his own!He needs to run his and his wife Tina and leave his Daughters alone he's a real creep!!!!

2309 days ago

Freaked Out    

Tony'll never get rid of Papa Joe Simpson,he'll be on your face all the time coz' that's his baby!

2309 days ago


I think "Joe" has been leading his 2 girls around by their T##S long enough! He is in the same boat along with Hulk Hogan as a dad, creepy and pervish and their 'relationships" with their daughter's comes across as "unatural" ones! Joe is probably MUCH of the reason Jessica can't seem to have a happy relationship with anyone! What man wants to wake up every morning and have to push Joe out of bed to kiss Jess good morning? Jess's mom needs to step up and tell hubby that he comes across as a "daughter molester"!

2309 days ago


Pimp-Daddy Joe will lay low for a couple of weeks -- but that will be all he can stand before he starts trying to screw up everything again. WHat the hell is wrong with Jessica that she keeps letting him do this to her life???

2309 days ago


Tony, get rid of this no talent slut!!!

2309 days ago


Seems to me Ashley doesn't let Pimp Daddy run her life as bad as Jess let's him run hers. she absoltely does need to make him back off now. She's of age and doesn't need him up her ass. An by the way, I did hear Jess's new Country Song " Come on over" or something like that, anyways, it's not bad. And I don't like her singing, but this is ok!

2309 days ago


papa joe is creepy, and how old is jessica?Isn't it about time she grows up,I suppose she probally lives with her parents to!!Is she not one of those people that has to be pampered like a diva all the time and is high maintenance wasn't that one of the main reasons nick was sick of her!!!!!!!

2309 days ago


R.I.P Patrick Swayze

2309 days ago


Best wishes to Patrick and hope he beats the dreaded disease. I lost both of my uncles to pancreatic cancer. As for Mr. Romo, good luck. There is no way Daddy dearest will back out of Jessica's life. Romo, get out while the getting is good.

2309 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

R. Kelly should have the book thrown at him. Another celeb pervert allowed to get away with crime...

2308 days ago


It is about time someone stands up to Joe Simpson! Ashlee married a man that obviously didn't and doesn't have the balls to stand up to him and, I predict that the marriage will not last. Like I said before, I really don't care about Tony Romo's love life as long as he keeps it OFF the field!

I have seen what pancreatic cancer does to someone and it looks as though the treatments ARE working for Patrick. Hope so!

2308 days ago
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