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Kim & Carmen: Mag Hags

5/29/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Buxom boobs Kim Karsdashian and Carmen Electra checked out each other's front covers on Wednesday.

It's amazing any magazine actually paid them to pose -- with their clothes on!


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Obviously #38 you don't know what your talking about either! That does NOT classify you as a slut! It's more like your bored so you just want to spice things up. And think what you want, but I know a little too much about Kim to be just an acuaintance! "Seen her at a party once" Wow....and where did you pull that from? Your a**? Shows how much you know! And she's a "smelly old skag"??? Yeah.... sounds like you REALLY know Alot don't you??? Please...

2302 days ago

Susan B    

If it looks like a slut, walks like a slut. YEP, KIM IS A SLUT!

It is time for your medicine Get your Facts Straight. Kim is a fat ass ugly slut. We all know that.

2301 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I completely agree with #45. Haters suck.....It's just jealousy! Some people should take a cold, hard, look in the mirror before throwing stones!

2301 days ago

Media whores    

Um....once more.... yea, the video thing does make you a slut. Only in YOUR world does in not make you a slut. Hopefully, she'll never spawn... what poor child deserves to have THIS as a testament of it's mother's life.
And again.... being at a party with her does not make you her friend (but keep dreaming....hanger-on).
If you're gonna name drop... pick a name that matters!
Yes.... I DO know alot.... ALOT more than you ever will.

2301 days ago

Just sayin.....    

Ahhhh to # 50 I think your talking about Anna Nicole Smith NOT Kim Kardashian! Kim only made 1 tape, and posed for playboy (not even exposing everything). That's it! Don't make it more than what it is! Not to mention that Kim and her family don't really act any different than any other typical southern californian family. I would know considering I grew up here! I grew up seeing alot of different families act like this. There no different. But I guess that's Way to much for middle America to handle or people that were raised in small towns. Those are the people that can't handle it! Cuz people fom Big cities understand... Besides even if you think there sluts....Hey hoes need Love too!!!=)

2301 days ago

Media whores    

Let me be the first REAL Southern Californian to assure the readers that most families here do NOT act like this family.
Nor do we consider ourselves exclusive in any way, as J.G.S. has insinuated. (Actually, I'd have to question whether this person even lives in California.. as he/she is not describing anything I've seen in my 35 years here).
I can assure you that I would not be raising a family around people like the Karsdasians. As a matter of fact, I would choose a "middle America", "small town" to the likes of a Karsdasian culture ANY day!!
So no... we do not live ANYTHING like that. We have values and at least TRY to have some semblance of class.

2301 days ago


there are very few people qho would defend someone like kim k. truth be told her and paris hilton are waste of space, fame whores. i really feel bad for any children they may have. mommy made a p0rntape with someone who isnt daddy. i would never tape sex with someone im not married to, i actually wouldnt do it then but at least it would me the man im married to...anyway when ur famous for nothing like kim k, ure fair game. we dont have to like u cause ur famous, we can dislike u cause ur pointless...

dear kim k, go away

2299 days ago


Now these two should have a show together lol

2297 days ago


dumb ass bimbos

2246 days ago
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