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"Sorry" Stone Still Gets Screwed

5/29/2008 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon StoneSharon Stone finally apologized for calling China's earthquake -- the one that killed nearly 70,000 people -- "karma," but she still got dropped by another company for shooting off her big mouth.

Christian Dior said that it's ripping her face off its Chinese ads, just a day after the country's biggest movie theater chain banned her flicks from its screens. Dior says it will "immediately cancel and stop any advertisements" with Stone in them. Earlier, Stone boo-hooed: "My erroneous words and deeds angered and saddened the Chinese people, and I sincerely apologize for this."

How do you say persona non grata in Mandarin?


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look who is getting "karma" now

2341 days ago


Stone is hilarious. She folded like a card table when the Chinese slapped her hand. When Hollywood loons are criticized by their fellow Americans here in the States they scream "Censorship". Hey Sharon, who are the real censors? Can you say Communist?

2341 days ago


dumb ass!

2341 days ago


NOooooo.... This is karma biatch!

2341 days ago


Oh that karma...

2341 days ago

hot snot    

exactly - paybacks are a bi**h. I 100% agree.

maybe her karma will be that her butt gets even more saggy/krinkled?

that was a HORRIBLE thing for her to say. I don't care anything about any excuses either. When you are in the public eye like these people and you have a microphone shoved in your face, saying ignorant hurtful crap like she did is GOING TO BITE you is the a$$.

She is old enough to know better. cold hearted b!tch

2341 days ago


Yeah, baby karma doesn't exist. But a drunk mouth and stupid comments, and ideas do rule the world. I forgive you Sharon as long as you never use that nasty nasty K word again.

2341 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

she should roam the planet like her good friend, hoping someone will finally get what the hell she is jabberin about...

2341 days ago


She is screwed, You can't take back what you really meant.

2341 days ago


Look who's getting bit in the @ss by their karma now!

2341 days ago


When will Celebs understand they need to just shut up??? No one wants to know who Halle Berry is voting for. No one cares what the Dixie Shicks are saying. No one cares about Sharon Stone---Sharon Groans. Just shut up and do your jobs like the rest of us. Celebs, in most cases have limited education, so why do they think they know more then the rest of us? I do not think Sharon should act either, just take care of your kids and don't screw them up!

2341 days ago


Hey I agree - Look at all the crap the Chinese did with the lead toy and the medicine and all the crap they have been shipping over here - Look at all the inoccent kids here that got lead posioning (which my son got very sick) and the blood thinner heparin after a tainted ingredient in the drug from China caused illness and deaths. IF THE SHOE FITS

2341 days ago


The sheer ignorance of what Sharon Stone muttered ...and delivered in a most superior, smug and self-righteous tone ...has my blood boiling. Given the enormity of the tragedy in China and that country's continued suffering, I say, "Sharon're stupid." And, I might add, classless.

But now, let's not forget this is the same woman who gave her then husband the "gift" of a private audience with a Kimodo Dragon - a gift that nearly killed him.

You know what they say, Sharon, "No brains, no headaches." And I'll bet the aspirin manufacturers ain't getting much business from you!

2341 days ago


when innocent people die you call that karma? when many children die you call that Karma? you f*@'n stupid dumb blonde! you are a f*@'n icon.. u f*@'n used your mouth before u use your blonde brain idiot!
if you don't know anything about politic then you should shut your mouth! If Tibet didn't killed innocent Chinese people in the first place then the Chinese government wouldn't to have step in...just because the western news reporter didn't broadcast this news it doesn't mean it didn't happened.
you f*@'n wh@#$! do me a favor go buy yourself a new brain! btw.. **just look at your face in the toilet bowl now** this is what Karma really is ..lolz..

2341 days ago


KARMA.. oh the irony!

2341 days ago
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