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50 and Baby Mama In Street Fight Before Fire

5/30/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got hold of a wild video of 50 Cent and the mother of his son, Shaniqua Tompkins, arguing in the streets of NYC Monday afternoon. The two are screaming and cursing at each other in public ... things get so heated Fiddy had to be held back!

This fight was triggered just after Fiddy and his ex were at a deposition -- the lawyer's office had just been trashed.

The former couple has been in a bitter battle after Fiddy tried to throw Tompkins out of the house he owns. The court sided with 50 in April, and Shaniqua was given until the end of the school year to pack up.


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i bet she did it to set up 50. she started the fire waited a few minutes then left the house.

2340 days ago


McMuffin Smith

2340 days ago

Kim Rocks    

She needs to get a job. 50 isn't married to her, they only have a child together. That's what happens when you become a groupie, you get prego from a rap artist and you're left with a child.. What do you expect from a raper?

2340 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Damn TMZ , that was lousy footage. What the hell were they saying (screaming) to each other. Help us out here.

2340 days ago

L Dogg    

shaniqua set that place on fire cause she got evicted. pretty sad! 50, stay away from the hoodrats, please! i feel bad for the kid. and why she got 6 people living there anyway? and she don't even work? get a life, SHANIQUA!!!!!! and a job!

2340 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

This is the end of the school year, maybe this was her way of "leaving." One of those, if I can't live here, no one can things? Like Motley Crue said, "Girl, don't go away mad--just go away!" LMFAO

2340 days ago


This girl better be careful. He might just have her smoked.

2340 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

B***ch pulled a LeftEye (RIP), but she needs to get some time for endangering the life of her own child. Fiddy--say "good riddance." Losing a house was worth it to get rid of this b***ch.

2340 days ago

hot snot    

#9 that is exactly what i was thinking too!

i hope they get her for this though, and do not try to pin it on him

2340 days ago


ha ha going out with a bang! it was her way of leaving, ha ha ha

2340 days ago

Glenn Andreiev    

Rather wild. I live just a few miles from Sandra Drive, where this Dix Hills house burned down. That area suffers from raging soccar mom mania. Trust me, the kids on that block couldn't have a frontyard basketball game without having written permission from the nieghborhood housewife coalition. And Fiddy and His Honey had a house there?!

2340 days ago


shaniqua... surprise, surprise..

2340 days ago

c breezy    

This bitch is a JOKE! How many THOUSANDS does she get monthly in child support for her kid? Go get an apartment or a house & a job HOODRAT! I could understand if she was working, and contributing to the house, but bitch has 6 people living there!? Who the F are they?? Do any of them WORK?

I don't blame 50 for wanting her leeching ass out of there. What's she going to do when this kid turns 18?? Guess it'll be back to the projects w/ Shenaynay, Fatima & the rest of the bird gang!!

2340 days ago

La Mom    

Acting like an ass in public is a seriously misguided attempt to show strength or courage of some sort. Hello? It makes you look like TRASH. And in this case, ghetto trash. Fiddy only helps perpetuate this culture, and all it's done is strangle the black community. Fiddy couldn't give to sh*ts that his own actions encourage a pitiful lifestyle most predominantly in black community. Why should he? He's got money, and in his mind, money is what life’s all about. The only thing a dead black kid on the streets means to Fiddy, is one less CD sale. Too bad and so sad, but all these kids trying to be a gangsta are in for a life of despair, disappointment and poverty. The sooner black children and their parents realize there is an entire world of opportunity to be had ... if only you could hike your pants up around your waist, speak English as opposed to poor ghetto grammar, , and NOT act like ghetto trash in a public place. Do these wanna be rappers really think the world is to be astounded or impressed? Pity those children who‘ve grown up with this lifestyle, but put the BLAME on their parents who couldn’t MAKE THE EFFORT to teach them otherwise. This woman, Shaniqua, is trash, and people like Fiddy treat them like trash. But that’s a problem they created all on their own, they did it to themselves, no one else did it to them.

2340 days ago


it set the house of fire. think about it, she was being thrown out as of the end of next month and all of a sudden a million dollar house is on fire. I hope they can prove it and throw her in jail

2340 days ago
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