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Gummi Bear in Retirement?

6/1/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rumors of an approaching Armageddon may actually be true. Jason Davis is no longer fun or fat.

Gummi Bear actually looked trim(er) outside of the Ivy. Miracles do happen!


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who is this tool?

2299 days ago


who is this retarded bitch??What does he do in hollywood,beside hanging around with that skinny bitch Paris and calling Lindsey a "Firecrotch"(LMAO)....

2299 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Here's what's going on with this disgraceful slob (whoever he is): He recently had a lot of his fat sucked out, surgically. You know, to make him more attractive to women! Ha ha ha....! Now, he's recovering by gulping pain pills, slurring and staggering around in public.

Maybe you can get your body surgically enhanced, if you're a useless rich guy, but you can't do the same thing to your mind. No matter what, this fool will still be a shameful, clueless, stupid imbecile, and a complete joke of a human being.

2299 days ago


wow..what a claim to be a klingon on the asses of even lower life forms than that sad or what??!!

2299 days ago


it was his brother who called linsay a firecrotch,this one actually works but he is still soooo sleazy looking.

2299 days ago


Good for Jason. It's not easy losing weight and he has obviously done a great job with dieting and exercise. I hope he's quit smoking too. Way to go Jason!

2299 days ago


I think Jason is looking great these days. The reason everyone thinks he's lazy and doing nothing is because, whenever the paparazzi are around, it's not usually while he's working. It's only when he goes out to dinner or an event or even court. All the media spins peoples lives the way they want. Sure, he has skeletons, but who doesn't?? But, he seems to always be either pleasant or not saying anything in the TMZ videos. His brother, on the other hand, has publicly made an unredemable ass out of himself.

2299 days ago


Hasn't "Miss Thang" had her 15 min. of fame yet?? This thing needs to go laydown somewhere in the hills and get over herself!

2299 days ago


Did he have a labotomy?

2299 days ago


His teeth should be as bleached as his hair.

Yuch !!!

2299 days ago

Media whores    

Obviously a couple of previous posters are posers as there is NO way somebody who isn't leaching (or trying to leach) off this slob could have anything decent to say about him.
He is a worthless drag on society, people! Wake up!
Even if there wasn't daily video proof of that fact... you can tell just by looking at him! Honest to God.... look at the man... he even LOOKS like waste of space!
There is so much suffering, hunger and poverty in this world... and this THING gets to live a life of luxury, without a care in the world. Where is the justice in that?? Where?
He just sickens me....just sickens me. And so do people who defend him.

2299 days ago


To "wake up and smell the humanity": Most celebrities fall into the category you describe. I'm not a poser and I've seen other celebs act far worse than Jason Davis!

You said:
There is so much suffering, hunger and poverty in this world... and this THING gets to live a life of luxury, without a care in the world. Where is the justice in that?? Where?

2298 days ago

rupert pupkin    

He may not be fat nor fun but he's still UGLY!

2298 days ago


He lost weight because he is a DRUG ADDICT duh!

2298 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

He was fun? Funny how people make losers like him "somebodies" just because they have some cash.

2298 days ago
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