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Claby's Sex Unveiled!

6/2/2008 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenWe broke the bizzaro story in the first place -- that Clay Aiken is having a Claby -- and now we know the sex! No, not Clay's, the Claby!

He's having a boy! Multiple TMZ spies say when the kid takes his first bow in August, there will be gonads attached.

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Again, who cares about this freak show. I really think Clay's father is Trashter Hulk and mom is Beth Chapman. Like your reporters, I only post on here when I'm really bored.

2333 days ago


Leave the CLOSET HOMO alone.

2333 days ago


Let's just wish them well and hope the baby is healthy.

ok, here comes the string of negative comments.......

2333 days ago


BTW, That Picture of Clay is a Crack-Up, LOL.

2332 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I LOVED the photoshopped picture of Clay giving birth!!!

Just because daddy might be gay - doesn't mean that baby boy will also be gay.

2332 days ago

Melissa Sue Anderson    

I wish Clay and Jaymes well. They have been together for a few years now. She even goes on tour with him. Clay will be a great dad. She needed to have AI because of her age. She was married for 23yrs and could not have kids, so this is great news for the 2 of them. And I know nobody will listen but lets not say nasty stuff about a baby. That is not cool. Especially when this is a very high risk pregnancy.

2332 days ago

love them    

i agree we should not say anything negative about the unborn baby, but, clay, i'm sorry and i will try and be as gentle as possible, i know some little kids that are afraid of him (his face) i kid you not, he admitts it himself, about his looks, but i won't continue to bash him, good luck clay, some things in life are just too easy, i will leave him alone,

2332 days ago


Clay is a "Great White American Idol" so lay off.

2332 days ago


Both men and women have gonads TMZ--they are whatever tissue makes the reproductive cells--testes or ovaries

2332 days ago

love them    

# 8 Really? come on, another pity sympathy driven, person, let him continue doing what ever he does to make you worship him, but don't expect non diluted people to buy that crap, and please clay, stay in that closet, i really don;t need to know anything else personal about this person, what does color have to do with anything,? but you can have him, no one is going to fight you for him,

2332 days ago


TMZ, are you going to write garbage now about Melissa Ethridge's children? You are aware, of course, that Melissa Ethridge's lesbian "wife" got impregnated, artificially they say, by David Crosby. I find that whole situation much more distasteful than this Clay Aiken story. In both cases, I wish they had managed to keep their private matters more private.

Clay Aiken was estranged from his brutal father for most of his life, after Clay and his mother escaped from the drunken brute who beat his mother. After Clay became famous, his father tried to get in touch with him, but Clay wouldn't have it. Then his father died. I can see Clay Aiken wanting to provide the opportunity for this woman to have a child, after fifty years of childlessness and failed marriage. Clay wouldn't have a child in this world where he couldn't be some sort of responsible parent to it, after his own terrible young years.

Too bad none of you have an ounce of the talent this fellow has, nor apparently an ounce of common sense or humanity.

2332 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Clay apparently ain't to bright. If he is "father" of the child then he is financially
responsible for the next 18 years. If the relationship goes bad and she gets a
decent lawyer his finances are going to shrink very fast. What seems like a
good idea at the time might not seem so good five years down the road.

2332 days ago


Didn't some chinese super hacker from beijing set up a sting of sorts and catch this Clay what's his butt in an on-line gay chatroom with pictures and dialogue?

Bad start at being a poppa.

Sorta creepy. That kid is going to so get picked on. Poor thing.

2332 days ago


LOL@claby, that's cute.

Congrats to Clay, wishing you a happy and healthy baby.

2332 days ago


Tcha, ya know what? Uh uh!!

2332 days ago
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