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Grazianos to Nick -- Stay in the Slammer!

6/2/2008 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan has taken as much hot dog as he can stand -- baby wants to go home until he becomes a man!

His lawyer just filed a motion for Nick to be put on house arrest, but George Tragos, the lawyer for the family of Nick's victim, tells TMZ exclusively that they will oppose any such motion "with every fiber of their being."

Nick wants to get out and be with mommy until he's 18 -- which will be July 27.


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Start leading an exemplary life by asking for a church to visit you. Take college courses, to use when you get out. At least take some Biz courses. You will always use them.You can keep a good check on your money that way. Find out from the Warden if there is some safe way to join a religious organization, pray for others, as well as yourself. Find out if there is something you can do there. Some kind of useful job. Plan for an intelligent future. Not just being Hulk Hogan's son, but plan for a future, where you rely on yourself and your intellect and instincts. People will respect you more, Nick. Become a man, for God's sake !!!! And, for your own. (Can't you see from all the comments of everyone here, and on CableTV, they are basicly crying out to you : GROW UP, MAN, you are still acting the FOOL, with all that whining.

2333 days ago

pop eye    

65. Some of you are really hateful. I agree that nick should stay in jail, but all the "up the behind" comments are stupid and just show what kind of trash you are. It's ridiculous. #54...i couldn't agree with you more. I'll even go on to say that i bet john was saying "faster, faster, blow his wheels!" before the wreck occured. I pity those of you who think nick should burn in hell. It will be a sad day for you if one of your loved ones finds themselves in nick position. Are you going to tell your loved one "f$$$ off, burn in hell"?

Posted at 4:22PM on Jun 2nd 2008 by howdy


I agree. Anyone who has a teenager or even works with teenagers knows that a lot of them are still very immature and will continue to do the same stupid crap over and over before they finally grow up. People are acting like he is some kind of Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dahmer. Nick didn't intend for John to get injured and didn't intend to crash his car. Nick was clearly misbehaving and deserves to be punished, but really, what was John, a full grown adult male, doing drinking and driving around with a teenage boy. He was a 22 year old man, served in Iraq, don't for one second tell me he didn't realize it was a dangerous situation. Although it may not be able to be proved, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can figure out he was probably a full participant in the drinking and racing.

2333 days ago


Pathetic!!!!! The Bollea's are really a piece of work!!!!! Nick doesn't want to pay the price for ruining the lives of an entire family. His mother has to "rob the cradle" with another loser. His father is sick enough to find some young thing that looks just like his daughter. The daughter, another problem and mess altogether. What a "sick" group of so-called people!!!!!!

2333 days ago


This kid actually that entire family needs serious counseling.....Dad cheats on mom with daughter's friend, son is all messed up in the head and so is daughter and mom is now dating a son look alike. he wants out of jail poor little baby how about this as a window for him..... Man up and at least feel some compassion for what your friend is going thru and deal with for the rest of his life... He was a negative person???? Yeah right.. he was dumb for even thinking you were his friend. I'll do whatever it takes for this NIck kid to do the rest of his 8 months oh and let's boycott any Reality show he's on by not watching it. That family is nothing but whale Sh*t

2333 days ago


I don't think he is in with the rest of the population due to his celebrity status. He is alone in a cell all 23 hours a day without any human contact. Think that is what they are objecting to. So basically itt's like being in a coat closet 23 hours a day. Seem cruel?

2333 days ago


What these idots at TMZ don't tell you is that the request is only for nick to be released until his 18th birthday under house arrest, then re-enter the jail to finish out his term. The reason is that he is in a solitary cell reserved for the problematic prisoners. Has no interaction etc...

All this crap that you are condeming these people on is only half the story. TMZ will not report the whole story because then it would not get the press.

2333 days ago

i hate trashy reporters    

Howdy & mouse trap. If you were a parent having to unfortunately have been dealt with this you wouldn't be singing your stupid ass tune. i buried a child and anyone that sticks up for a driver WHO IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DRIVING SKILLS IS ONE SICK SOB. Would you say that to your loved ones if your son/brother were lying in a bed 24/7 and a vegetable with 1/4 brain matter missing? I doubt it. Think before you type. Your totally in the wrong. Ask your localsheriif who is at fault. I know because when the county where i live all the deputies came to my daughter's funeral, they informed me a DRIVER IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PASSENGERS REGARDLESS> And that;s what I learned also when i had to attend ourwrongful death hearing. These are the cold hard facts. THAT'S THE LAW!

2333 days ago


No way, I hope the Judge is smart to this family and l leave him to rot in jail. Feed him bread and water, naw, just the bread, no water. I hope John gets billions from Nick and his family, drain them of every penny they have.

2332 days ago

i hate trashy reporters    

And by the way do you think the judge sent him to jail because it was john's fault? You truly are a heartless coldblooded person to take nick hogan's side. Rot

2332 days ago


Marie, Brooke, Linda (whoever you are),

Please shut up/ If he's in a 'closet' for 23 hours a day isn't it better than being out of the closet and getting ass raped and beaten by the general popoulation? Just what do you think would happen to him by the rest of the prisoners. He's a celebrity (sort of) and they would love to make their mark against him. He's in isolation for his own protection. He needs to shut up and do his time, and you need to quit defending the little crybaby.

2332 days ago

i hate trashy reporters    

Cruel : is racing,drinking, and crashing your car, and going to jail, lying to the judge and victim's family your'e "sorry", then getting caught on the phone saying john had negative side, and telling dad to set up his "reality tv show" and make sure to get the most for him. Did i leave anything else? Oh and TODAY he wants to go home after being in there 3 weeks? What a big baby. Cruel? Who is the cruel one here? answer: MR. Nick Hogan ding ding ding. That's my reply for Marie's dum ass question!!!!

2332 days ago


Looks like the paid posters are on here, again.
Nobody is buying the he's a minor or John didn't have a seatbelt on.

The Bollea's are going down in flames.

F. Lee bailey used to say what he loved most, a really wealthy client that was really in touble. That's what we have here. Hulks lawyers are going to do a well needed 'cashectomy' to the Bollea's.

2332 days ago


Florida State Law says that it is unlawful for ANY driver UNDER THE
AGE OF 18 to operate a motor vehicle unless ALL occupants are wearing
a seatbelt. Chapter 316.614(4)(a)

It was also Nick HOgan, don't think thats even his real name, choice to plead no contest, be tried as an adult and accept the sentence the judge. Now he's whining about it. Can't have it both ways Nicky.

He is 17, not an adult but can be transfered to the adult population in jail when he turns 18 next month, and I don't wish harm to come to him in jail but he has to STAY THERE.
Someone said they were boycotting Hogan and started a list of the companies that pay to advertise their products on this sleazy familys shows. No product ads, no income for show, no Hogan show. To hell with their agents and marketing groups, their not gonna stop them, only the advertisers will when no one buys their stuff.
Only the Hogans are posting and defending their good for nothing son. You're trash so who the hell wants to listen to you.

2332 days ago

gary wichard    

There is nothing this promising young actor has done that he belongs rotting in jail for.This type of thing happens all the time and I'm sorry but people need to star wearing seatbelts and taking responsibility for their actions, and I think Nick has. Nick has been in that hell hole long enough and has learned many lessons.He can finish his sentence at home and can start on his new t.v show we are all looking forward to. Last season was awesome!These people here at TMZ have a lynch mob mentality and I don't think they are hearing all sides of the story, most importantly Nicks side of the story.

2332 days ago



2332 days ago
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