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Nick to John -- It's Your Fault for Being My Friend!

6/2/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So any remorse Nick Hogan showed about what he did to John Graziano? Total and utter bull.
Nick Hogan
We've obtained his response to the civil lawsuit that John's family filed against the Hogans, and it's outrageous: Nick blames virtually every person on the planet -- including John himself and Daniel Jacobs, the guy whom he drag-raced to cause the crash in the first place -- but doesn't take a shred of responsibility of his own.

Let's just list the ways that Nick says John put himself in danger: Not wearing a seatbelt, not getting out of the car, getting into the car in the first place.

And one last thing: Being friends with Nick to begin with.


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I guess I haven't been paying too much attention lately...(I have four very active kids to deal with) Was Nick drunk when this happened? What exactly happened and what condition is the injured guy in, and how old is he? All I really know about the Hogans (Bolleas) is: 1.) I loved Hulk Hogan years ago, before I was old enough to realize what a crock wrestling is. 2.) Linda wears clothes that she really should only wear if she were 30 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. She dresses like an old, washed-up streetwalker. 3.) The whole family seems like a bunch of useless, rich spoiled a$$holes.

2334 days ago


They had it right on Nancy Grace when they said malignant narcissism. I HATE the Hogans!

2334 days ago

Macho Man    

Oh Yeah! The Macho Man didn't understand the facts, yeah. This John individual needs to be held accountable for for his association with undesireable characters. Meanwhile, young Nick needs some Hell in the Cell.

2334 days ago


I think that Nick is where he deserves to be. He should be sitting in jail thinking about what he did and learning a lesson. His whole family is trash and it's horrible that they are all rallying around trying to get him out of jail. Linda's son is sitting in a jail cell crying like a little bitch while his "friend" is stuck as a vegetable for the rest of his life and all the while she is partying in Vegas with a KID she has no business being with -- no doubt supplying him with alcohol as well.... Contributing, yet again, to irresponsibility,,,, Trash, trash, trash.......

2334 days ago


So he wants to go home to hide behind mommas skirt!!! That idiot got off easy with 8 months. He has so much time on his hands. If I was the judge I would have sentenced that wuss to taking care of John's every need. Maybe then that screwup would comprehend the reality of John's new life!!! BTW baby boy do not call mommy too much because you just fell down on moms totem pole- she got herself a boytoy!! Maybe she met the boytoy in his infancy while she was birthing her daughter???????

2334 days ago


It's a civil suit. He has to defend himself. Sure he was in the wrong, but the fact is the other young man did have some responsibilty. I'm sure his lawyers are just trying to reduce his liability.

2334 days ago


Its both of their faults and its the other kids fault for getting in the car knowing what they were going to do. I mean seriously... Just because hes in a coma (or whatever I havent been following the story) doesn't mean hes free of everything... he got in the car he obviously didn't ask to get out... he was probably right in there with Nick talking about how they were going to win... the parents are just looking for someone to blame cause their kid is an idiot just like Nick for street racing or being in a car with someone street racing. I don't think that anyone should be sued .. they are both equally at fault just one of them got seriously injured ... story over. Both IDIOTS! Coma or No Coma... COMMON SENCE could have avoided that problem.

2334 days ago


Nick should suck it up and just admit what he did was wrong and accept it. But he has parents who are just as warped as he is and try and justify what he did. If he got in a shootout and this happened because there were adults and john knew he had a gun its his fault then also?

2334 days ago

HA HA    

Hey Bo Diddley is dead...........

2334 days ago

pop eye    

TMZ posts headlines like this because they are trying to stir up the pot because they know it is a hot topic. In reality, if a wealthy person is faced with a large civil suit that could potentially cost them millions in damages, it is only natural to start building your own defense, and overtly admitting guilt is the last thing a person wants to do. The Bolleas are just doing what almost anyone else would be doing. Harvey Levin is a bright attorney who realizes this full well, and Harvey would be doing the same thing if it was his kid in this position.

2334 days ago



2334 days ago


He wants to go home and hide behind mamma's skirt?? But??? theres already a 19 yr old blonde boy under her skirt??

2334 days ago


He's a sociopath and he inherited it from Hulk and Linda

2334 days ago


The whole family is white trash. At least dear Linda still has a son to visit who can talk, walk, and communicate and is not lying in a hospital bed as a virtual vegetable. Nick is a spoiled rich kid and his parents are to blame.

2334 days ago


just between us, we were pulling a train on 'ol nickers during friday night showers, and he was loving it so much, we decided NOT to do him anymore. lil' punk ass. come to think of it, we never heard him fart since he's been here. we'll leave him to the white power boyz, they'll sodomize anything.

the responsible ones in cell block d

2334 days ago
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