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Nick to John -- It's Your Fault for Being My Friend!

6/2/2008 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So any remorse Nick Hogan showed about what he did to John Graziano? Total and utter bull.
Nick Hogan
We've obtained his response to the civil lawsuit that John's family filed against the Hogans, and it's outrageous: Nick blames virtually every person on the planet -- including John himself and Daniel Jacobs, the guy whom he drag-raced to cause the crash in the first place -- but doesn't take a shred of responsibility of his own.

Let's just list the ways that Nick says John put himself in danger: Not wearing a seatbelt, not getting out of the car, getting into the car in the first place.

And one last thing: Being friends with Nick to begin with.


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Nick is a punk ass spoiled kid. Wheres the remorse?

2303 days ago


After allthey are supposed to be the all american family. How selfish and spoiled are the Hogan's/ How dare they talk about someone who is unable to defend himself . Because of the actions of there own spoiled brat son. I would totally be ashamed of themselves. They deserve to pay a BIG Civil Judgement for the care of that young man who now has really no life because of Nick the spoiled little rich kid who only loves himself!! Shame on the Hogan's!!!!

2303 days ago

W. ZZais    

WaWaWa; Nick the spoiled rich kid who NOW! Has to stand-up and be a man and pay for his actions.
The Old Man likes to rub lotion on his daughter so close to area's that a pervert would get locked up for!.
Ol mom is out cruising for young guys, "COUGAR". Can you say "White Trash".

2303 days ago


OCD Yes they would be held accountable.

Lawsuit is at time of accident. I don't believe there is time for Nick Bollea to be emancipated before his 18th birthday sometime in July, I'm not sure of the day.

I truly believe the Bollea's lawyers are taking them to the cleaners with all this so called advise. Good for them (lawyers)

2303 days ago

ari magnum    

I hope this kids ass gets torn up when he turns 18 and goes to prison with men

2303 days ago

frogs and gravel    

If Nick were to be put in General Population and harmed he would sue the jail system for
millions and win. The argument being that "The staff knew that Nick would be a target because
of his celebrity status and what he did. It looks like Nick will do his 8 months in segregation, get out,
have a mildly successful reality show and probably marry some babe who thinks he is a God.

2303 days ago

gary wichard    

You people are so cruel> This young man has been put through the ringer and deserve some compassion. I think he's learned his lesson and deserves to get out of that hell hole where he is being held with common criminals and he needs to get back to his acting career and his fans. What he says is right. People need to buckle up and take responsibility for their actions and quit blaming him for all their problems. Just like Brooke said the truth is come out and set them free. Why is everyone name alling and being so rude. They are a good family,are people that jealous because they had a tv show and are famous?

2303 days ago


Oh my god...Hogans. When you make someone a " vegtable" take responsibility! Who was driving? Who dragged race down a public street? Who lost control and ruined a friends life FOREVER! Your situation is temorary....poor little Nick in jail for 8 months. BOO HOO. As far as I am concerned leave the little sh@! in jail. I am ashamed and embarrassed of the loser, low-life Hogan clan! Burn in hell

2303 days ago


To put it bluntly...some of you are just as ignorant as nick. Yes, nick should be punished. In those docs he is simply defending himself. John was just as negligent as nick. Johns family doesn't deserve any money, however the hogans should help with johns bills. A trust sounds like a good idea. It's amazing that in tragedies like this there are still people who will try to go for the money. John is an adult. Why was he even hanging with nick in the first place?

2303 days ago


Had John died as a result of the car accident, Nick would have been facing vehicular manslaughter! So he has to do 8 months in jail, maybe he should be counting his blessings that John didn't die, or it would have been a lot longer time in jail. His parents have every right to go after Nick, I would if I were they. Despite if John wore a seatbelt or not, John will always pay the price for his actions as he will never walk, talk, feed himself or anything else for the rest of his life. It is really sad that Nick and his family would like to place blame on someone else, than to accept their own blame in this situation. Hopefully the judge will keep the jail time the same or longer to show how your actions can affect others.

2303 days ago


Send a copy of this to each inmate where he is.

Then put him in the general population.

2303 days ago


Hmm.. So does this response that if I were to ask someone to come with me to the store, and it is known that I am sometimes violent, and I kill that person on the way to thte store, and I am a minor and the other person is 24, I am innocent of murder because that person shouod have known better that to go anywhere with me? That is the logic taking plasce here. Does that logic work for anyone on this site? Doesn't work for me.....

2303 days ago


He was STREET RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drags take place at hte Dragstrip. Street racing is STREET RACING!!!!!

2303 days ago

Average Joe    

It is funny reading what all these people have to say. They talk about the Hogans as if they know them, yet the only way they "know" them is from watching them on TV. If they are so disgusted with the Hogans, then why were they watching. As for the legal responses shown here, these are just common boilerplate legal speak. By attacking the responses, one can only assume that you don't believe in people's rights if they happen to have some money or fame. You can read in the paper everyday about kids getting hurt in wrecks just as senseless, but you sure don't read this type of hype from the masses. Perhaps if you did, these kids would learn to be more responsible....or is it just the wealthy that should be responsible?

There is a reason these things are called accidents. You people make it sound like Nick wanted to cause this horrible injury to his friend. Get real, it could just have easily been Nick that was messed up. It is a horrible mess, but if the truth be told, the only reason any of you care is that his dad has money.

2303 days ago


Brooke's show is done shooting. It starts July 13th on VH1-so that's a done deal already.

AND CMT said last week that they are proceeding with Hulk's show "Celebrity Wrestling" as well.

Looks like Viacom (who owns both those stations) doesn't care what we think about the Bollea family. All the e-mails, letters & calls don't seem to have worked-which really sucks.

2303 days ago
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