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Jamie Lynn Pap Pinched for Stalking

6/5/2008 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A celeb photog who's been snapping Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby daddy Casey Aldridge down South has gotten popped for stalking -- even though if this happened in LA or NYC, he'd just be one of the pap pack.

Edwin Merino was arrested yesterday on charges of stalking J-L and Casey in Liberty, Mississippi. He says he was at least a couple hundred feet away when he was shooting them, but cops still nabbed him at the gas station where he was shooting.

He posted bond and is skedded to appear in court next week.


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Most of the worst ones should be charged with stalking.

2332 days ago


It's about freakin' time!

2332 days ago


I thought for someone to be found guilty of criminal stalking, they had to make a threat to the victim, and the victim had to believe they were in danger.

2332 days ago


that's what he gets

2332 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

You want to be a celebrity? Then you have to agree to take ALL that goes along with that! Boo Hoo, the paps are stalking her. She shouldn't have chosen to be a role model, actress or knocked up at 16. Cry me a river. You don't want to be stalked, stay out of the public's eye and then there will be no appetite for your trailer trash azz.

2332 days ago


Good. It's about time. If Britney hadn't been chased constantly by the pap, maybe she wouldn't have just about killed herself driving off a cliff.

2332 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

The fame and money come with a price tag, you don't get that for nothing. Too bad if she doesn't like the paps following her. She (and her loser mother/family) chose that life style. Too late to be crying foul now.

All Spears should be neutered and spayed. Stop breeding!

2332 days ago


Anoymous, she was in freakin Liberty, Mississippi- you can't get much further from the public eye than that! She's been trying to lay low and people still won't leave her alone. What else is she supposed to do? It's her life, and good thing she could care less about what some loser posts about her on TMZ.

2332 days ago


Everyone seems to think that it is ok to invade people all the time when they are out in public. What is she suppose to do - stay inside her home with the curtains down? Come on, she might be a "star", but she should be able to go to the store or whatever without some piece of s--- pap in her face.

2332 days ago


I agree it is about time, its one thing when someone avails themselves to the camera, its another when they are forced into it.

2332 days ago


#4 Stalking is illegal no matter what your profession is.. billionaire celebrity or a chicken plucker like you.

2332 days ago


This child (yes she is still child) is NOT in the public eye! Jamie Lynn is in Liberty, MS and living in Kentwood, LA.............I have been thru both and it is FAR from the so called public eye! She is simply trying to live her life in a normal fashion. If the media outlets would STOP putting a price tag on a photo then maybe, these morons would stop taking her photo in these small out of the way places!

2332 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

So what she's in Mississippi? Because it's not california, there should be a different set of rules? That's ridiculous. She was looked up to by teens everywhere, she was role model, on a hit tv show, and she allowed herself to get pregnant. Just because she went back "home" doesn't mean she's allowed to be normal now. She chose to be an actress, she chose to keep her baby. She can't be crying foul now becuase she doesn't like the paps following her. If she hadn't made herself a target, she wouldn't be harrassed. There is a price that goes along with that fame. She wants the money, she has to pay the price. How many 16 year olds are able to buy their own homes? She made a deal with the devil, too bad if she doesn't like the terms of the contract now. The minute she chose to be on a hit show, and got pregnant, she became fair game. I hold her to a higher level than britbrit because her entire family went through it with britney. They knew what to expect from the press. She still chose to play the game.

2332 days ago


There was a show on tv that said many of the paps have crimal records for stealing and some even for rape. Pretty scary to think these people are sitting outside young celebs homes at all hours to get pics with backgrounds like this.

2332 days ago


Comment 6 ~ To bad your mother wasn't spayed lomg before you were conceived!

2332 days ago
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