Anne Heche's Ex: Check Please

6/6/2008 8:47 PM PDT
Anne Heche has sealed the deal on her divorce war, and we know who's paying what.
Anne Heche: Click to view!
According to the order signed today, "the case is settled." Now the damage. Anne will pay Coley Laffoon $3,700 a month in child support. Sounds like a lot, but here's the deal. Anne was shelling out $14,798 a month, but went back to court recently and pleaded poverty since her show was canceled and she wasn't working much.

Anne will pay 75% of Homer's private school tuition and Coley pays the balance. She was paying all of it before.

Oh yeah, that pesky lump sum settlement. Anne's gotta pay $275,000. That's gotta hurt, because Anne filed papers last month claiming she's $364,000 in the hole and only has $34,840.93 in her bank account.