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Dr. Laura Fills Cheating Prescription?

6/7/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. LauraThe super conservative radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger may put the smackdown on lazy parents, but some members of her yacht club are ready to lay down some smackin' on her!

Last weekend, Dr. Laura participated in a regatta run by the California Yacht Club. Sources tell us she accidentally sailed the wrong course because of a changed weather mark -- which gave her a 2nd place finish -- but she still refused to drop out of the race because it would hurt her chances of winning the competition! Maybe she was trying out for "Survivor."

Sources say Dr. Laura was competing in a series of races and anything less than second place would hurt her overall chances. They claim she initially would not hand over her title, but after many in the competition cried foul she reneged. For her part, Dr. Laura was never formally asked to withdraw from the race.

Dr. Laura's rep claims she withdrew from the race on her own, and she wasn't cheating -- it was a mistake, and she was happy to do the right thing.

Sailing is getting almost as cutthroat as shuffleboard!


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Pretty Ricky    

Why is this news TMZ, who cares! It must be a slow news day. Post some more footage of these drunk girls fighting in Hollywood.

2298 days ago



2297 days ago


You who are trying to denigrate (look it up) Dr. Laura are no doubt the same iimmoralists she exposes. Calling her silly, immature names says far more about your mind-set than about her truth-telling. So got back to your cave and find someone else to attack.

2297 days ago



2297 days ago

Sherry Brown    

Dr. Laura is a self-righteous WITCH, and yes, there is a day coming when she will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, HUMBLY, on bended knees. NEVER say "never" ,Witch.

2297 days ago

Sherry Brown    

13. If you guys would get off your fat, slobby asses in front of your computers and get out and do half the things this woman can do I would listen to what you say. But, you just hate, just to hate and this woman has more respect than you ever will. Keep on crying crybabies. Wahhhhhhhhhhh

Posted at 3:54PM on Jun 7th 2008 by WRW

So...What is YOUR "FAT, SLOBBY ASS" doing in front of YOUR computer????? LOL!!

2297 days ago


Dr. Laura: Keeping spinning it until we're too dizzy to recognize the truth: you lie and you cheat.

2297 days ago


She is the biggest fraud going. I wonder how many of those "Dr" Laura supporters know that her Doctorate is in physical education. Yes thats right a gym teacher and we all know how sane they are.

2297 days ago


Wanna to look at the typical inane Dr. Laura's listener? Read post 21 (Sherry Brown). Someone sitting behind a cpu makes fun of people sitting behind cpus. Aside from that balthering ignorance is the general non-sequitur theme and tone of the post. Knuckle-draggers all.

2297 days ago


this woman is a self-righteous narcissistic twit.
at least that damn dr. phil is pleasant.

2297 days ago

dom fox    

Ding, dong the fugly old witch is dead!

2297 days ago

Sherry Brown    

11. My Goodness ! The unattractive picture of Dr. Laura, the highly suspect story of which I would bet my house is full half truths, the ignorant, classless, back biting, cursing, spitting, ill raised, demon spawns commenting above who are not worthy to clean her boots....... I venture to say they have probably not read one of her books. A BOOK? ANY BOOK?? NAHHHHHH.


Posted at 3:47PM on Jun 7th 2008 by KimC

Cameras don't lie, and "Witch Dr." should be happy that they DON'T LAUGH, either-LOL!! Mean-spirited, acid-tongued, hypocritical PHARISEES like her should always be ready and able to receive what they so eagerly dish out. I wouldn't spend one penny on the drivel she has published. For wisdom beyond measure, go to the Bible for sound advice , and it's always FREE of CHARGE to anyone who needs it. That's where I learned how to discern and AVOID Pharisees/hypocrites like her. Word for today: HYPOCRITE, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E, AKA:"PHARISEE Witch Dr."

2297 days ago


The commenters who try so desperately to defend this woman look to her for reassurance for their owns biases, and boy does she give it to them. She knows EXACTLY what she's doing Just read the way the commenters describe people who have a different point of view. They, like many other neocons, want people to act one way, but in reality, act any way they please.

2297 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

I have noticed that the people who are vehemently and vocally opposed to Dr Laura's message fall into one of two groups.

The first group consists of people who have never actually listened to the program nor read any of her books. Their opinions (if you can call them that) are based solely on things they have heard from others. They are usually not the brightest bulbs in the pack and are likely to believe such absurdities as "Dr Laura says marriage is sacred and a woman must stay with a man even if he beats her." Little do they know that the reality is very far removed from their misconceptions.

The second group consists of people who are doing the wrong thing and know that they are doing the wrong thing. They lash out because they feel guilt when they hear that they are failing themselves and others, as they should. Dr Laura often reminds us that guilt is an indication that we are doing something wrong. She also teaches us steps to overcome out shortcomings and bad behaviors so that we can lead better, more productive and positive lives. It's understandable that those who choose to be selfish and boorish in their behavior would scorn and denigrate this important message. Their guilt is natural.

Ideally they should focus their anger on themselves and use it as a means of changing for the better but people who choose to be morally lazy would rather wallow in the familiar.

As for the TMZ story in question, I discovered the original source and followed it back to its questionable beginnings.

The old adage "don't believe everything you hear" is a bit of wisdom we should all carry with us.

2297 days ago


oh duh, respect WRS? How about those nice S&M pictures of her and her lover from a couple of years back while she was cheating on her husband? This woman has as much integrity as Michael Savage, another hate-monger that's gonna get a big wake up call in November. She is a HIPOCRATE and you fall for her BS.

2297 days ago
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