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Rupert Everett: An Army of Dumb

6/8/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rupert EverettWhy can't egocentric actors just learn to shut their mouths?

English idiot Rupert Everett just bashed British soldiers by saying, "They are always whining about the dangers of being killed. Oh my God, they are such whimps now!"

Unfortunately, he continued on. "The whole point of being the Army is wanting to get killed, wanting to test yourself to the limits," he told the Telegraph. "Now you have to fly 15,000 ft. above the war zone to avoid getting hit. I don't think there is any point in having wars if that's how you're going to behave. It's pathetic. All this whining!"

Because it's real tough being an actor.

UPDATE: Everett must have realized how dumb he sounded, because he has since apologized for his remarks.


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7. Just because he cannot join the army because he's gay. boo hoo To him it would be saturday night every day!
Posted at 6:51PM on Jun 8th 2008 by rachel

Rachel, unlike you, not all gay men hump every leg on a Saturday night just because the fleet is in.

2325 days ago


Rupert Everett needs to get a life.

Having served as a Ranger, in combat, before the Body armor requirements; all I have to say to Mr Everett is that he does not have a clue what he is talking about. Soldiers have always worried about getting hit, and they always will. I have served with a few who did not worry about it. We planted them with full honors, and in full view of their grieving parents. Fear is a healthy thing, most especially for a professional soldier. Being afraid of death does not make a man a wimp, it simply increases his chances of surviving and keeping his mind on his task.

I would serve in a heartbeat with ANY member of the British Military, or any of her former colonies (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) . In my experience, the members of Her Majesty's armed services are among the finest that the world has ever seen. I have always been proud to call them my allies. I also remember 9/11, it Her Majesty's armed forces that IMMEDIATELY began responding, equipping, and preparing to deploy in OUR defense should it be needed. It was a British Minister (of NATO) that called for the invocation of Article 5.

British Soldiers are wimps? I most strongly disagree. I only wish that the current political leadership had even half of their courage and capability.

If any members of the British Military, current or past is reading this; The U.S. Military is mighty happy to count you as our friends and allies. WE see you as our equals, and in many cases our betters.

Don't listen to stupid, spoiled actors who do not understand what purpose their ass is was intended.


2325 days ago


He is the embodiment of every thing I despise about Gay Life. He should stick his acid tipped tongue in that chunnel of his.

2325 days ago


Oh, and one more comment;

While serving as a Ranger, there were at least a few of my fellow soldiers who were known to be, or thought to be homosexual. In my experience, that was never a factor. I could care less about the gender of the ass that my fellow soldier finds attractive. All I care about is can and will that soldier do his or her job when the time comes. I am truly unhappy about Mr. Rupert Everett and his thoughtless comments. I am even more unhappy as I consider the reflection upon those soldiers who are homosexual and just as committed to their mission as their heterosexual counterparts.

Mr. Everett, you really need to get a life.

Now show all of us that you are a real man, and apologize to any that you have offended. Then dedicate some time and energy to supporting those who defend your right to choose your lifestyle.


2325 days ago


Rupert needs to think before he speaks! No one goes into the army to get killed, they go to fight for their country. It must be hard for the gay man (well I say gay, Rupert's shagged alot of he claims in his book!) being a film star and having an easy life. I think he should say sorry. But like Sharon Stone, their brains are up their asses!

2325 days ago


What a freakin douche bag

2325 days ago


Oh Everett......your butt is free do to these the saying goes if you can't stand behind your troops....stand in front of them. Nothing like a sunny day in Iraq...birds singing, oh...sorry that's a bomb, umm....go in to the kitchen for a coffee..oh, dear we don't have a kitchen anymore since that bomb fell and took out the house. But hey why be's just a thriving city. When the British military wants your opinion Everett....they'll give it to you. Maybe go spend a day with these fella's.....walk a mile in thier shoes maybe then people will actually listen to what a joke.

2325 days ago

hell with them all    

Go Put Yourself in a tube seal it up and dumb it in the ocean!

2325 days ago

John Morris    

Unfortunately there are no special effects to make you look or sound good in Afghanistan or Iraq. The soldiers out there don't need any as they are good and cannot afford a second take, nobody shouts 'action' before the bullets fly'. Nobody can condemn the forces for asking for equipment that may save their lives. No Oscars out on the battlefield, only real awards like the Victoria Cross and purple hearts. Shut your clap trap Everett

2325 days ago


This has nothing to do with him being gay. There are plent y of egocentric jackasses who are straight. To think there are no valiant gay or lesbian soldiers in US or UK is idiotic. They are just closeted without freedom to come out like civilians. My father in law was in World War II. He'd have gone for body armour in a heartbeat, or any current technology were it available. That's like saying the Navy should use sextents to navigate rather than GPS like any guy on a fishing boat now does. My brother's just home from Iraq, and he has repeatedly commented on the bravery, skill, and training of the UK counterparts. Whining? Shut up Rupert and just go get lost in some Hermes store somewhere.... and ps- THANK YOU BELLSON for your service

2325 days ago


'Grady, heterosexual women (like your mother) are the fastest growing group of folks infected with HIV, ya foul bigot.

Posted at 2:25AM on Jun 9th 2008 by Del'

Yeah? and you conveniently ignore the fact it was a gay male stewardess who brought the disease from Africa to begin with (Patient Zero), spread it through the gay community in San Fran bath houses, the bisexual crew took over and passed it along to the whores who passed it to the johns who brought it home to their wives, girlfriends and the children they gave birth to.

How's that for an Inconvenient Truth.

2325 days ago


this guy is officially an idiot,he shamed hiself! not the military!!!!!!!!!!!!

2325 days ago


Um..doesn't it sound like he's being dry and sarcastic. It just seems like very dry British humor making fun of war. I think he's being ironic no?

2325 days ago


He's right. There's no f**king draft. Don't join if you don't know the dangers. The recruiters are lying bastards who exploit kids from poor and under-educated backgrounds. They actually told my niece when they were trying to recruit her that she would probably have a desk job if she joined the army, that she wouldn't have to go into the war. Right.... and I have a bridge to sell you too....

2325 days ago


And...TMZ makes the point once again that American's cannot perceive irony or brit humor.

Posted at 2:23AM on Jun 9th 2008 by Del

Hahaha! Brits always go on about how sophisicated their humor is compared to the US. Ummmm,,,,,no! Benny Hill and that dufus Mr. Bean are just a few good examples of how low brow brit humor really is. Lots of pratfalls, dressing up like women, spilling things and making a mess......oh, SO hilarious! No irony there...just stupid slapstick that most kids in the US roll their eyes at by the 4th grade.

2325 days ago
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