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Audrina and LC's Bitter Backyard Brawl!

6/10/2008 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Audrina and LCThe fake drama has finally turned real! After LC came home last week to find a weekly mag doing a photo shoot with Audrina in the house they share, the claws were out!

Our spies say Lauren threw the hissy (stomping, the works) because she'd already promised exclusive pics of the backyard to another mag. Never mind that Audrina pays rent to her and had gotten the OK from LC's rep who, apparently, forget to clue their client in.

A spy on the set called it "uncomfortable" -- ya think? -- and Audrina hurried through the shoot to get the heck out of Dodge.


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cat s.    

first off, Lauren does not own the house. her parents bought it for her and all 3 girls pay the mortgage note.. look it up.
2ndly, it seems Lauren is having issues w/ most of her friends.. maybe its her.
3rd, i love Audrina! i love them all.. well except Lo. Lo obviously decided to come back into Lauren's life because the show was getting so big. i mean why else would she drop 40lbs in 6 months if she didn't want to be on TV constantly. now Lo is starting drama w/ Audrina. where was Lo when the Speidi drama went down???? Audrina was by Lauren's side fighting with her.
i honestly think these girls need to learn to deal and if they can't, don't make the show anymore!

2288 days ago


I remember reading somewhere that a source from behind the scenes of the rolling stone shoot that Lauren is sooo insecure. I believe it too. Noone who is mellow, secure and popular would have to fight that hard to have her friends listen to what she wants.She is a loser seriously. I love audrina, not bc she is bright, but bc she intends well. she is a pretty simple girl in terms of iq but she is a good friend.heidi was never a good friend, as we can all tell bc she started saying crap and cussing at lauren as soon as they split. No class I tell you.Anyways, I believe ppl are tired of lauren, and if you truly are, don't watch the show. I hear their rating are down significantly, so good. Karma's a bitch lauren. You will go down and thank god, bc you are just a nast little runt. Grow up and ditch that 200 pound baggage you call a friend, Lo. She is gross and nobody likes her!
PS I hear that MTV bought the house for the girls, so my guess is that they pay maintenance fees, upkeep, etc, but I don't think they pay any rent! wow, the good life.

2288 days ago


Who the hell watches The Hills?!? These nasty bitches dont deserve the attention or money all all! Americans have become so pathetic to waste their time paying attention to this BS. White girls are so lame...

2287 days ago


LC needs her ass kicked! It's a reality show LC, no Academy Award for that.

2287 days ago


My kids watch this show and you can't help but see these 1 show wonders everywhere right now. But Lauren has a real problem with everything that does not go her way. TMZ I suggest you store their photos cause in 1 year you may want to put them in "Memba them" spot.

2286 days ago


Who cares about any of these people!!! I hope the show gets cancelled soon so we never have to see Heidi, Spencer or Audrina again. They are all untalented want-a-be's. Heidi and Audrina make me ashamed to be a female. Loser magnets...

2280 days ago


Can you believe this is our next generation???????????????? How embarassing!

2280 days ago


Lauren is the all time bitch of The Hiils and laguana Beach. Someone needs to Batista Bomb her ass!! If i was Audrina i would have beat the brakes off that hoe>.

2274 days ago



2258 days ago


okay i know this is late but wth? this is so stupid the girls are both drop dead gorgeous so leave em both alone geez!

1441 days ago
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