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Cops: Hogans Threatened by Graziano Relative

6/13/2008 5:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clearwater, Fla. police tell TMZ they are investigating threats made against Hulk Hogan and his family, allegedly made by members of John Graziano's family.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that police have listened to threatening voicemails. Clearwater PD spokesman Doug Matthews tells us there's an "open investigation" into the calls.

Graziano was seriously injured when the souped-up car driven by Hulk's son Nick crashed.


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not a hogan fan    

I live in the area where this horrible accident happened.I have never been a fan of the Hogan's. I have met them and had words with Hulk . I know people think that he is this wonderful person, not to me and my family. I believe that they will get what is owed to them

2319 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

john DID have his seatbelt on, and the fact he was never ejected from the car should prove to everyone that he was restrained in his seat the entire time. only nick's lawyer said that after nick was questioned by detectives...but remember, the lawyer wasn't there @ the scene.

2318 days ago

Turbo Tim    

For those that say "you all need to back off of hulk hogan and his family! This was an accident! I'm sure if asked, the hulk would not wish this on John Graziano. So why is anyone bitter as though he (hulk hogan and family) sat down and designed this as " deliberate ".
It is not the accident we are mad at, that has already happened. What I am mad at is their reactions, all the disturbing things they have said and done, and that poor me and my family B.S.

2318 days ago

daniel ruiz    

the sad story is hulk was in the car when his bald headed son was pull over for speeding and what 2 hours later again pulled over bleached hogan again was in the car....what is wrong with this picture it me or am i gong crazy....hulk are you for real jesus should of of taken the car away or driven it riht after the lst pull over...god is it me or just hulk is just not well maybe the bleach is getting to him and the bald headed baby..nick needs to work on growing hair as soon as he is let out ... maybe a REAL ...ITY SHOW CAN BE DONE AROUND HOW TO PUT PUBIC HAIRS ON MY HEAD SO I DON'T LOOK BALD AT 18....NOW THATS A WINNER //////////

2318 days ago


Okay I feel bad for John Graziano but what about personal responsibilty! He willingly got into a car with someone who he knew had been drinking and like the rest of america he knew nick was a reckless driver! This is truly a sad thing but lets say it like it is! If Nick would have been going to rob a place and john was just a passenger if he would have got hurt in the process of his friend committing a crime NOBODY would be calling him a VICTIM. Its a sad thing but how can u be a victim to something you took part in?

2316 days ago

ultimate fan    

I feel everyone needs to give this all a break. Yes Nick was in the wrong for racing but the other guy knew how Nick was and should have never got in the car with such an idiot that thinks he owns the world because his dad is famous. After all his mom his just a gold digger and encouraged the kids to be the same way. Hulk is the only one who seemed to want to put bonderies down for the kids. Maybe Linda should have been more of a mom instead of wanting to be their friends and maybe just maybe this would not have happened!!!!!!!! All she cared about was how she looked in the public"s eye. Now she is the one who should be paying the price she felt that just because they have money nothing else mattered. That is why her own mother-in-law did not like her MONEY MONEY MONEY that is all the kids and Linda care about!!!

2315 days ago

musclecar guy    

The situation is a sad one and could have been prevented by parenting. What's done is done and can't be taken back so Nick and Hulk need to be held accountable for it. I'm in the hot rod automotive aftermarket industry and have seen needless accidents and deaths from street racing. In addition to everything else, Nick AND Hulk should be required to donate substantial money and community service to: (Racers Against Street Racing). They need to admit what they did was wrong really want to help save lives. They could be a great spokespersons for this and it could save lives.

2313 days ago


Even though the accident was a terrible thing, both boys were at fault. If it had been the Graziano boy driving and Nick would have been in his place, how would the public act then. THey were both drinking, and hopefully this will teach are kids how to behave and learn from this. It was a tragic accident and just that. Nothing was done deliberate. Unfortunately, it has torn the Hogan's apart, and the Graziano family needs to deal with this in the proper manner. LIke I said if Nick wasn't driving and Graziano was, how would they react?

2313 days ago


All you idiot's lay off the Hogans!!! Just because they have money doesn't mean you can publically berate them!!!! Everything is being handled, so why don't all you slackers go back to you pathetic lives and leave the situation alone!!!!!

2312 days ago


people need to back off. even though the guy is hurt ( sorry ) nick and his famioly shpuld not be paying the price for it. did nick FORCE john into his car? man up and deal with it

2309 days ago


Yeah it more than sucks that John is in a vegitated state, but how is that Nick or his family's fault??? The Garziano family iis just looking at the Hogan family as a way to make a lot of money. John is quite a few years older than Nick, what's he doing hanging out with a 17 year old??? And nobody forced him to get in the vehicle, he had to have known what the consequences could be!

2286 days ago
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