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Kim K -- You Can See Her Ass From Space

6/13/2008 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case of emergency, Kim Kardashian's badonkadonk may be used as a flotation device.

With sis Kourtney safe on dry land, The Tush cooled off her biggest asset with a dip in Monaco on Thursday.

There ain't enough fabric in the world to properly cover that thing up!


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Outlaw Star    

Yeah, her ARSE is soo big you can show a double feature movie on them!! One movie per cheek!!

2292 days ago


That's going to be nasty when she gets older!!!

2292 days ago


I totally agree with her having a rocking body ok she has a big ass but its not cellulity or anything like that she has a damn fine body!!!!!

2292 days ago


She is a beautiful woman.

However, I think if she followed a healthy-eating plan, and had a fitness routine, that would help her to look more trim.

2292 days ago


Gross, cover that monstrosity up! It is gigantic! It is enormous! Please don't bring it out in public again.

2292 days ago


kourtney is hotter I think.. give her some modeling jobs. I'd do em both though

2292 days ago


i think she is gorgeous, but should't be famous....for what??? ugh, it's getting out of control-besides her sister is so much more beautiful than kim any day

2292 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Im a guy, and can get pretty girls and i think this is disgusting..Seriously..She is out of shape and that thing looks like it weighs a ton..It is not sexy one bit...And all of the ladies saying my husband or bf likes my full figured body etc..Of course..What are they going to tell you that you are ugly..News flash it is you want a guy who is fat and out of shape..Of course not..We dont want a cellulite giant a**

NOw her sister in the pic is curvy with a nice body..Kim is a fattie!! Big Butts are not attractive..PUKE!

2292 days ago


Her butt is so big, if someone said "let's haul ass," she would have to make two trips!

2292 days ago


kourtney has the MUCH better of the two bodies...but kim has the better face. oh well...i guess they can look at each other and know that they were ALMOST the perfect woman. too bad for them. lol

2292 days ago


That ass looks pretty firm to me..

2292 days ago


To all the women who want their a$$ to look good as Kim's - one word SURGERY. Hello, there is no way for her to have that big of a butt and no cellulite.

2292 days ago

harvey loves matzo balls    

how ugly is kim kardashian why is she famous....because she got slammed on camera? her sister kourtney should be the famous freaking sexy is should be banished and we should only focus on kourtney shes the only hot one the family

2292 days ago


id love to pump that butt, i just dont think im long enough to get passed that ass

2292 days ago

Just the Facts    

#37...I can just imagine what you look like!!! Men DO NOT LIKE SKINNY WOMEN WITH NO BUTT...Period..she is not nasty she is GORGEOUS!!!! She is a size 4 and that is NOT fat MORON!!!!!!! You only wish you could get a girl this hot dork

2292 days ago
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