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Claws Out at the Playboy Mansion

6/16/2008 9:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MEOW! It's cat fight central at the Playboy Mansion!

TMZ spies tell us Hef's number one Bunny Holly Madison is ruling the Mansion with an iron fist ... causing major drama with the staff and on the set of "The Girls Next Door." We're told everyone "hates" Holly, but no one more than Kendra Wilkinson, Hef's other Bunny-in-Waiting.

It's gotten so bad, those two can't be in a room for more than five minutes without totally going at it. And that's posing major problems for producers of the show who have to shoot around the flying fur. As for Bridget, she's Switzerland, often trying, but failing, to keep the peace.

Our spies also say Holly's ambition is spilling over to the magazine too. She wants to have editorial control over the mag's spreads -- which is not going over well with longtime employees.

For their part, "Girls" producers tell us they're "not aware" of any rift between the ladies -- affecting the show or life at the Mansion.

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I love the show and Bridget is my favorite. She looks like she has genuine feelings for Hef. I dont care much for Holly, even though I ve heard that Hef is a control freak also so they probably make a perfect couple. Ive seen the video of Holly before when she was a Hooters girl and she doesnt even sound the same as she does now. And shes had a lot of plastic surgery!!! BRIDGET RULES!! Did they say she was in switzerland?? Has she left the house already??

2284 days ago


Seemed to me Hef was grooming Holly for managing the photo shoots and having final say. I don't think Hef has lost it yet. Seems like he's in total control and the girls know it.
I hope Holly has a future with the company she seems to be working hard and trying to learn from Hef.

2284 days ago


Holly is always trying to stir up some drama where hef and another bunny is considered.. hef is not gonna marry that robot..

2284 days ago


is this true Holly wants control daaaaahhhhhh yes she wants control of everything why do you think she keeps trying to get Heff to marry her she wants it all especially the $$$$$$ Heff isnt young an if he marries her an they have a baby thats all equals $$$$$ an she doesnt want to share with anyone . an with Kendra well isnt the saying somewhere when they hit 25 years old turn them in for a younger model an well Kendra is younger

look into Hollys eyes an you will see $$$$$$$

2284 days ago


i've always thought holly was a bitch! she's always giving these dirty looks to everyone, like she's better than everyone. if there is any fighting going on at the PBM, it's Holly's fault! Kendra is there for the exposure, and there ain't nothing wrong with that. Bridget is the sweetest girl in that house, she's not from a family of incest! I can see that she would just be trying to get holly and kendra to get along. holly wants control over things she just doesn't need to have control over, and to do just whatever the hell she wants. hef's the boss, not holly!

2284 days ago


I thought Hef announced earlier this year that he was finalizing the divorce between him and his wife, which led to rumors that he was going to marry Holly. He came out and said that he wasn't going to marry Holly but it seemed like the divorce was final. Also why does no one talk about how Bridgett is still married? Her last name is her married name and even her bio talks about how she is still married...which is why i thought it interesting when comments were made recently that she wanted to get married and have kids soon....she already is!!

2284 days ago

Amanda Regan    

Holly is my favourite, she seems to care about Hef quite sincerely & I find the fact that she doesn't always successfully hide her emotions, likes & dislikes makes her more real to me. I think she's the prettiest and of the three, the most intelligent generally although obviously not financially or in a business sense. She's also the one with the burning ambition, she knows Hef isn't going to be around for too much longer & is trying to learn what she can & grab any opportunity she can which if you think about it is the best option for her.

Bridget always seems a non-entity to me, she seems to want to be just like Holly but can't quite manage. She's like a poor imitation of Holly. I think she's the one with the most education but she also has a level of immaturity which was seen by her taking a course in the paranormal rather than a course that will benefit her in the future. I think she has found that being cutesy & girly girly has worked well for her all her life so she relies on that to carry her through life.

Kendra is my least favourite of the three, she is extremely immature for her age & has the worst manners I've ever seen. She has the most annoying laugh, no-one should be as proud of their ignorance & lack of social skills as she is. She also seems extremely thoughtless & self centred as you can see by the way she's always late for everything. She is the most intelligent out of the three, she has used her well-loved chest to make money & instead of wasting it has built up a decent portfolio for herself & become a property owner. She may be out for what she can get but anyone 60 years younger than her boyfriend would be.

Whenever you get a group of girls together there is always a certain amount of cattyness & bitchyness, it always happens. Hef has been clever in having three main girlfriends as any less and there would be one left out and just one main girlfriend could end up costing him dearly if she left. Even co-habitating girlfriends can finish a relationship & end up with a lot of money.

2284 days ago

Lily S.    

I don't get why three wh*res (don't call 'em ho's, it makes it sound like a joke) and a has been make a TV show worth watching. And I don't understand why their parents are all proud of them living in this rabbit hutch. As a parent, I would be humiliated if my daughter ended up like this trash and showing it off on TV. Get a life, viewers. Five years from now no one will remember these three and Hef will be........?

2284 days ago


Do you honestly think these three knuckle heads are in this relationship for love with puffin (Hef). He is senile. . . It is money, money . . . money . . . and fame. The three pigs ought to go out and find real jobs.

2284 days ago


Well who knows? Maybe its true, maybe it isn't but all in all that's a great show and who wouldn't want to see two hot girls
going at it? lol ;)
(no homo)

2284 days ago


hey, leave my bitches alone. And can someone please change my diaper?? Kendra??? HOLLY!!!

2284 days ago


Holly is jealous and a mess. Poor trash that doesn't know how to act. She tries really hard....but she had POOR home training growing up. Kendra and Brig are cool. Going with the flow and not trying to control things!

Get Holly off!!!

2284 days ago


Yeah I always thought she was a little robotic.
There was something off about her, kind of emotionless, from the very first episode I watched.
She seems very bitchy and fake.
And just weird.

2284 days ago

maribell torres    

I would like to say this Ilove the show and my favorit is KENDRA shes real and has a vwery nice sence of humor Ho,lly is fake and I think she is jeolous of the other two Heff shud be very carefull because she is after all his money OPEN your eyes HEFF Kendra mad love to you stay strong by the way you are my sons girlfriend he saids and he is only 5 years old. stay strong , real and sweet LOVE,BELL from CAMDEN NJ...

2284 days ago

maribell torres    

By the way if yall ever need sexy single mamas (puertoricans) to come out on PLAYBOY HOLLA ...

2284 days ago
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