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Fighting Fans Screw Laker Nation

6/16/2008 8:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official -- Laker fans are too damn violent for their own good.

TMZ has learned Lake Show bigwigs are afraid of another hometown fan fight night, like the one that broke out during game two, so they've pulled the plug on broadcasting game six at Staples Center. Sources close to the team tell TMZ, "It gets too rowdy ... and there was one incident in particular that put it over the edge."

A rep for the team says the decision was made because too many police were required around the arena.

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I live next to the Staples center. Game night is scary. They riot if the Lakers win, they riot if they lose. I sit there wondering if they're going to light newspaper racks on fire, overturn cars, destroy my first floor loft. I can't believe the loft developers said living next to the Staples center is a plus. Not only that but the huge lights from the arena attract billions of moths. They cover the buildings and are dead all over the sidewalk.

2318 days ago


I hope the Lakies go down in flames! GO CELTICS!!!

2318 days ago

twenty six inch pythons    

Bunch of morons have to ruin a good time for all.

2318 days ago

dirty white boy.    

Just shows LA sucks . ANIMALS..

2318 days ago

its a black problem    

freaking Knickers. with that wild arm swinging puches and than chair throwing. god that culture is doomed. Obama said it yesterday in church---they cant be Fathers.

2318 days ago


i couldn't spot a black person in that crowd! I think the lakers are the team for the rich, and the clippers are the team for the poor. most lakers fans i know are white, so wtf why make it an issue

2318 days ago


it's not just lakers fans, it is happening in every city and i just don't understand why??? idiots...some poor girl was killed a few years back b/c she was in the wrong place at the wrong time-when the sox broke the curse...it's just so stupid-have fun and celebrate, why fight and destruct property??? ignorant. no matter what race...

2318 days ago


that's exactly what happens when you have
n average laker per game ticket over $500;

you let the " common " folk in for $10,
they can't act like they've been there;

this escalated over angst over the city and
not being included in something shared.

2318 days ago

da 1 and only    

wtf do anyone cares about who wins the dayummmm game.........nobody is gettin paid but the dayumm basketball players so why act freaking idiots about it.............in the end all you morons go home broke while the basketball players keep gettin rich off your idiot asses.

2318 days ago


JaysMom: I am Mexican and no, I don't travel in packs and I am not a dog. I am from a culture that goes back thousands of years in this part of the world, I am college educated and and proud of who I am. It is an economic issue, although as others have said, Lakers tickets are extremely expensive, so those buying them are putting money aside for those tickets, somehow. I have been to plenty of Dodger games where the fighters were white or black, not just Mexican.

I love how it has to become a race issue.

2318 days ago


From Orange County and hate the lakers and there fan base. Bunch of ghetto folks and trendy bandwagoners.

2318 days ago


How come nobody cares about the Lakers during the regular season? They only come out when the Lakers reach the playoffs and start waving their stupid flags around. Funny thing is, I never see any black Laker fans. I guess they got tired of the Mexicans stealing everything including their jobs

2318 days ago


Send the fans to Philly - *we'll* show them violent and rowdy fans!! Albeit, we generally have a legit reason. I suspect they were doing it just to try to show how 'cool' they were - and failed miserably.

2317 days ago


Big shock...Basketball=Ghetto

2317 days ago


8 boston girl

Yes she was killed by the police. Why would you leave that out making it sound like people were in the streets killing each other?

2317 days ago
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