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Mickey Doesn't Wear Turbans!

6/16/2008 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mouse ears don't grow on turbans, according to a Sikh trumpeter who says he got negged for a job by Disney because of his religious headgear -- and facial hair.

In his suit, Sukhbir Channa says when he applied for a job at Disney World in 2006, he was told his turban, beard, and long hair didn't conform to the "Disney look." Here's the goofy part: just a few months before, in 2005, he says he marched as a toy soldier in a Disney parade with no problems-- but then his turban was hidden by a big toy soldier hat.

Disney tells TMZ that Channa's claim is "without merit."


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2318 days ago


First--I love Disneyland!

2318 days ago


So go find another job ..that accomidates your headgear.....moron!

2318 days ago


what a bunch know what.

Shave the beard, take the head-gear off, and try again. Jeez, if they said I couldn't work there because my hair was too long, and if I really wanted the job, the hair would go. Disney has a dress code, if you don't like it work somehwere else.

2318 days ago

jane doe    

Why should We American's, non Muslims change for Anyone???????
Don't apply for those Jobs then You Idiot!!!!!!!

2318 days ago


Cora Rocks!! I love Disneyland!! We should all ditch work and go right now!!!

2318 days ago


If he has a problem with the way we do things here...then he needs to go back to the country he came from. When is this nonsense going to stop!

2318 days ago

jane doe    

People trying to change Our laws Disgusts Me!
Like In MN a Human Right's Director turned Muslim killed the Easter Bunny!!

2318 days ago

Gavin McGavin    

I had to put my foreskin back on to get a job at the newspaper.

2318 days ago


Disney has ALWAYS had a strict policy, that's their right as a company and if you don't like the dress code, work somewhere else.

2318 days ago


Just another person try to make a little money without having to actually work for it like the rest of us. He is trying to hit up Disney b/c they are loaded. Good try, but go back to where you came from and get a that WILL hire you. I have never in my life seen people act like they do here lately in America. Suing for absolutely no reason at all and the bad thing about it is....THEY WIN THE LAWSUIT! wonder every one loves America...we give them EVERYTHING and us TRUE and REAL Americans...get screwed.

2318 days ago


Terrorists don't belond at Disneyland. I thought this jerk already had a job - car bomber.

2318 days ago


The Cab company's and 7/11s are always hiring.

2318 days ago


6. Why should We American's, non Muslims change for Anyone???????
Don't apply for those Jobs then You Idiot!!!!!!!

Posted at 3:35PM on Jun 16th 2008 by Linda

Americans can be Muslims, I don't really understand your comment. I don't think Disney should change their dress code, but I do believe in tolerance.

2318 days ago


I am surprised that Disney hasnt had a lawsuit like this before. Thats their standard and I am glad they are sticking to it. Granted, I know the turbin might be a religious thing and there is probably a work around for that. He can clean the streets at night when no one is around. But to shave is just the personal clean look Disney offers. Deal with it. The sad part is, is that he will prolly get $10K from them just to shut up and go away. I love Disney.. Its such a happy place..

2318 days ago
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