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Graziano Fam: You're Not the Victim, Hulk!

6/17/2008 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the ongoing battle between the Hogans and the Grazianos to appear more sympathetic, the Graziano family has scored a knockout blow with some actual reality television.

Last night, Nancy Grace aired exclusive home video of John Graziano -- the victim in all this, lest we forget -- and what it's like for him in his day-to-day life.

Prison doesn't seem so bad now, does it Nick?


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OH, and to all the "he wasn't wearing a seatbelt" posters....are you sure about that? The only one that has said that for the record was HULK!

Seems to me I read somewhere that John was, in fact, wearing a seatbelt....not that it did him any good when Nick was crashing his car. can't win this one in the public're wrong, and totally classless!

2285 days ago


I can't beleave this has come to this. Doesn't everyone know that it has an impact on all involved, Instaed of fighting they (BOTH) familys should be pulling together and trying to make this right for John !

Nick is a 17 year old kid that made a really big mistake, all who is and was involved will never be the same ! People have lost there use of life, lost there marriage, kids lost parents, Mother anf Father will never be able to watch there son walk? I think it's a shame !!! Put a side your fighting with each other and put all your energy into making John's life better !

It is NONE of our places to judge anybody...I feel for EVERYONE ... MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN THIS NIGHTMARE !

2285 days ago


The Hogan family is pathetic in this entire fiasco and think they are above the law. Hulk's display on Larry King was unforgivable. I can't believe he was stupid enough to try to pull that. I never had any respect for them in the first place. No I find them a disgusting family too.

2285 days ago


Nick should have to watch this video every day of his life.

2285 days ago


Both Nick and John are to be blamed, they both were drinking and racing, John knew what he was getting into. However, this does not excuse the Hulk and Linda's bad and disgusting comments since the tragedy. It just shows that they do not care much about anyone else but their family. So Sad!!

2285 days ago

Me myself and I    

I think ALL the Hogans should spend some time with that poor boy in the hospital.
Just WATCHING the video brings tears to my eyes.
I think this should of happened to Nick.
Isn't there a saying....when you do something bad to someone, it comes back to you 3 folds ??

2285 days ago

Melissa B    

WOW - Makes me feel absolutely disgusted by the Bollea family.

Bless John - I hope he makes a full recovery one day.

2285 days ago


Hulk get ready to pay out of pocket to the Graziano's for the rest of his LIFE!!! Civil Suit will be a killer!!

2285 days ago


The Hogan Family should be ashamed of themselves...They are lucky their son only got 8 months instead of a life sentence like John. Linda B. is the world's worst mother. To actually have the nerve to cry about not going to Orlando in the "Escalade" with her son for 8 months...Bitch Please...How dare they??? And they call themselves christians!! I used to be a fan but after seeing that tape I am embarressed that I ever felt sympathy for the way Nancy Grace mounted a woman PR capaign against them. And to the Graziano family my thought are prayers are with you. Sue the hell out of the Hogans!!!

2285 days ago


are you on drugs lol.wrong music,wrong era,wrong war.

2285 days ago

K Dogg    

First of the Hogans' need to shut the hell up and be greatful that Nick will walking out of prison in a few months. But everyone needs to remember that this was a horrible ACCIDENT. Yes Nick was speeding and is mostly at fault, but John wasn't wearing a seatbelt and is old enough to know better. Who knows if the outcome would have been different if he did have a seatbelt on, but odds are yes. Lastly, Nancy Grace needs to drop off the face of television for ever. I was going to say off the face of the earth, but that is a bit harsh.

2285 days ago


It is stunning. While there are people who will say - and rightly so - that John should have worn a seat belt the reality is that Nick was driving and made his own decisions and obviously didn't have the parental authorities doing what they should have been doing all along and that's being parents first and celebrities second. I saw Hogan on Larry King last week and his excuses were so feeble and lame and the fact that he had to have that ambulance chasing lawyer with him was yet another slap. What does Hogan have to hide? How much of Hogan's personal fortune has gone into paying medical bills? I'd like to see those canceled checks. The Graziano family are in my thoughts.

2285 days ago


Geez, let this crap go. It was an accident. What Nick at fault for drinking? Yes. That being said, there is an aspect of personal responsibility as well. John did CHOOSE to get into that car. He CHOSE to not put on his seat belt. While Nick deserves his punishment, John is not an innocent victim. These two families should keep their friggen mouths shut at this point. It was a terrible accident with a terrible outcome. End of story.

2285 days ago


Thanks Nancy for being John's advocate.

2285 days ago


I feel duped by the entire Hogan Family, and E! for putting them forth as such a good family, and come to find out on Larry King, Hulk said, "we have led separate lives for many years." You conned us pure and simple. Phony Baloney.
However I do feel for Brooke and Nick, they cannot help who their parents are. Nick should not be in jail, especially adult jail for 7 months. That is just wrong. Community Service would have served this boy better, lest we forget he is probably and illterate boy, due to "home schooling" . Nick please spend some of your fortune on a education. Brooke you too.

2285 days ago
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