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Hillary Clinton Booked in Colorado

6/17/2008 6:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton... well, overbooked is more like it.

Sources tell TMZ that Team Hillary had reserved hundreds of Denver hotel rooms for staffers and supporters during the Democratic National Convention in August -- rooms they really won't be needing anymore!

Now, we're told the campaign has sent emails to politicos, charity organizers and supporters who might be looking for a place to stay for the big bash!

Calls to Hillary's camp have not yet been returned.

UPDATE: Hillary's peeps say this is "incorrect" and the campaign "plans to use its entire block of rooms."


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She can forget about being VEEP as well.

2283 days ago


Um, why can't they just cancel like anybody else??

2283 days ago


Hillary Clinton is a damned tough woman, and has a lot more sense and regard for this country than Barack Obama. i saw two black panther members on CNN on the Glenn Beck show, They are members of that stupid church that Barack just quit (of course he quit the church just so he could get elected. ) Both black panther members admitted that that church is of marxist beliefs, For those who dont know what marxism is, it is COMMUNISM. Plus Baracks brother just told the Jerusalem Post in interviews that Barack WAS brought up Muslim , and there were pictures of barack in Muslim garb. For anyone stupid enough to vote for Barack Obama, if Barack wins the Presidency we may be seeing the end of our free United States as we have known. it. Dont call me racist, i have black people married into my family, Barack Obama is the wrong guy, the wrong person, period to be President of the United States.

2283 days ago


the BRO and the HO;

it's a great ticket !

2283 days ago


Barbara, all racists say 'don't call me a racist'! Or 'I'm not prejudice or anything like that'! Good grief woman, read Barack Obama's books. He is NOT a Communist, or a Black Panther or a Muslim or any of the rest of the crap out there. Educate yourself. If you do not wish to vote for the man, don't do it but keep your slander to yourself until you educate yourself about the man, his beliefs, etc. Thank you.

2283 days ago


This country has had enough of the Clinton's AND the Bush's.

2283 days ago


Hillary will be the democratic nominee by August...... Hussein has too much dirty laundry to deal with. We don't need him at all. He's unpatriotic and anti-white.

2283 days ago


i applaud hillary being an forward looking optomist and blocking so many rooms. why doesn't she give them to the homeless people the city will be conveniently moving out of the area so no one sees them. They need a place to sleep, she has rooms. I wager she can get the DNC and city of denver to pick up the tab by telling them, "the stipulation is they can't come out of their room during the convention. everyone is a winner, the DNC can run several million dollars of advertising extolling the brilliance of senator Clintons humanitarian gesture of the homeless in Denver. The city of Denver will then get a billion dollar federal grant to build homless hotels, and all will be chummy and happy come election time.

2283 days ago


Hillary Clinton is just another bimbo, but she has a last name that makes weak minded democrats think she is something else. Baloney. She's as inept as he is, and has all the same qualities. No integrity, no ethics, no morals and no class. If her name was Smith she wouldn't get a second look from anyone.

2283 days ago


BeckyB, you are the one that is uninformed. There are web sites that have uncovered Obama's life story in great detail. Fact checkers have established many details about Obama that he is lying about. The true racists are those in Obama's camp that equate being against Obama as bigotry. (a tactic that seems to be working)
Obama is a marxist and regardless of his beliefs he is sympathetic to non-moderate Islamist. I don't give a rip for Hillery but I do feel sorry for her and believe she was a better choice between the 3 running now.

2283 days ago


Glen Beck is about as discuting as Shaun Hannity.

2283 days ago


To Hillary supporters, you are invited to joint the PUMA Party (party unity my a**). This is a new party for anyone who do not want to be told by the party leaders who to vote for. You can do the web search for " party unity my a** " if you are interest.

2283 days ago

James T. Laing    

What I'm wondering is what the upgrade to the Hillary-Bot so it could simulate crying cost. The amount of technology that must have been poured into "Operation: Teadrops" is staggering! Not only did they have to implant the tear dispenser and resevoir in the Hillary-Bot, they also had to find a liquid that would look just like tears, but wouldn't short out any of the facial movement relays. I imagine it's some advanced clear liquid polymer from Dow Chemical.

2283 days ago

Republican for Obama    

Is that woman Barbara serious? Does she think we are as stupid as she appears to be? Lets use your brillant logic Barbara, so even if you claim not to be a racist, you apparently are voting for the candidate that other white racists will obviously be voting for? So by guilt by association, that makes you a racist.

2283 days ago


Hillary supporters can go to This is a coalition of millions with one thing in common NOBAMA.

2283 days ago
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