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Busta Rhymes: Shoot My Wad!

6/18/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A street corner in Hollywood probably isn't the safest place to be yanking out rolls of hundred dollar bills ... unless Busta plans on sharing the wealth.

Busta -- take a note from Javon Walker. Might not be a good idea to be flashin' your paper.


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Dumbass. He must have a small penis, he is trying to make up for something!!!!!

2316 days ago


Somebody meeds to Rob his Ass Too!!!!!!!!

2316 days ago


Geez man...I'm afraid to pull out my wad of $100's at the corner store!

2316 days ago

his fav brunette    

can i get a loan??? haha ill make it rain!!! $$$$$$$ i LOVE ca$h!!!!!!

2316 days ago


He is THEE SEXIEST man on the face of the planet and I want him NOW

2316 days ago

hot snot    

i get sick of seeing this crap, yes we see your money. go blow it on diamonds, pot, coke or cheap broads. Do not ever ever ever use it to help anyone.

2316 days ago


It would be funny if one of his 'fans' shot him dead and took his money.

Cuz you know... that would give the 'fan' some 'street cred and respeck' in the 'rap' community.

2316 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Somebody's gonna busta cap in that ass if he don't quit flashing that $$

2316 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

I really thought Busta had more class then that....I am completely disgusted with him now. I will never ever buy his music AGAIN if this is what he's going to be doing with my $$$$$.....oh that's right, I don't own any of Busta's music. LOL

2316 days ago


THOSE ARE $20 BILLS NOT $100. Still a lot of money. Its probably gone already on cocaine.

2316 days ago


IDIOT. I agree w/#1 - dude's tryin' to make up for some other "short coming" in his life. Typical...

2316 days ago

Stephen Park    

its not even that much, probably 20's with a hundred wrapper hahaha
even if it was 100's its probably less than 10g's, hardly a huge amount really "to have some fun"
if he is so f**King rich how come he didnt tip the valet $100 while he was there

2316 days ago


How come everyone who comments on here are racist? Apparently if they are black they are out to score coke or crack. Yall act like white people dont show off there money. They may not have it in in cash on hand but yall suburban white people need ot chill out on these comments every time i see one about a minority. Rappers do more for their community they are from than any white celebrity i know so what are you talking about? The majority of consumers for rap are white kids anyways so yall might just be mad cuz your friends or kids are spending yalls money on rap and thats your money Bustas showing off haha.

2316 days ago

gary wichard    

Oh Steven PLEASE,,,you know you are white so stop with the YA"LL's and such.You are not ghetto black and you know it,STEVEN. So really,stop frontin.

2316 days ago

Crack is WHACK!!!!!    

Steven # 11 are you refering to me with your comment? Because I happen to be black dear! I'm just fed up with the image that rappers are portraying to the public. Why in the heck did he feel the need to flash his money. People already see us as Ghetto Trash. Who come from nothing and who don't know how to act when we get a little $$$$. Of course we know better. But we also know how ignorant and narrow minded some caucasians can be. Not that we have anything to prove to anyone, But our public figures need to carry themselves with dignity and resprect.

Get it now!!!!!

2316 days ago
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