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Kelly Snitch Says R.'s Peeps Wanted Her Dead

6/18/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of R. Kelly's henchmen threatened to knock off the state's star witness in his kiddie-porn trial, according to just-unsealed docs.

Lisa Van Allen, the woman who said she had sex with Kelly and the alleged victim in the case, claimed in pretrial docs that an "employee" of R. Kelly said she should've been killed for tattling on the pisstastic singer. No charges were ever filed, and Kelly was acquitted last week of all the child-porn charges.

Van Allen also revealed that she was paid $100K for a tape of her and another allegedly underage girl by an associate of R. Kelly.


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This whole situation is appalling. A young girl was taken advantage of and threatened when she tried to do the right thing and tell. R Kelly is a sick man. It is so disturbing that in this country a child molester can go free. I hope he doesn't do it again, but chances are he will. Someone should threaten R Kelly.

2318 days ago


The man was accused and acquitted. None of you have seen the tape, so you don't know if it was him or not. Why do you automatically assume he is guilty? Anyone can accuse anyone else of doing something like this - what if you were accused and everyone assumed you were guilty just because you were charged with the crime? This is how American justice works. Obviously there was reasonable doubt as to the identity of the man in the video, so he was acquitted. He may have done it, or he may not have. If there is doubt, you can't have someone locked up. Sorry, but life goes on. They might want to think about pursuing charges against the girl's PARENTS. Where were they???

2318 days ago


Lets be honest here i'm not sure which side to root for, should I root for the underage girl who 'consented' to get pissed on and then renigged her offer because she thought she had the golden ticket to financial freedom in that sex tape, or should I root for the power perversed R. Kelly who because he has money and is of celebrity status can get off of a underage pornography charge when its so blatent he's guilty they even made fun of him on every major tv network, talk show, news hour, comedy sketch, and digital short for the last year or 2. They even put his whole debocle as a episode of Boondocks showing america how celebrity status has been the equivilant of a get out of jail free card. Lets hold people accountable for their actions, both participants, and punish them both equally.

2318 days ago


Alright, first of all I'm a white girl. Probably one of the whitest white girls you've ever heard of. I did a paper in high school about serial killers. The fact is, 80% of serial killers are white. My point is, white people are EFFED up, too. Trust me, I am not speaking for all the ignorant *ssholes that have commented on this post. Not all white people are pieces of *hit. Do I have anything against R Kelly? The answer is NO. Do I think he did it? ABSOLUTELY. Yes, I have seen the video, and I really don't understand how he was found not guilty. It just goes to show you, if you have enough money, you can buy anything.

2318 days ago


So there was a alleged video of this woman and R Kelly having sex or performing sexual acts with this "minor?" I know he was aquitted, but she has confessed to at least participating in crude and indecent acts involving a minor. I don't know if he did it, but from where I am sitting she is the guilty of the crime that she alleges Kelly is guilty of.

2318 days ago


I don't care what any of you say. R Kelly is a true talent, and is a blessing to us all. No matter what you do to try and tear him down, I think it's great that the black community will continue to support him, just the way we supported OJ, Michael Jackson, Mike Vick, Mike Tyson and every other brother the man tries to take down with his BS.


2318 days ago

puppy balls rock    

Chris Kringle: Lets sit back and just enjoy the show huh?? Them killing each other is their gift to us.....
subtle but nice.

2318 days ago


If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck - hate to burst your bubble, but it's a duck!
You can clearly see that it is him in that tape!
I cannot believe that 12 people could acquit R.Kelly! I can't wait until I am summond for jury duty!
Seriously, if someone is arrested, they are more than likely guilty of the crime (I admit that this is not always the case - but it is rare)...
Wonder how his mom feels? One sick man - not sure how he lives with it! Feel bad for the victim - she should have been paid tons of money (restitution) and testified against him!!!! And he should have gone to jail - noone wants a child molester out there. I would not want him alone with my 13-14-15-16-17-18 year old daughter! Disgusting!

2318 days ago


I don't beleive this chick. she messed herself up the moment she opened her mouth. What about her. She said she was 18 when she had the three-way with the younf chick. I DIDN'T SEE THEM PROSECUTE HER. She got a deal for HER BOYFRIEND by the prosecutor's to testify aganist r kelly. so why would anyone believe what she has to say? Plus she lied and then admitted that she has stolen from him.

Do i condone it? NO. But prosecutors dropped that ball on that one from the miranda rights reading.

2318 days ago


So far, absolutley nothing you have reported on concerning R. kelly has been true. So i dont believe this. Why havent you reported on Woody Allen and his marriage to his daughterstein?

2318 days ago


CHITOWN hates Jersey Girls, I am a 42 y/o black man, and I have to say that you are a stupid b*tch! I don't know how old you are, but you are obviously either young, uneducated, or both. Let me set the record straight for you. There is no consensus of support for Kelly in the black community. In fact, most think he is guilty and got away with a crime. The portion of blacks who defend him are, like yourself, either young, uneducated or both. When I go to bed at night, I pray that the children of ignorant people like yourself meet the same type of fate as the young girl on that tape, so you can understand how stupid and ignorant you were for supporting a pedofile, because you liked his damn music!

P.S.-May you someday rot in hell with your boy Kelly. If it gets too hot down there, maybe he can do you a favor and piss on you.

2318 days ago


people let this mess go. They have murders loose everyday. If he did it he;s wrong but the 9 white jurors, and the 3 black jurors acquitted him. Every last one of us have done things that we are guilty of and should have been punished for, but we wasn't . Let it go. If it was one of our loved ones we would have prayed for them a second chance too. If he slips again then, that's he problem if it's true.

2318 days ago


"27. Chris Kringle: Lets sit back and just enjoy the show huh?? Them killing each other is their gift to us.....
subtle but nice.

Posted at 3:56PM on Jun 19th 2008 by YUK"

Says the son of satan to another son of satan. See, what I tell ya? Proof that these people are evil by nature.

2317 days ago
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