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Lowe's Nanny Takes a Blow in Court

6/19/2008 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe got a break in court today, as a Santa Barbara judge tossed out two of the claims made against him by the actor's former nanny -- neither of which had anything to do with sexual harrassment though.
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Lowe will still have to deal with the ten counts that matter -- the juicy sex allegations -- but the two allegations of labor code violations made by 24-year-old Jessica Gibson will no longer be a part of the case.

UPDATE: Gibson's lawyer Gloria Allred tells TMZ, "At the end of the day we still have nine causes of action against Lowe and we are still able to move forward with our case. The core of Ms. Gibson's claims are still completely intact and what happened in court today does not affect Ms. Gibson's ability to recover fully for what happened to her. Despite Lowe's legal maneuvering, he has not been able to affect our ability to proceed with the heart of our case."


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good, now on to Jamie Lynn's baby girl Maddie

2284 days ago



2284 days ago


Jamie Lynn Spears just had a baby girl on thursday morning. C'mon get on it TMZ. It was a girl named Maddie Briann 6lgs 7oz.

2284 days ago

just wondering    

He sure got off easy , what else is knew?

2284 days ago

just wondering    

well he sure got off easy, what else is knew? and Jojo, TMZ covered it already around 11 .

2284 days ago

just wondering    

oops ! sawwy

2284 days ago


How much is Lowe paying you to take his side, TMZ?

Way to make it harder for anyone else to file a sexual harassment case. It's already hard enough.

But the media is out for a buck and attention any way they can get it, they don't give a damn if what they do hurts others. Sociopaths.

2284 days ago

Animal Lover    

Who cares about Jamie Lynn??? Another waste of space on this planet, now she's procreating another twit!

2284 days ago


I don't understand why celebrities don't hire older nannies - they could avoid all this trouble

2284 days ago

william richard bradford    


2284 days ago

A dedicated mother    

According to a quote by Gibson from another site, she said she was affraid of Rob Lowe and feared that he would "further sexually assault her" and yet she didn't quit working for them. She worked for them for years but was afraid of them all the while she worked there? Sorry but this whole suit just smacks of being a big fat lie on her part.

2283 days ago


Wasn't this the first hearing? Whoever feeds the media for Lowe doesn't play fair.

One claim was thrown out due to a labor law that didn't apply to Jessica Gibson's employee status. I don't get the other one, something about an old tort. Attorney's toss these things around to see what sticks. 2 out of 12 is not a minuscular victory for anyone. It's part of a boring legal process. I think only 3 are to do with sexual harassment. What are the other 7?

Rob Lowe went public, he accused an employee of blackmail. He refused help from the sheriff and sued an unknown former employee, three unknown employees. He was in re-hab and brought up medications, possibly that will be explained. Someone might have serious problems, even delusional. He has a right to have his case heard. The employees have a right to counter. He doesn't have a right to use the media to try to destroy a young woman or anyone else.

The Rob Lowe I know about has friends. They share employee troubles and the same attorneys. They handle these troubles the same.
One former employee was sued, next they were set up to look like a criminal pedofile. Rob Lowe didn't have the character to stand up for what was right in that case. It is not surprizing he would treat his employees the same.

Brainy Bitchin' described Lowe more like the stories around Montecito. My perspective is that he's the nicer one. These people pay to have all the nice things said. During crisis they pay to fill up comments with fan comments. They are in a world of staged illusions. The medications could explain much of what happened.

2283 days ago


To answer the poster above that said celebrities should hire older nannies: maybe celebrities should raise their own kids themselves.

2283 days ago

Mary Worth    

I hope other celebrities learn from the Lowes' experience! There are leeches out there ready to fleece them out of their hard-earned riches!. Protect yourselves by thoroughly checking the background of potential help.

2283 days ago


no one person raises their kids without some kind of help. so the idea that celebrities should hire older nannies is a good idea. they have the experience. but there's also that fine line where the celebrity feels like that person is like their mother and so does the nanny and they clash. it's easier to higher someone younger who will do as you say. but thorough background checks and iron clad no disclosure agreements are in order when hiring ppl to help you with your family. that way, if they try to sue you, they'd better have some damned good ammo to do it with.

2283 days ago
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