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Ed McMahon: No Money, Mo' Problems

6/20/2008 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who doesn't Ed McMahon owe money to?

Now Citibank has filed suit against the foreclosure-plagued star, alleging he owes them roughly $180,000. As we first reported, Ed's wife Pamela's out of control spending is gonna put him on the streets. Am Ex says he owes them nearly $750k. Time to cut the credit cards, Ed!

McMahon's rep had no comment.


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2313 days ago


This is really sad. Money problems are awful.
I'm curious, though, how much younger is his wife than he?

2313 days ago


Who the hell is this worthless tramp spending up all that he worked for?

2313 days ago

Audrina HOT    

Senile old man

2313 days ago


Time to get back to work Pamela! Now you know, money doesn't grow on your back yard trees.
It's the credit company's fault for giving him the high credit line. if he missed payments more than a few months, they should have closed the account and not continuing to allow his wife or whoever to go wild charging!
It's all about responsibility....

2313 days ago


Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy??? He's made millions of dollars over the course of his career, didn't plan well for his future and now he's crying to the public? Tough. Maybe he should have been living within his means. I feel sorry for people who have lost their spouse and have to support kids on their own through no fault of their own, not some moron who's blown through a ridiculous amount of money all his life.

2313 days ago


Don't you wonder how any of these "Celebs" make the money they do have? How do they keep getting invited to the Grammy's/Oscars, whatever silly awards show? How do they live in these huge homes when they haven't been in the public eye for years. The rags don't pay them a penny.. I just don't get it! Why would you have to "produce" at 85yo.. He should have married someone his own age, maybe he'ld have her life insurance money!

2313 days ago


Maybe not worry about the cards, but this old fart, whom I like, always get trophy wifes, and think these women love them. Yeah, she married his becasue he was sexy? right? Now women are doing the same thing, marry a young guy, hee hee they will get screwed one way or another. lol

2313 days ago


Funny we haven't heard of him holding an estate sale to try to help himself. I'm sure he has things that are worth big bucks. Instead he just goes on all the shows asking for a hand out.

2313 days ago


Living beyond his means. He's had decades to be wiser with money but showing that he hasn't been wise at all. No sympathy.

2313 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Sounds like he's being swindled. She probaly gets cash advances on the cards, as well as borrow against his property. I bet she has what was once his wealth stockpiled in an account that is wholey hers. This is what he gets for marrying a young hottie. What did he think she was interested in? His looks?

2313 days ago


I agree, he should have managed his money better. He has been around for a very long time and had quite a fruitful carrier. For him to now run out of money means he was just being irresponsible, and I have no sympathy for irresponsibility.

Don't get me wrong, I love Ed McMahon. I just think everybody need to bear the consequences of poor financial planning.

Well at least his wife didn't have to suffer the humiliation of having to wear LAST season's designer fashions or wearing the same dress twice. It may have cost them their house and resulted in their being sued, but at least her public image is still in tact.

2313 days ago


Are we supposed to feel sorry for another spoiled, spending beyond their means celebrity? Because i don't feel sorry at all! Vons near my house is hiring.

2313 days ago


Sorry, he brought it upon himself
so I don't feel sorry

2313 days ago


That's sick. What a bitch.

2313 days ago
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