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TrimCare: Beacher's as Mad as His Madhouse

6/20/2008 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Beacher, who runs the little person parade that is Beacher's Madhouse in Las Vegas, is being sued for trashing a weight loss doc that prescribed him one hell of fat-trimming concoction.
Jeff Beacher
Ivan Goldsmith and TrimCare are going after Beacher because he claimed the mix of Human Growth Hormone, testosterone and number of other drugs he was prescribed to lose weight nearly killed him and ruined his business.

Goldsmith claims Beacher is pissed because of a failed business deal -- not from the fat-eating drug cocktail -- and is seeking damages in excess of 10 grand.

Beacher released the following statement to us: "Wow I can't believe he sued me after all he did to me. Well I'm going to enjoy exposing him to the world, he's playing in a nuclear war with stick and stones -- and I have guided nuclear missiles."


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photoshop tutorials    

Fat people, will they ever learn?
I hope not, the entertainment they provide is priceless!

2314 days ago


THIS IS F**KED UP! We love you Beacher!!! Stay strong!!!

2314 days ago


You know what is MAD is doctors now a days, getting away with this type of sh*t!

2314 days ago


This is scary! I guess our freedom of speech is almost out the window, glad I live in America. Where you almost kill someone, then sue them!!! Oh Yeah!

2314 days ago


WOW F**K that doctor! Sueing patients for the drugs he prescribed???? How does that work people?

2314 days ago


Dont let him bring you down Beacher, you are looking great babe.

2314 days ago


Damn doctors now days, cant trust them at all!

2314 days ago


Yo man keep up the good work, I cant wait till you start having more shows in Vegas! I was at the one in November, IT ROCKED!!!!!

2314 days ago


I hope this isnt true, I love Beacher!!!!!!!!!!!

2314 days ago


Everyone sueing everyone! What a world!

2314 days ago


I wish the doctor would take his own prescriptions and see how he feels! FO SHOW

2314 days ago


Jeff Beacher RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

2314 days ago


I love Beachers Madhouse! It is the best show. I cant believe this is happeneing to such a great guy.

2314 days ago

Jerry Kramer    

Doctors shouldn't try to play God. If the only help they can offer a fat guy, is to put him on human growth hormone and a myriad of other drugs, than they shouldn't be practicing medicine at all. Tell the fatties to walk around the block and eat a salad; don't stick them full of steroids, and then sue them when they find out that you've poisoned them!

2313 days ago

Michael Politz    

Beacher left to go to a rehab clinic after his 18 year old "wanna be a star girlfriend" found out he was not able to make her a star. he went to the Los Angeles Rehab clinic for depression because he was not addicted to any substance. When he got back to Vegas she got back together with him after he brought her into Dr. Goldsmiths asking for antibiotic and a letter from a doctor for her to miss work. After that she broke up with him again. Beacher then followed a few celebrities to cleansing through sweating rituals at Christian Science Churches who then brainwashed him against modern medicine. Thus looking for problems in his health that to this day haven't been proven. The statement he's playing in a nuclear war with stick and stones -- and I have guided nuclear missiles." proves that Beacher has a vendetta against Goldsmith, who by the way, never had Beacher pay for his services knopwing that Beacher had no money to his name. Dr. Goldsmith was primarely worried about Beacher's morbid obesity killing him.

2309 days ago
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