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Shaq Attacks Kobe: You Ruined My Marriage!

6/23/2008 8:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You've never seen a Shaq Attack like this.

Shaquille O'Neal took the mic at a NYC club last night, unleashing a freestyle verbal assault directed at his arch-enemy Kobe Bryant -- blaming his former teammate for ruining his marriage and imploring him to "Tell me how my ass tastes."

After spending several verses shredding Kobe apart for losing in the NBA playoffs, Shaq drops the line, "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."

Launch photosThe line most likely references a comment Kobe made during his infamous 2003 rape case, when he told Colorado police that he "Should have done what Shaq does ... Shaq would pay his women not to say anything." The two became famously bitter rivals after the incident.

Calls to Kobe's reps were not returned.

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Just Cruzin Thru    

34. Ghetto trash.
It is a good thing they can play ball. Without basketball, they would be with the rest of their kind dealing and stealing on the streets.
Also - who would want to have sex with either one of these nasty stinky men? It is probably too big for any fun. Yes, it can be too big.

Posted at 5:22PM on Jun 23rd 2008 by julie

You act as if you KNOW these guys. That's a really bad blanket statement. BTW just cause they're black doesn't mean they are from the ghetto...

2251 days ago


Yeah !!! Shaq back in "the alleged rapists",Kobe's face! Al least Shaq doen't r*pe his women to get them to have s*x with him! KObe is Shaq's BEEEEitch!!!!! Kobe needs to be put in his place!!!

2251 days ago

Go to Jail paris!!!    

Shaq has one year left! He is bitter because Shawnie is taking all his $$$ Grow up Shaq and get a life! Kobe is beloved in Los Angeles and you are so bitter about that! Phoenix will regret having that cancer on the team! Dr. Buss should never retire your jersey! Shaq's a punk and a loser!!! We have a new big man in L.A. and that's Andrew Bynum!

2251 days ago


Shaq and Kobe are both cheaters!! their wifes knew what they we're getting into, and did they ask for a divorce when they found out their men we're cheating....NO!--- i'ts all about the money. I have no respect for either couples. I really don't care about their personal life, what I do care about is next season when the Suns play the Lakers or should I say beat the Lakers. I'ts going to be fun...... GO SUNS!!

2251 days ago


Two words for Shaq: personal responsibility. You ruined your own marriage. You honestly think your wife had no idea you were screwing around on her? Please, grow up! I am so tired of hearing these losers never accept any responsibility for their own reprehensible behavior.

2251 days ago

cool jerk67    

Shaq is an overrated BEE-Yotch! He can't make baskets from over 8 ft. He's fat, lazy and never could make free throws. He is an immature Fat Bastard!

2251 days ago


Get a freakin life Shaq. You sound like a big whiny baby, and couldn't come off more bitter....take responsibility for your own divorce, and Kobe went from being "boo'd" by his own fans to being the MVP and helping his team get to the finals. So suck it.

2251 days ago


I'm glad Shaq dissed Kobe, because Kobe thinks he's gods gift to basketball and its obvious he cant do it without him how did he get so much power to determine who can be on the team and who cannot? His ass should really be in jail right now just like the rest of the race traders who sleep with filthy lice infested white women their both whores who cares

2251 days ago


I can't wait for Dwayne Wade's version for Shaq. Shaq is nothing but a "HAS-BEEN" now.

2251 days ago

Chris Curry    

I was walking through a cemetary the other night. I heard a rustle near my left side. I tensed as I saw an image looking like Bruce Jenner emerge. I peed a little.

2251 days ago


So the black players are ghetto the white players are ghetto wanna bees? The ghetto is not a bad place to be white folks love it especially to buy drugs and prostitutes ot to hide away because they are sexual offenders. I'd feel safer there than in the suburbs a living amongst natural born killers polygamists pedophiles and bank robbers

2251 days ago


Roger Clemmons has sex with a teenager while married and he abused drugsd but because he represents americas favorite pastime and because he is white he's not considered a low life right?

2251 days ago


Shaq, You have more money than you will ever need. Quit the whining.

2251 days ago

Laker Girl    

Shaq sucks!!!!!!!!!!!Hater, Kobe's 100% better than Shaq, go make another movie Shaq.

2251 days ago


Thanx Officer KAZZAM....... for showing your TRUE colors. Is that what they taught you in the academy? A pig is a pig... & that's that. I thought you guys liked rats! You're the one that screwed up your marriage... not Kobe. If you would have kept your "horse" in the barn you wouldn't be having any problems. Kobe took his licking like a man - why don't you? Kareem never would have stooped to your level. That is why he IS better than you. I wonder how your daughters will like your rap. You should be ashamed of yourself (for their sake). I'm glad you're gone.

p.s. If you pulled your head out of your ass you wouldn't have to ask Kobe how it tastes!!

2251 days ago
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