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Britney's Hot Lawyer is Back!

6/24/2008 11:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official: Britney Spears is sane again. The lawyer who quit Brit when she was crazy is coming back, hot as ever.
Laura Wasser & Britney Spears
Sources connected to the case tell us disso-queen Laura Wasser is back in as her family law attorney. Court documents will be filed today making it official. Wasser, you'll recall, is the one who scored joint custody for Brit, even as she was melting down. Wasser quit the case after Spears repeatedly ignored her advice. For Wasser to return, it's a signal that the Brit ship is back on an even keel -- kinda sorta.

Wasser has repped everyone with failed marriages under the sun, including Angelina Joile, Kiefer Sutherland and Denise Richards. She also served as legal consultant to the movie "Liar, Liar," a credit that surely qualifies her for the Supreme Court.

The buzz ... that Wasser will move to win back joint custody by summer's end.

Stay tuned.


No Avatar

john wayne gacy    

what color is she ?

well there you go...

2312 days ago


Looks like Hillary Swank

2312 days ago

wayne matthews    

she is not good looking!! The only thing she is good for, is if, you don't have beer bottle opener. You can use her nasty overbite teeth!!

2312 days ago


arthur shawcross -> jewish i guess

2312 days ago


What an assinine headline. Of course, to a TMZ staff writer, having a HOT attorney is more important than her skills in the courtroom. You judge everyone by the way they look and dress. LA must be inhabited by the shallowest people in the universe.

2312 days ago


Doesn't look that hot. Britney looks much better.

2312 days ago


Harvey probably wrote this himself to try and convince his idiot viewers that semitic women are attractive. She's hillary Skank with crackhead teeth and monkey ears.

2312 days ago


What tell me do you consider hot? Britney is much hotter than her attorney.

2312 days ago

gary wichard    

Those are quite a set of CHOMPERS she has, I am impressed.

2312 days ago


why did they take that horrible picture of her down and replace with this more flattering picture. She's still ugly, but like I said, there's an agenda here. Mind manipulation... Harvey's a douche.

2312 days ago


Fantastic! I hope things work out for Britney!

2312 days ago


Great News! Perhaps Britney will move to a more secure area that will limit the "roach infestested" paparazzi's access! She's needs peace, quiet and privacy in order to continue to heal and bond with her children. Clearly that can't happen where she lives now. Preferably, where there are no trees for the roaches to nest in waiting! We love hearing good news about Britney, but the stalking as well as the invasion of her privacy in her own backyard is ridiculous. Let the girl breathe in peace, in her own backyard without you maggots lurking in the shadows for a picture!

2312 days ago


Does TMZ only hire morons?

There is nothing more denigrating to a smart woman than to overlook her skills and simply say that she's got a hot ass.

I guess in TMZ land, women are good only for one thing.


Harvey, you got too much sh*te going on on your ads, you can barely load a page now, and it is making my laptop ran out of memory.

I can' barely type or see what I'm typing.

2312 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

Keep your head up, Brit!

2312 days ago

Big Bear    

Britney is not mentally ill she is just stupid and stupid people have custody of children all the time!!! Go for shared custody, stupid!!!!

2312 days ago
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