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Hey Ray Lewis,

Those Hostesses Aren't Free!

6/24/2008 8:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Ray Lewis rarely misses a tackle -- but one company claims he completely wiffed on paying his bill.

Read the docs
Profession Events, LLC. in Arizona is suing Lewis, claiming he never paid for hostesses he hired for a Super Bowl party back in February. The company claims they were promised several times they'd get paid the $5,780 they were owed -- but never did.

Calls to Lewis' agent were not returned.

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2314 days ago

jesse lee cook    

First! didnt he kill someone??

2314 days ago

john wayne gacy    

so let's do the math;

$5800 equals 58 HOstesses.

firstly, they're lucky
to be invited anyways.

now, $100 a head is the
max you pay a woman.


the BALLER probably felt that these hoes didn't
deserve to get paid for showing up at his party.

i'll have to agree....

2314 days ago


Is hostess the new euphemism/PC term for hooker these days?

2314 days ago


#1, jesse lee cook,

No, you are thinking of Rae Carruth who played for the Carolina Panthers.
He is the one who set up a roadblock thing, after having dinner with the woman who was carrying his child.
That night, they were in separate vehicles. Rae Carruth was in the car behind her, while the man (hired by Carruth) was in the car in front of her.
The guy in the front car got out, went to her drivers side window and started firing. Rae watched the whole thing.
She was able to drive for awhile, and when or if you ever hear those 911 tapes of her trying to survive, you will never forget it.
On the 911 tape & at the hospital she kept saying Rae had it done.
She died as a result of the gunshots (she lived for a little while in the hospital).
Her son, that was fathered by Rae Carruth, lived however, he is a special needs child because of everything that happened.
that night.
The womans mother is raising her daughters son, (there are angels among us).

Rae Carruth is in prison and so is the man who actually shot her.

Rae Carruth paid the guy to kill her because he was already paying child support to one of his baby's mama and didn't want to pay to support another child. He was making MAJOR BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that bastard and his cohorts drop the soap everyday, get Screwed in the A**, and rot in prison.
Talk about one ruthless son of a bitch.

2314 days ago

Nick Steier    

Ray is not even married so I am not sure how the suit goes against him & his wife.

2314 days ago


This is the same man who got away with shooting someone in an Atlanta nightclub, so why would he pay for anything?

I thought he was a married man. He does have children with a woman. What do I know? Sports figures and celebrities go out with beautiful women (other than there spouse) all of the time.

How provincial some of us are?


2314 days ago

cavity creep    

#1 They don't call him Killer Ray for nothing! He got off the hook for the murders of two guys from Cleveland, Ohio. He did however reached a settlement with the daughter of one of the men killed. It was for a million dollars.



2314 days ago

john wayne gacy    

ballerina girl;

for the record, RAY LEWIS was at a murder
scene and was let off for the crime by a jury.

but this just gave you that itching chance
for another hit on a nail in a brother's coffin.

you heartfelt story sounds
way too close to home.

i saw that episode on A & E;

the man ( rae ) didn't WANT this woman
and DEFINITELY didn't want that child.

although the woman was extremely intelligent and
desired a future, she was draggin a playa down.

you can trust one of the ONLY cards
a women carries was utilized here. ( rape being the other )

she CHOSE to keep this baby
against his wishes and will.

then a playa would be on the hook for the rest of his
life when he's already done and kicking her to the curb.

in the end result, thug life took it's ugly course for your
parting ANGRY wished to assimilate it's " parting " ways.......

2314 days ago


#3, arthur shawcross

Let's see,:

I don't know who gave you your info....but whoever HAS NOT GOT A CLUE.

These girls are HIRED (not invited) and they do not just SHOW UP!
They are with a modeling agency that Mr. Lewis called
Because he is wanting to impress his friends

The pay scale varies, so it's not $100.00 per girl

This is an ACTUAL JOB in which you pay taxes on the money you earn

& last but not least- there isn't any F******.
If so, your agency will drop you, they have to keep their agency reputable
to compete with the other modeling agencies

I do not know who told you:" $100.00 max you pay for woman"

Sounds like a CAVEMAN or the owner of 'HOOKERS R US"


They not only work parties, they work at conventions, car shows, etc...
while they are also auditioning for parts in commercials, commercial print, & movies.

I could explain SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures)
however, I think you are too ignorant to understand.

2314 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

arthur shawcross is obviously a 12 year old who has somehow gotten a hold of a computer

arthur.....why don't you go on Maury and find out who your REAL daddy is......your mom was a Ho and has no idea, so better line up those men.....you pathetic racist waste of space

2314 days ago

john wayne gacy    

booking agent;

it's understandable these women are seeking a career in
acting / modeling / waitressing and are professionals and
need to be paid for their time through an agency. ( S.O.P )

the agency collects from the client
and thereafter pay the " talent "

a professional relationship was established and
payment needs to be rendered accordingly.

" because he wanted to impress his friends "

in there lies the problem.

any REAL professional seeking a career in entertainment,
is NOT residing and represented by an arizona agency.

these types of wanna-bes are
not GAINFULLY employed.

these may be local girls that are
either married or living off of a man.

in a nutshell, they're squirrels
looking for a nut. PERIOD.

to sum it up, 3rd rate
$100 project hoes.

so if my math is correct, there SHOULD
have been 57 " models " at the event.

but trusting your astute booking talents, these little vermin
were billed out at $1,000; in which the agency got half.

now, if you were a REAL professional, this measly small
claims court issue wouldn't be so life changing for you.

your best PIMP daze are over.

or they never started out in the desert......

2314 days ago

john wayne gacy    

ballerina girl #2;

the woman was not raped;

my illustration was to mirror the fact that women have
men over a barrel in 2 ways; they can yell rape and file
a police report and the second is THEY make the
decision to keep a child against a man's will.

now with that clarification out of the
way, let's address your sourness.

" if he didn't want to be a
father, then don't stick it in "

clearly your judgment is impaired
with regards to pre-marital sex.

it was consensual between a man
and a woman for purely pleasure.

MOST sex is shared for pleasure without
the intentions of producing offspring.

however, not in this case.

seemingly whenever a woman " dates " anybody
in entertainment, they WANT to produce a child.

further, this overpaid athlete did do the right thing
by hiring his friend to " get rid of " the problem.

but as chris rock would reply, " i understand "

you go on to use the " N " word several times.

why make this a race issue. ?

as far as getting a tossed salad in the big house,
it sounds like you need a whole lot of dressing......

2314 days ago

john wayne gacy    

as i see it;

why don't you come downstairs
and say hello to your daddy;

then i'll roll over and you kiss your
mamma right between the puckered lips.

i'll make sure you get a little something
extra and a meaty bone at mealtime;

if you're REALLY good, i'll might
trade you for a couple of cigarettes....

2314 days ago



I thought the english language had another word for women who get paid for their "company"

2313 days ago
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