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Rod Stewart

Likes to Breast Feed

6/24/2008 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's got seven children from five different women, but it's 63-year-old Jurassic rocker Rod Stewart that can't get enough of mother's milk!

Decked out in precious matching pink outfits on their yacht in Capri, Rod nursed on his 37-year-old wife Penny Lancaster's supple breast.

After his feeding, Penny changed Rod's diaper.


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Rod fan    

Correction, Rod has only been married three times. Alana Hamilton, Rachel Hunter and now Penny. He has children from 5 women. As much as I love him, I didn't want to see this but it was SUPPOSE to be a private moment. Hey can people over 60 have fun with their sposes. I surely hope so!!

2314 days ago


Hello??? This is a married couple!!

2314 days ago

Concerned my country is slipping away because of the like of Harvey Levin    


I just want to know HOW MUCH you HAD TO PAY for these photos??????????

The MORONIC Zombies of TMZ are LURKING everywhere with their telephoto EVERYONE you MUST now be on your BEST BEHAVIOR unless you lock your self in your homes with the shades drawn TIGHT because HARVEY is out of his cage and will FIND and EXPOSE you.

HARVEY? LOL ahhhhh the MONEY ;-)

2314 days ago


forever young and breast feeding for sure!! Why outside? LMAO!! No Rod, close the blinds and try and do it in private. It is much better and you do not look like a dirty old man.

2314 days ago


something about this is VERY WIERD!

2314 days ago

Nobody In Particular    

Harvey wishes it was his mantitties...

2314 days ago


Two in the hand is like one in the bush or some thing like that.

2314 days ago


This kind of turns me on!!! I am getting all wet looking at these ,they should make a video.

2314 days ago

kittywillalwayslove doggie007    

THATS A MAN FOR YA.........HELLO........

2314 days ago


Normal behavior for a married couple. Perverted behavior for tmz and their photographers. I call this stalking, taking pictures of celebs when they think they are in a private setting, on their yacht off an island, and a perverted stalkarazi snaps a picture for profit. Damn, I'm glad I'm not famous. Some lines need to be drawn between when it's appropriate for celebs to be photographed and not photographed. The stalkarazi must have been watching them all day long in order to capture this shot.

2314 days ago


OMG! take it to the

2314 days ago


I agree, this is just one of those moments, that if you are a superstar like Rod is, then you know about the paparazzi.

It creeps me out seeing this because I just don't think you should display it for all the world to see.

What's next a shot of them F******?????????????????

2314 days ago


I don't think they realized there were people taking their photo. and as long there is noone around I don't see what the problem is. If this was taken on his private yacht then I think they are entitled to do what they want. To spice things up my hubby and I like to do things outdoors but discreetly. Nothing wrong with that. Also, nothing wrong with a little foreplay or teasing as long as it's done privately. Sometimes I think half the people on these comment blogs are prudes. Also, people talk about Rod being 63 and being an old man,etc. I hope when I'm 63 I'm still having sex and I am sure most of you (who aren't prudes) hope the same thing. Wanting sex doesn't stop at a certain age unless you want it to. Looks like Rod doesn't want it to stop anytime soon...good for him!

2314 days ago


I really did see him in January and he was great. Get ur freak on Rod. TMZ? Leave him alone, what have u done HARVEY??????

2314 days ago

just wondering    

nice little picture for the baby book.

2314 days ago
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