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The BET Hot Mess Awards

6/25/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A whole bunch of people got arrested last night at the BET Awards -- by the fashion police!
BET Awards: Click to view!


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applesauce, being invited to an awards show and my question have nothing to do with each other! Did my question sting?

2274 days ago


60. applesauce, being invited to an awards show and my question have nothing to do with each other! Did my question sting?

Posted at 4:09PM on Jun 25th 2008 by Kiss My Saltine
Yes, it does. Because in the big scheme of things ANYONE who is able to rise above any obstacle in their life (nothing to do with color, my friend) become successful & BE INVITED TO AN AWARDS show doesn't have to answer to ignorance. Again, I'd like to hear what award ceremony you've been invited to. The one legged sack race at your company picnic doesn't count FYI....

2274 days ago


yeah, no need for the arrest comment, mr imus

2274 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I'm a moron, huh? Then please tell me why, if this "idiot" brought it up, anyone would ask them to make a statement that answers an un-answerable question? Can't see how I'm the moron in that scenario.

You seem to be nothing more than a bitter racist. So if it is possible for you to STFU for a while it would do the world some good. Get an education and contribute to society.

Before you talk crap back to me...I do contribute, have an education and am not an ignorant racist. I handle multi million dollar accounts in the government and help to protect our Marines by ensuring they have everything they need. What positive thing have you done for the country lately?

2274 days ago


~~. I wonder how many of the people attending the "BET" awards last night know who their daddy is or were raised by their grandmother's?!? Now there is poll that should be taken! ~~

Why should the poll be taken? Is it relevant to anything? They are all rich entertainers or people with jobs in the industry, so they're self-sufficient and not relying on any handouts from you, so why should a poll be taken? Could it be the fact that they are there and you are somewhere bitter and filled with hate? Instead of attending award shows and living the dream, you're typing thinly-veiled spiteful messages on a blog?

Do you plan to address the dilemma of single-parent households in America for ALL colors? I mean, if your question was supposedly legitimate and not racist you should attack the problem uniformly, correct?

So no, your question didn't sting, it was just as irrelevant as you claimed the initial response to be (which was actually even MORE relevant than your question!)

Try again hater, try again.....

2274 days ago


53. "I am excited by the prospect of Obama being the first black man in the White House and the next President of America"…Amen to dat! I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see all the white ppl faces when they announce it. HAHAHAHAHA

Posted at 3:23PM on Jun 25th 2008 by Jerel


Do you think black people alone have gotten him to where he is? Typical ignorant black person. And BTW Obama is NOT black! HIS MOTHER WAS WHITE YOU STUPID F@CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2274 days ago


To #53 - All their Daddy's were in the bathroom with your women serving them properly, while your lilly white dumb ass was somewhere complaining about a black person. We all know how some of your women are. They will drop it like it's hot anywhere, especially if there is a hungry black man waiting to serve them! You do realize she will leave you once a black man hits it right! You'll be a thing of the past and OMG you will really hate blacks then! So, why don't you put that on your saltine and swallow it because your women will be busy swallowing something else! Hey have them tell George Michael we said hello! Tastes good don't it? Now What?

2274 days ago


To #66 Jerel - Obama is where he is because he's an intelligent man with a smart, beautiful and supportive wife. He wants to change this country for the better. Oh, so now you want to acknowledge the "white" in Obama? Why now, because he will be the next president? Just like a typical racist white person, wants to jump on the victory wagon now! I tell you what, if you're a good little boy, maybe we will let you ride in the back of the McCain bus!!!!! LMAO!!!! What else ya got????

2274 days ago


he is black mo fo ya'll just saying that cuz u know he going to win and u just do not want to admit a black man as prez, no matter if he has a white momma or not, he's still black.

2274 days ago


wow.. TMZ dissapoints again.. this is happening too often now. smarten up or consider changin up ur staff, cause this is ridiculous. there were very very well dressed ppl at tht event and u choose to focus on the negative which is okay cuz oher sites do tht too, but then u say a whole bunch of ppl, who are black get arrested!!?? and sayin by the fashion police doesnt make it funny AT ALL... dumbass move TMZ

2274 days ago


24. "we only had to look at one white face" "EGGO". these black bitches are so racist. how does it feel to be so angry at white people your whole lives? must suck to be you. can EGGO give a straight answer as to why he/she so angry at whitey? probably not. bunch of black racist bitches. always so damn angry at life...

Posted at 1:18PM on Jun 25th 2008 by A Patriot 2


2274 days ago


That's why bHusseinO showed up at the Bet Awards, he is so proud of being ghetto!! He was just down the street and drove right on by you losers. Does this mean whites now get affirmative action!!

2274 days ago


First let me start by saying, Nelly is HOT!
Black men and women are beautiful. And talented. Why shouldn't they have their own awards? They should be proud of how far they have come. Ir's our culture that has held them back. Open your minds and look at what they have brought us! Music, Performing Arts, The standups, politics, people are shaping the way of the future (and other races as well, but for the sake of this blog...) stop being so closed minded and allow them to be proud. After all, if you were black, you'd be proud too!
And let me finish by saying, Nelly is HOT!

2274 days ago


Enventually, everyone will show their ass and I see that most of you have!

2274 days ago


Obama came out of a white woman's vagina and was raised by a white woman. His father dumped him when he was 2 years old. Go look for the BLACK Pastor Manning that calls Obama white trash. Obama would not have beat Hilary if white people had not voted for him. Of course blacks have to twist it into a black victory and ignore his white mother and the white votes that got him where he is. Black people rally need to put their race card and ego away and pick up a book. White people are not holding you down, your ignorance and lack of willingness to learn are what is holding you back. Sitting in a class with Kamau Kambon does not qualify you with an education to succeed in the world.

2274 days ago
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