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Wal*Mart -- Low Prices, Phony Celebs Everyday

6/26/2008 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stone Cold Steve Austin posed for pics at an Indiana Wal*Mart for $10 a pop. But attention Wal*Mart shoppers -- the dude's a fraud.

Someone duped Wal*Mart into believing he was the former WWE champ. Yes, that sounds weird to us too, since Wal*Mart is so corporate you can't take a dump at the store without getting permission from the Prez. But it happened, and now Greensburg, Ind. cops are on the case, trying to hunt down the phony who pocketed the cash.

And this is funny -- Wal*Mart employees became suspicious when the guy and his "manager" showed up in a broke down hoopty.

We're lookin' for pics of the faux wrestler, which we'll post. John Walsh's got nothin' on us!


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Dang, that's soemthing I would've come up with. I bet he made a good haul, being it was at a Wal-Mart in rual Ind.

2289 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

How do the poor people who shop at Wal-Mart afford a $10 picture with a wrestler?

2289 days ago


The real fools here are the people that actually paid $10 for his autograph --- real or not real!

2289 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

Maybe it's just because I don't watch the WWE but why would ANYONE pay money to have their pictures taken with a celeb? Hell, that's what Photoshop was created for. Make your own.

2289 days ago


Austin 3:16 just said I scammed your ass!

2289 days ago


I hate Walmart.....just sayin'

2289 days ago

yeah right!    


2289 days ago


treetopflyn - Paris?

2289 days ago


That is TOO funny! Dude deserves to keep every penny he made. LOL

2289 days ago


Post #5 - your an a%^. Its not just poor people shopping at Walmart. Use your brain for once. I'm sure your the kind of person who uses a credit card to pay for everything. Your so in debt because you believe that you have to keep up with the Smith and Joneses of the world to have everything, but cannot afford to pay cash for it. Why pay 500.00 for something someplace else when you can get the same exact thing at Walmart for 250.00?????

2289 days ago


Hey Steve, if you read this I'm going to see Michael in Dallas this weekend. Get hold of him and get my #. We can talk about the times at Pier 121 and The Wild Turkey after the Fri. night shows......maybe you can fill in some of the blank spots?

2289 days ago


If you shop at Wal-Mart you're already a sucker to begin with.

2289 days ago


#5 - I'm not poor, and I shop at Wal-Mart - why not save money if you can? The richest people are earth are usually the most frugal - that's how they got rich !!! Be an idiot with YOUR money if you wish!

2289 days ago


Well I gues on the topic. It may be kind of challenging on TMZ, but we could give it a shot I guess. Would Steve Austin by any chance have a legal case. Against theis person impersonating Steve Austin's image as a wwe werstler. And as well profiting off of Steve Austins image with out Steve Austins permision. So do you all think Steve Austin or the WWE Llc/Inc, will press legal chargers agains this person?

2289 days ago


the police are involved? don't they have anything better to do in that town? like educate their people!~! HELLO, CELEBRITIES DON'T ASK FOR MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN AUTOGRAPH! dumb asses

2289 days ago
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