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Mr. Blonde Gets Red With Anger

6/27/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Madsen's tough guy movie persona isn't just in the movies.

We tried to ask Michael Madsen about that alleged bust-up with his wife in a British hotel room earlier this month. Bad idea.


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sparkys nemesis    

I thought he was nicer to your crew than he needed to be. Yeah, a bit scaaary but how can you knock a guy whose narration has bee heard on Animal Planet?

2309 days ago


Your post headings, as usual, were very misleading. I thought he was very cordial considering the inconsideration of your interviewer.

2309 days ago


Well this confirms it. Your TMZ photogs officially are idiots. The man tried to be polite, despite the fact that you guys asked him a sensitive question. Based on your rather misleading headline, I was expecting him to whip out the switchblade he used in "Reservoir Dogs". As usual, what you said bears little resemblance to what actually happened. I give the guy credit for trying to be cordial, in spite of the stupid question you asked him.

2309 days ago


I love Micahel!! Yummy & hot, hot, hot!! He was extremely cordial given the ignorance of the questions. He was so cool.

2309 days ago


This guy is the eccense of "Coolness"

2309 days ago


I see, he wouldn't play your little blackmail game, so you guys decide to misrepresent this footage in an effort to "show him" who's boss.

You guys are catering to the lowest common denominators of society with your corny puns, and pictures of celebrities caught chewing with their mouth open. Soon, that's all you'll have, because nobody can tolerate being blackmailed for very long.

..or, they'll just tell your photogs to piss off like Mr. Madsen did.

2309 days ago

Paris' uterus    

I wonder where the cameraman went to clean his underwear? You guys must like beat-downs by celebs and surfers.

2309 days ago


The fight was in Wales...not England. Get your facts straight.

2307 days ago


I love him! And he was answering your stupid questions, what do you want. Gee, you think he'll get mad if I ask about a fight he had with his wife? You wanted him to get pissed and asked the question with that purpose. Despite this, he was polite. I agree with all who say the title to this story is completely false.

2295 days ago

cornelia van os    

As i already said,i don't care what people tell or write about Michael Madsen.He's a great actor,and i'm a great fan.I love Michael,that's it.

1458 days ago

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