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Malibu's Most Wanted

6/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been doing some digging, and turns out, the Malibu brawl last weekend was the tip of the iceberg.
Back in the day of "Celebrity Justice" (Memba Them?), we found a Malibu-based gang known as Malibu Locals Only (MLO). The gang had allegedly been assaulting college students and tourists that hung out on parts of the beach MLO considered its turf. One altercation led to a lawsuit against a famous celeb's son.

And there's more...

In 2004, Brawley Nolte, Nick's boy, was sued for allegedly being part of a Malibu group that beat a teenager from the San Fernando Valley so badly, he was left with permanent brain damage. That case was dismissed.

Cops tell us that MLO isn't officially considered a gang because they don't meet gang criteria. Yes, we thought that too. If this happened in Compton, we're thinkin' it might be another story.

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i would love to see what would happen if some real gangsters showed up, like from east l.a or compton? they would crap their pants. they dont want to step to

2271 days ago


Paps, you earn this. You have bad karma from killing Princess Diana and always will.
Not to mention, destroying Britney's life and every other celeb that you stalk.

2271 days ago


Why don't the Paps start following gangsta rappers around? I'd come here far more often if you all would stalk a gangsta rapper. Maybe follow one to his old neighborhood. Come on TMZ are you not committed to your art?

2271 days ago


surfer4life, you losers are only on your boards for a few seconds... I could easily drown you if I wanted to while you were waiting for a wave and yeah I've been a lifeguard for over 25 years too, big woop. Bodybuilder to boot so whatever you probably wouldn't wanna tangle with me either. 1313 Oceanfront Walk is where the beatdown happened a couple years ago.

btw, hate to ruin your fantasy but I dont do the speedo thing... I'm mostly into bodysurfing and me and my bros have dealt with more than couple surf weinies who thought we were speedbumps too. They learned to keep a safe distance from us local Venice guys. We don't mess with nobody til they mess with us. ;)

2271 days ago



If you are going to tell that story at least tell what really happened. The victim was very intoxicated and threw a drink in one of the faces of his attackers. The victim was thrown out of the bar and went home but on his way home he talked to the attackers on the phone continuing the fight. When he got home the attackers showed up at his house. The victim ran out his door rip off his shirt and hit one of the guys. This is what started the fist fight that killed him. He should have called the police and not ran out the door looking for a physical altercation. He did not deserve to die, no one does but you made him sound like an innocent victim in the events that happened that night.

2271 days ago

former SFV resident    

I used to live in the SFV and when you try to go to local beaches like that they do harass people who arent locals. Now if I went by myself I had no problem , but when I went with a group I did. Just because they are not black and are rich does not mean they do not have the gang like mentality.

2271 days ago

mickey lou    

These guys are NO different from any other gang banger. They are thugs. The beaches belong to all of us!

2271 days ago


Dear oh dear Harvey...what are you hoping to get some sympathy for your boys, well you won’t get any here….your paps got what was coming to them

Btw…if MLO is a gang…..then so is TMZ !

Let’s see….From the American Heritage Dictionary

Definition of a Gang…

A group of people who band together for mutual protection and profit.
– Paps fit this description..

A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis:
– Paps fit this description..

A group of workers (paps) organized together on one job or under one foreperson (Harvey):
– Paps fit this description..

So sorry Harvey, paps are a gang too… maybe they and their leader should be rounded up and put in jail…..

2271 days ago


What am I missing here?

It seems that the overwhelming opinion is that the paps got what they deserved... everyone HATES the paps and TMZ.... yet all you knuckleheads are here reading this site every single day! If you hate it so much, why are you here????? Because personally, I don't hang out on web sites that I don't like. You don't see me spending 3 hours a day reading fruitcake recipe web sites.

So, if you are one of the haters on here.... just go somewhere else. You can go away mad, as long as you GO AWAY.

2271 days ago


Everyone involved should go 24 hours without up dating their site. This would also effect magazines like US and shows that talk about celeb gossip. Those paps pictures are not just for TMZ or x17. They are for every single source that talk about celebrities from blogs, magazines, tv shows, news shows etc. The readers would freak out and not know what to do with themselves. Even celebrities read and watch this stuff. in fact the celebrities really don't complain much it's you twits that are.

2271 days ago


we just wish you'd come to Texas beaches so we could all kick your paparazzi asses here.

2271 days ago


Please Texas is full of dumb a$$ hicks. Your track record for people from Texas isn't good and you should be trying to hide that your from there instead of bragging about it.

2271 days ago


OMG, there are gangs in Malibu??? Do they have Prada dewrags????

2271 days ago


Yes they store their dewrag in their man purse during beat downs so it doesn't get lost or dirty.

2271 days ago


#56 Jane . . . you're and idiot!

2271 days ago
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