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Malibu's Most Wanted

6/28/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've been doing some digging, and turns out, the Malibu brawl last weekend was the tip of the iceberg.
Back in the day of "Celebrity Justice" (Memba Them?), we found a Malibu-based gang known as Malibu Locals Only (MLO). The gang had allegedly been assaulting college students and tourists that hung out on parts of the beach MLO considered its turf. One altercation led to a lawsuit against a famous celeb's son.

And there's more...

In 2004, Brawley Nolte, Nick's boy, was sued for allegedly being part of a Malibu group that beat a teenager from the San Fernando Valley so badly, he was left with permanent brain damage. That case was dismissed.

Cops tell us that MLO isn't officially considered a gang because they don't meet gang criteria. Yes, we thought that too. If this happened in Compton, we're thinkin' it might be another story.

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108. Ummmmm....hasn't anyone seen Point Break? Surf Gangs are real and they will f*** your s*** up, bra....
Posted at 8:01PM on Jun 28th 2008 by Chola Loca


I've seen Toy story too but I don't really believe my toys come to life when I'm not home.

2274 days ago

cleve laurence    

just saw the bitch fight on tmz bout a little piece of sand. Now we don't have any surf in Phoenix, we have plenty of sand.
If you little rich pencil necks want to fight over sand or anything else, just show up, we settle stuff here with bullets and shovels.

2274 days ago

rick r    

mlo rules the beach huh wtf rich pu--ys acting like compten let them fight some one that can fight and they would get the asses handed to them they jusat havent found the right person people in gangs are all pu--ys in my eyes cause if you can fight you dont need help opening a can of whip ass ill do it myself carolina redneck style

2274 days ago

You Wait And See    

14. Yes, gangs are bad - even white ones. I've seen people with that tattoo down south, though ... but not on anyone I found intimidating. Maybe TMZ is doing an experiment ... to see how much horrible stuff they can say about a white gang, and still have said gang accepted by you people. If they were black surfers (haha) these articles would have 1000+ racist statements.

GANGS AND VIOLENCE ARE BAD - no matter what color the people are, and no matter who they're attacking. It is WRONG.

Posted at 12:31PM on Jun 28th 2008 by FIGHT
I agree with you #14. Why is it that if they were black that this post would have +1000 racist comments made? Perhaps it is that blacks really don't care for that type of pettiness. Violence committed by a unified group of people that is consistent is the criteria for a gang! period. It's like when people say the KKK isn't a gang. I beg to differ on that statement. I understand that the KKK took their hooded costume from a Spanish (as in Spain) religious ritual, but that doesn't make the KKK a religion. Why is it that the KKK can make hate speeches in broad daylight with the type of violent background that they have and still receive protection from the police? And please do not say that this is soooo '50s and '60s that they really truly don't exist today. The KKK do exist prominently today in this day and age.

Anyways, the MLO should be treated like any other gang that would be located in Compton.

2274 days ago


the only thing worse than a bunch of lazy good for nothing surfers is a pack of loser paps.both groups need to get a real job and work for a living.

2274 days ago

bill park    

I hope your TMZ photog idiots got smashed because you invasive a**holes deserve it.
May the papparazi always lose and the cameras always get thrown in the ocean.
If they catch the guys who did the beatings they should give them a medal not jail.

2274 days ago


Definition GANG:

A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.

A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents.

Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis

A pack of wolves or wild dogs.

These guys at Malibu Beach fit the criteria.

2274 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

This is why people get Im serious..Everybody wants to be a tough guy, esp when they think someone cant fight or is by themselves...So now we have to worry about a Malibu gang...haha That is fine with me, but if a bunch of rich kids want to get tough with me let them ,because I will shoot first and then think second and what happens DONT mess with people folks..There are too many real crazies walking around to be playing the tough guy role..I dont know the difference so I will shoot anyone of any color anywhere..LMAO

2274 days ago

Malibu Scary Grrll    

This has been going on since the seventies at least. "Locals only - Vals go home" is what we heard coming to the beach as teenagers. Its not gangs - its locals that don't want tourists or paps or any uncool people hanging out near them on the beach and especialy in the water. Its been going on for years and they go after anyone who bugs them. Now I am a local and as much as I read I'd beat those photogs ass if they come near my house or beach.

2274 days ago

Tired of the BU    

Who wants more BS news like TMZ, Insider, Entertainment Tonight, E Channel and gossip rags like Us Start etc....Who cares what they write? Too many people believe what they read. Challenge all that you hear. What happened to Harvey Levin the consumer adovcate? Now he wants us to consume nonsense. But stupid kids do think they belong in the MLO and more want to join. Why? Because you just gave them cred. Yes, some may be rich and others live in trailers but they are bored, stoned, durnk, youth while the olders ones are in their mid-20's. Stupid. Being a Val living in the BU for 15 years I find the righteous BU people full of it. This area is 27 miles long with many demographics. Stars, Trailer parks, Middle class, and everything in between. Every neighnorhood or area has bad ass youth but yes the MLO is getting more members. Believe me. You helped them. Most of them are nuts, drunks, thieves and losers. But organized, they are too lazy most of the time. Oh wait, the swell is up. Gotta go.

2274 days ago


2% of americans own 73% of all the stuff...I am not counting corporations or land owned by private foreign nationals. This rich thing in america now makes one sick since the middle class has been destroyed through lack of jobs that pay a livable wage. The rich young punks should have their heads bashed in...down the road not too far in the future they will be taken out of their houses along with the other rich who exploited the have nots and punished. Today is a New American but there is another New America coming that will scare the bi-Jesus out of the money people. Better do the same thing you did with your money rich people and that is go off shore very soon to avoid the atonement you deserve from your sins against the people!

2273 days ago


What I find so interesting is the replies to this post telling the paps to get jobs or the posts slamming the paps. Seems you must like reading what the paps write or seeing their pictures or you wouldn't even be on TMZ reading these. Why are you even on this site if you don't appreciate what they do? The true is, the celebrities are crying all the way to the bank. If it weren't for paparazzi, most of the celebrities would far into the horizon. This is how they keep themselves in the public eye. Most intentionally go to places where they know paparazzi frequent. So those of those that don't like the job they are doing, don't log onto this site, go to CNN or some other site.

2273 days ago

tmz is the pits    

According to the California Coastal Commission, "the state of
California owns... the land seaward... of what is called the mean
high tide line."

In short, this means that the public has access to the wet sand, not
the dry sand above the tide line. So one can walk along the beach, as
long as the sand is wet beneath your toes.

If you look at the videos the paps were shooting photos from the dry sand NOT at the waters edge, therefore on private property. You can't argue with the facts.

2273 days ago


This is one legit story that TMZ has covered. How could you people say "who cares?". Are you kidding??? A kid ended up with permanent brain damage!! Has Nolte's kid been charged? Not funny and not a story that should be dismissed, like all the crap about Paris Hilton, et al.

2273 days ago


Drop off those MLO's in one of Chicago's hoods so they can get there ass's wooped! See how they like it!

2273 days ago
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