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Jen Aniston Snaps at John Mayer

6/29/2008 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Relationships are temporary. Photos last forever.
Jennifer Aniston hung out by the stage to take some shots of boytoy John Mayer during his performance at London's Hyde Park yesterday.


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LOL, #26. I never considered them jealous of one another! Interesting perspective. I still don't think Jennifer seems desperate just because she is 40. I don't get where a person is washed up at 40. At least she has been married before. More than I can say for myself at any rate. I do think for all of Angelina's tough chick poses and tatoos, and movie roles, she has underlying self esteem issues that need to be addressed. Hence the "man stealing" regardless of whether a couple were to break up anyway, etc. and also the need to publicly announce when she donates money anywhere (I don't mean to insult her charitable ways, any charity is better than no charity) but still. I think they BOTH could have done better than Brad, in hindsight. Maybe JA and AJ will form their own version of the Brad Pitt First Wives Club when she and Brad split.

2307 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Granted, Jennifer Aniston does chain smoke Marlboro reds like there is no tomorrow, but does that make her a horrible person? I sure hope not! No, I don't smoke, but I have really great friends who do and smoking does not make a person evil!
And JA and AJ are obviously competing with each other???? WTF???? I don't see that at all! I did think the release of the fotos of Jen and John at the same time as Cannes was too much of a coincidence, Jen knowing AJ would be there promoting 2 movies and getting publicity, especially with being pregnant. So, maybe Jen is still competing...but AJ? What does she have to compete with JA over? AJ got the man, the career, the kids, the big family, and all her charity work...she hardly has time to worry about what JA is doing...except I think Brad does stil give JA's people the head's up when a big story about he and AJ is going to break. And that was the interview with Minka Kelly. That John Mayer was a gentleman and called her to warn her about the story of him and JA. And I was using what she said about him not "getting the Jennifer Aniston thing" to make a very funny joke! Julie, you took it way out of context! Lightne up dear! I also said I am very happy for Jennifer Aniston and I really hope this work out for her and that he doesn't hurt her as he has been known to do. That was all I said...geez...

2307 days ago

that's all    

annie2, yeah Brad P. has a fetish for freaky out there women AJ and considering he dated Juliette Louis who is as crazy as a sh1thouse rat. I remember AJ talking about her sexaul escapades with knives and cutting during sex and I nearly broke out in hives reading it. I don't think something like that is cured overnight and even her own dad says she is very distrubed. Considering she has kids you would think she would want to put aside past differences with her father as she will definitely not be a perfect parent. Karma karma. Brad P. is self-absorbed, going through a middle-age crisis and when his arms get tired and he gets bored he will move onto the next freaky lady. You have fabulous women way over 40 like Jaclyn Smith (my idol). I don't knwo why white women (and I'm white and hispanic) cant be proud of their age like hispanic and black women. Poor Jen. I think she needs to grow up and get therapy along with AJ.

2307 days ago

that's all    

Sorry about the horrid typos. Benadryl has me in a fog.

2307 days ago


Dear God, I forgot about the whole Juliette Lewis "phase". Weren't they actually engaged? Yikes. And you are probably right. They both could probably use a therapist. They each have a parent they are not talking to, though Jolie is currenlty rumored to be getting back in touch a little bit with her dad. Aniston HAD been reaching out to her mom but I am not sure if that ever rekindled anything. At least she isn't (to the publics knowledge) still visiting with Brad's mom. At first I used to think it was funny that they so obviously preferred JA to AJ, but bottom line: not healthy for any of them. Good to see that all chapters appear to be closed there...we think.

2307 days ago


Oh, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez!

2307 days ago

love them    

for an aging has been, she looks OK, but she just look so desperate, she is like a mother figure for john, she needs to find a more mature man, it;s like she can't accept where she is in her life riight now, maybe she should take a break from dating for a while instead of hopping from bed to bed, it's diminishings her self esteem, john is not it, it has nothing to do with their age differences, really, i like both of them, but not together, and i agree with another poster, brad is one lucky bastard.

2307 days ago

robert hansen    


he may have had his johnson inside of a simpson,
but we should be asking father joe how it taste.......

2307 days ago

never more    

Jen is lucky , What an envious position! I think she made a huge step up from bad head Brad. John is so mush more than a pretty face.

2307 days ago


Yogi, you'rean idiot. Not every man linked by the media to her has been a boyfriend except Vince Vaughn.
She deserves happiness just like the rest of us.

2307 days ago

love them    

i bet she feels like she should have had brads children's, she is following some young guy around the world taking pictures, brad is still so hot, people just feel pity for her, but she is almost 40 in less than a year, i don't think she can recover from that, i would just go quietly away. i would not want to be remembered for people's pity.

2307 days ago

american beauty    

How much you wanna bet JA is just holding that camera? I bet she doesn't know how to work it. Or anything else. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, she.

She's ugly. Always had a big, odd, rectangular mouth. She's nothing special. And I think she IS desperate. She's 39 (not 40 yet) and a fool. This woman has low self-esteem, evident by the idiots she dates. John Mayer?? Vince Vaughan? And that no-name waiter guy or whatever he was, in between the two. I pity the kid who she's trying to have. If she ever does get pregnant, her kid is going to be one messed up tyke. But he/she will have plenty of company in the shrink's waiting room: all of Brad and Angie's brood. They're all nuts and self-absorbed.

2307 days ago


There is only 9 years between Aniston and Mayer. I am 10 years old than my husband, and we never had a problem with our age difference. I am 44, and he is 34 , and we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary 2 days ago. We have two great little girls too.

2307 days ago


Who gives a rats ass? The country is going to hell and everyone wants to know what the 'stars' are doing. Get a life, get involved, you are being turned into slaves.

2307 days ago


Good lord, 40 isn't fatal people. You all are going to be that age someday, and it won't become the end of your life.

2307 days ago
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