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Guy to Madge -- Just One More Try!

6/29/2008 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could Guy Ritchie be on his way to New York this weekend to try to save his marriage to Madonna?

So say the British tabs, which are reporting that his last-ditch bid is going down this weekend. "It is make or break time for Guy and Madonna," says a source to The Sun. Madonna reportedly met with divorce diva Fiona Shackleton recently, which set off blazing rumors of a split.

Weird fact from the tabs: Madonna's close pals call her "Em," says the Sun.

Did Anne H. Rat Out Raffaello?

Not that he didn't have enough heat on him anyway, but at least one friend of Anne Hathaway's jailed ex thinks she's the one who narc-ed him out.

"It makes sense," says the pal to the New York Daily News. "She's referred to as his former girlfriend in the indictment even though her spokesman never confirmed they broke up." The friend claims that she dished the dirt in exchange for the Feds holding off on arresting Raffa until she was out of the country.

Her reps have officially refused to comment on Follieri's troubles.

K-Fed –- Daddy's Not Home

Kevin Federline might be prepping for a custody battle with Britney Spears, but he was all about rocking South Beach, not dealing with the kids, this weekend.

The Federleezy was at Mansion until 4 a.m., hosting a party with a party of 10. More amusingly, reports People, he talked about a new song called "Daddy's Home" that he's working on. "He has put a lot of time and effort into writing and rehearsing it, but says it is not quite ready yet," says a source.

Papa Zao –- just like fine wine.

Party Favors, Nuptial Edition: Chris Evert Nets Greg Norman ... The Velvet Teddy Bear Gets Hitched ... Kattan Marries a Model?

Chris Evert and Greg Norman wrecked their respective homes and got each other, reports People, in the Bahamas, with Matt Lauer and Corey Hart looking on. ... Ruben Studdard got hitched to Surata McCants in Birmingham, Ala., with 20 groomsmen. ... Chris Kattan nabbed a model, in Yosemite, Calif.


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Glisten Garbor    

Guy move on..reclaim your meat and 2 veg...

2121 days ago


So Guy, is it like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?

2121 days ago


Well, it's obvious that if Anne H. didn't "rat out" her former boyfriend, she knew he was going to be indicted this week. The timing of the breakup was way too obvious.
However, if the allegations are true, he's beyond sleazy, so I can hardly blame her for dumping him or telling what she knows. What I wonder is, how much did she know, and for how long? If she knew a lot, how could she stay with him anyway?

2121 days ago

Candy Barr    

Even if Annie H. did know something about her boyfriend's shady dealings, her so-called "friend" has a lot of nerve saying Annie had something to do with it. You never know who can be out to get someone idiot.

2121 days ago


Ms. Williams said it best. I agree 100%!

2121 days ago


They don't call her "Em", they call her "M". HER FIRST INITIAL.

2121 days ago


Kevin Federline got paid to host that party. That means daddy was working, so give him a break. Lots of dads travel for their's not a big deal.

2121 days ago


What moron judge would even consider giving a low life like GayFed kids anyway. He can't find a job and has to live off of his ex wife, who not only supports him and her kids, but she has to support his "other kids" that he deeply cares so much about. If he is such a loving father why does he not try to get custody of those other kdis of his or are they not worth enough? I'm still laughing about that post TMZ ran a few months ago naming GayFed "Father of the Year"!

2121 days ago


K fed makes me sick,people saying he's a great father are crazy.His job is going to clubs and letting nannies raise his kids for him.You are his parent,not the nanny.How about spending spme time with your kids once in a while,after all you do have custody and are being paid child support,when you might see your kids 1 day a week.

2121 days ago

Make It Right!!    

How can any one say K-Fed only spends one day a week with his kids? Every time he gets a job, TMZ reports it and we hear about it. That means, in the past month, he has worked ONLY TWO NIGHTS out of 30!! And he made more money in those TWO NIGHTS than most of you will make in 16 - 20 YEARS!!! If he makes $200,000 a night to show. And he doesn't need to go after custody of his other two kids because Shar Jackson is an active, co-operating mother to their two children. I have heard she even helps K-Fed out with his children by Britney. I am no fan of K-Fed and was happy that Britney finally left him, but let's not exaggerate things and bash him for no reason. Other than the two nights he worked all of this past month, he was at home, taking care of his kids. If he wasn't, the Judge would see that and he wouldn't have the custody that he has. Face it, Britney choked all on her own. Sure, it was a nervous breakdown after two kids AND a divorce, but noone told her to go clubbing and shopping EVERY SINGLE day and night! No one would shave her head, she did that herself. She refused to take anyone's help or advice and still recently dissed Julia Roberts for the December interview she did where she said she wanted to move Britney into her guest house and help her. How ungrateful Britney is for having had so much support from her fans and other people in the industry!! They all only wanted to help and see her well and she bashes it all.

2121 days ago


Corey Hart ... how does he know them?

2121 days ago


and the reson he worked TWO NIGHTS for $200,000 is because ??? britney no one wud no him if it was not for her

and the reson she had a nervous breakdown was because k fed she was fine till she met him

and how is she ungrateful take anyone's help??? so then they go tell the papers and web sites for £$£$3$£$ she cant trust no one she has it harded then u think

2121 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Nobody took money to tell websites and papers that Britney was ungrateful of their gesture of help! BRITNEY RELEASED FOTOS THAT SHE HAD SOMEONE TAKE OF HER OPENLY MOCKING JULIA ROBERTS WITH AN ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE THAT THE ARTICLE WAS IN WHERE JULIA OFFERED HER HELP!!! IT was Britney B*tch, herself, that released the fotos and the story lufcglyn!!! And learn grammar for Chr*st's sake!! And, BTW, I am ROOTING for Britney to make a come back but it does piss me off that she just mocked Julia Roberts for offering help. It does she her to still be a tad ungrateful towards everyone who has wanted her well. And that includes a diss to you, her fan, for all your support!

2121 days ago

Make It Right!!    

That "she her" is supposed to read "show her"

2121 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

When will that lazy, dirtbag, nasty, gold digging, moron K-Fed just go away? He is so ugly and repulsive. I can't stand that money mooching idiot or his sleazy lawyer.

2121 days ago
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