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Monkey Flee, Monkey Do

6/30/2008 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Moe the chimp has escaped -- and his owners need to find him STAT! Apparently the crafty simian figured out how to open his cage late last week and wandered to several homes around Devore, Calif. before disappearing into the wilderness.

Moe is owned by St. James and LaDonna Davis. In 2005, while they were visiting Moe at an animal refuge, two other chimps brutally attacked St. James, nearly biting off his face and genitals. Moe has no experience in the wild, so the Davises are holding a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred to ask for the public's help.

We'll be live streaming at 2:00 PM PT. Check back -- and help find Moe!


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2308 days ago



2308 days ago


AWW, i hope they find him fast, especially if he isnt experienced in the wild..

2308 days ago

That explains things!    

No experience in the wild? I'd say he's been living 'in the wild' all of his life. Being held captive by 2 humans??????? That's pretty fuggin wild!

C'mon people!!!!!!!!! He's a friggin ape! If he was unsure of his most humans are....he never would have released himself to flee!

I hope he swings in them damn woods from branch to branch for the next 100 years!!!!!!

2308 days ago

BC Budz    

WTF!!!!!~St.James Davis almost had is face and ballz bit off chimps and he then goes and adopts one!

2308 days ago


I grew up in WC where Moe lived! Crazy to sse this story on TMZ.

2308 days ago


Try looking in south central Los Angeles.

2308 days ago


Run Moe, Run!

2308 days ago


According to a Fox news alert, this chimp is extremely dangerous and should not be approached.

2308 days ago

Im just sayin'...    

he is running out to lead an equal rights movement - and until you give the Tarzan monkey a star on Hollywood Blvd., apes from all over the state will marching in the streets just like this! (not including Spencer and Heidi)

2308 days ago


I think i just saw him on the 6 train in the bronx... No sorry, that just Leroy the local drunk.....

2308 days ago


This specific breed can rip your arm out of the socket. They can be extremely violent when provoked, however, Mo was rescued at a very young age and raised by St. James. So there's really no evidence to suggest Mo is violent other than the time he barely bit some city worker who went to the house, in fact, that's how this whole thing started. HAd they just left St. James and his monkey be, we wouldn't have tons of city workers out there looking for the monkey. But hey, that's where the cities tax dollars are going right now because the city played big brother and removed the monkey from his home.

2308 days ago

carroll cole    

thankfully, allred is past menopause.

as she's trading services for breeding fees.....

2308 days ago


who the hell is moe? if some could post that please

2308 days ago

Yeah Right    

St. James and LaDonna raised Moe since he was a baby, for 30 years total, before an idiotic police officer trespassed onto their property while Moe was the only one home, leading Moe to bite the officer in the hand (no damage), in defense of his home. It is sad that because of someone's stupidity, he has had to go through so much. St. James was attacked several years ago by two other chimps when they went to visit Moe at the haven (prison), while Moe watched in horror. He lived in a HOUSE for 30 years of his life and even made himself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Strange, but true! He was not savage. Still a wild animal, yes, but learned to live like a person, so he is not accustomed to looking for his own food, water, or shelter. Think of how much we love our pets that are only with us for 15 years max. Now imagine a chimp, with several human qualities and raising him for 30 years, like a child. It's sad. I live down the street from St. James and La Donna and even though two other wild chimps left St. James severely injured, they still have signs and petitions running, in hopes that Moe would come home. I bet that poor chimp is just trying to find his way home. I feel so sorry for all of them. They all must miss each other so much. Sorry, but I love animals more than most people! :(

2308 days ago
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