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Kim K Strips Off ... Her Makeup

7/1/2008 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is almost unrecognizable without all that junk -- on her face.

The Tush left the gym on Monday in all her natural, God-given glory.


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Whats wrong with her ass?Is that normal?

2283 days ago


Kim's ass is in a constant fight against gravity. And gravity is winning.

2283 days ago

rollo tomasi    

Men have primal instics. That means we are drawn to voluptuous asses and tig ol' bitties.
She is a looker, whether fake or real.
The sad thing is in 10 years we'll see her in whatever happened to...
and see her sagging behind as a joke of the time.
but hey look on the bright side she could always just get a butt lift when she's approaching 40.

Time humbles us all..

Good luck K.

2283 days ago


Kim K looks like $h!t with no make up, and she looks like a clown with it on... This is no no win situation. Plus she's a $lut...

2283 days ago


HairyYambag...You are either a white girl who has never been with a black man but secretly has always wanted to and this is your only way to release your frustration over that are so nasty to look at that any man, black, white, blue or green would never give you a second look....which is it? Huh?

2283 days ago


Damaged goods.

2283 days ago


All women are "natural beauties" when they're young. Let's see how natural she is when she's Madonna's age--I'm sure she'll not want to talk about it either.

2283 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

I just luv to hear the jealous venom spewing her way from so many bitter-beer-faced ass women...WHY...Would you rather it be that no curves, stick figured, FLAT PANCAKE ASSED HAVIN, JENNIFER ANISTON receive her attention...If you are warped enough to think that she(Jennifer Aniston) is some kinda good gurl, or nice gurl, then you are just plain walking around w/horse blinders on or naive as hell to all Hollywood reality...Anyway, KIM LOOKS GORGEOUS AS HELL W/OR WITHOUT BENEFIT OF MAKEUP(like that's supposed to be a negative somehow...Get the F outtta here w/that dumb BS...

2283 days ago


KIM! I got yo ass babe...........YEP.......................i sure do,and,mine IS 100% real and i do NOTHING except eat eat eat=no exercise.This aint no lie,so,18 and up............heres CAROL

2283 days ago


PS: and ,FLAT pancake ASS goes for YOu too MS AJ VOIGHT! People don't believe it?Just rent the WANTED movie when it comes out on DVD.................................LOL

2283 days ago

New York    

NOW she is an absolute beauty. Hope she goes for the natural makeup soon.

2283 days ago

Illinois person    

Why does it seem TMZ likes to report of "D" list celebs? Who care that this fat ass went to the gym? So do millions of other people other days of their lives. Big friggin deal and this is not news. Nor is anything about those awful Hogans.

2283 days ago


I have an ass like Kim and regardless of what ANY of you men say.... 75% of men PREFER some ASS and some CURVES. WHY would any man in their right mind want to be with skinny ass woman and no meat on her bones? Kim is sexy & curvy and any of you guys saying anything different would trip over your own feet to get with a girl like Kim K

2283 days ago


Illinois person...WHY are you reading it then? Please STAY in Illinois

2283 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

First off all of the losers stop posting stupid comments that say I have no idea who this is...o.k. retards..Anyone who visits Tmz knows who the eff Kim K is. Even if she really doesnt do

I prefer women who are taller and thinner..I dont like all that extra a** and thighs, it actually makes girls look sloppy and just a mess..haha But if you are old and have kids you get a free pass to be a lil heavier, But in your 20's...yeah right..Your body needs to be thin and tight..
But Kim is at least pretty..but I dont like her because of the fact that she only bangs Black Guys...Its kind of a turn of.

2283 days ago
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