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Hit & Run Girl: Crushed Pelvis Only the Beginning

7/3/2008 10:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was hit by an alleged drunk driver in Hollywood last night is not doing that great -- she's got a crushed pelvis, head trauma and possibly a punctured bladder.

We caught up with Wolf -- the guy who chased down the driver -- who says his girl will be in the hospital for at least another five days, and will need a ton of rehab after that.

He also breaks down why he was so calm after chasing down the woman who nailed his girl with her car -- he's got a baby now, and says his fatherly instincts kicked in.


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Mars in Virgo Yo.

2250 days ago

wonderlust king    

I dodn't know Bozo moved from Chicago to Hollywood.

I don't think there is a more unlikeable person on the planet than this guy.

Get Well Soon Injured Person.

2250 days ago


Fatherly instincts? Nah. I'm thinking it was an overload of wanting to show off for the cameras. He's probably got some kind of macho sitcom in development. He seemed pretty wasted too. If my husband was off doing his "macho hero" bit in front of the cameras while I laid there in the street with my butt half exposed I'd be pissed beyond belief.

2250 days ago


DUMB@SSES WHO ARE COMMENTING: if you listen to this guy it is obvious he is NOT HER BOYFRIEND. He said he was meeting with her and networking. Listen before you judge! What a great guy, he reminds me of a hyped up Kevin Federline with a curly wig, but I would love to have him in my crew, if I had a crew that is.

WRITERS AT TMZ: You should take a lesson from this man on how he says people should be treated. The writing on your website is a glaring example of the opposite way he says people should be treated in life. You should all be ashamed at how you make your money. Harvey, higher some people with talent please. There are plenty of real bloggers out there ...

2250 days ago


I smell a "At the end of the Day" tshirt / marketing campaign for DUI's. At the end of the day, you could be in jail. It's golden! Get my lawyer!

2250 days ago


well its obvious that the guy who sent the message all in caps and has the name "Get The Facts" is the guy in this video or a friend of his blowing him while writing that comment about himself. comment #26. in all caps.....So heres my opinion. he did the right thing i guess by makin the bitch take responsibility. thats fine wit me. but the day after, he wants to give off his thoughts witch is fine , but he lost me not even half way through when he kept saying the same damn thing tryin to be like an activist. Just say how the girl is doing and keep it moving. dont make it about you. you got this you got that. tell us how the girl is and get in your car and go home and smoke a fat blizzy. You stank anal

2250 days ago


Are parents NOT allowed to party????? Seriously people stop with the "he is a father, he should be at home with his child." Parents have a right to have some fun too. Besides he was working anyway and she is not his girlfriend. GROW UP

2250 days ago


Yanno, if I saw this guy on the street I would completely mock him but after listening to him and seeing what he did, I realize that I would be wrong. After a bunch of recent stories about people watching others die or doing nothing as they lie in the street, I would want this guy around if I were in trouble. He would actually DO something. As he says, "at the end of the day", we're all the same. I applaud him for doing what's right and making sure the driver has to take responsibility for her actions. There were others around to make sure his "girl" was being taken care of, and this was his way for honoring her. I wish I could say that my friends would do the same, but I'm not so sure. I know if I were in his position, I would have been very confrontational with the driver and his approach was much more "mature", despite his young age.

2250 days ago


Just want to say....his girl is in intensive care. Usually, you aren't allowed to stay with someone in intensive care unless you are immediate family. Hospital's aren't exactly lenient on this rule and, since they're not married, what's he supposed to do? Go home and worry all night? And, like he said. No one knows what his purposes for being out are. We don't know what his job is. Maybe he's a publicist of sorts and is out doing his job. Maybe his girlfriend told him that she wanted him to go out instead of wallowing in his worry for her. He's not out boinking some other chick, but keeping himself occupied.

2250 days ago

Quick to Judge!!!    

Ya'll are soooo quick to judge! The man RAN after the drunkie, called 911, and probably sat by her side all day while she's been in the hospital .Damn!!! Give the guy a break! I'm sure visiting hours are over... hence, why he's partying out late and getting "another" full day of fame!

2250 days ago


I agree with everyone who is trying to get the facts straight. All we know is he was in the group with the girl that was hit and he chased down the drunk driver, if you watch the video he isn't the one getting in the ambulance with the girl who got hit, another of his group is (and they are shirtless, makes me wonder if he used the shirt to aid the girl) - that leads me to believe that he isn't her boyfriend but rather a member of her group. Also he may have been out clubbing last night or he may have been working, but either way- that doesn't make him a bad dad. It could have not been his night with his kid, or if he was working, he was working, just cause your dad works the night shift doesn't make him a bad dad. Until I hear that his kid is being neglected or left alone, I don't think its right to automatically judge him. One more thing I noticed is this video has been edited, and the paps, keep asking him questions, even as he is trying to get into the car, if he was a real fame whore, I doubt he would have climbed away from the cameras. He keeps repeating the same thing, cause that is the message he wants to get across, people make mistakes, although he knows she should answer for what she did, he doesn't want to sit and judge, somehow I think that is a lesson a lot of people posting on here could learn, since they are all quick to judge him.

2250 days ago



2250 days ago


#27: You're just a hater. There's absolutely NO idiots where you live, correct?

2250 days ago


Just a further edit. on the LAPD's official blog site, they give the information of the incident as well as an officer and number to call if you have more information, they note that the drunk driver was chased and stopped by "the victim's friend". Not boyfriend.

2250 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I live in a very plain, boring world by my own design, but I have a lot of respect for this guy's demeanor and wisdom! He maybe from 'the streets' or whatever you want to call it, but his intelligence shines through. This world would be a more thoughtful, calmer place if more people like him lived in it! Good for him and good luck to his (girl?)friend! Given her profession and injuries, it will be a rough road ahead of her! Too bad drunkie is an out of work failure, because she should be paying for this mistake for a very long time-hopefully, from a jail cell!

2250 days ago
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