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Pregnant Man No Longer Pregnant!

7/3/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thomas Beatie -- the 34-year-old former woman turned transgendered pregnant man who went on Oprah -- has given birth to a biological girl.

We're hearing the whole thing was totally cloak and dagger. He checked into the hospital in Bend, Ore. under a fake name after going into labor early Monday morning and his room was sealed off, away from other expectant moms. The baby was delivered by C-section later that day.


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Some transgendered people feel a need to put a hinge on it and swing it up into their cavity, or just to sit on something hard! I mean, how stupid do you think the world is that you could fool 100% of the people 100% of the time? Those that do not see anything wrong with this event is not in their right mind, like #57 Maragaret.

2268 days ago


For the people who hasn't heard this story....This was a woman then had a sex change except the dr. left the uterus. So by law this person is a man!

2268 days ago


He's a man. I swear, I think TMZ adjusts the polls themselves if they don't like what people are voting.

2268 days ago

Ronald Higginbrow    

This man? woman? needs to be blindfolded given a cigg, and shot in the head. do the world a favor....

2268 days ago


I am shocked by the ignorance in this world. All of you children need to get educated about trans-gender which is a real condition that exists. Open your eyes so that we aren't as stupid as our parents and their parents. This is such a cycle of narrow-mindedness, it is truly disturbing. People are DIFFERENT. What don't you get about that?

2268 days ago

ya ya    

This is what brings up the question - what determines male and female? Inside or outside? According to "his" liscence, "he" is a male.

2268 days ago


As smart as science thinks it has become, it can't make a woman into a man - not in the truest sense of the word. This pervert just proved it.

2268 days ago


It takes a MAN, To be a father.

2268 days ago


9. Of course it's a girl. Duh. They didn't have any Y chromosomes to factor in, only two X chromosomes so this is no surprise. The surprise will be what the baby wants to be when she grows up. Apparently it doesn't matter if you were born a girl or a boy, you can change it; her mom and "dad" makes that case for her.

Posted at 1:43PM on Jul 3rd 2008 by Snookums

Hmm, really? How do you figure?? They had to use sperm to create the child, & I doubt the filtered out all the y chromosome little guys to make sure they had a girl. So, I guess I just don't see how you came to this conclusion, just because the parents that are going to be raising the child are both female, doesn't mean that sperm from a male wasn't need to creat the child. Please, enlightin me on how to make a baby without even needing a males sperm, that might be interesting.

2268 days ago



2268 days ago



2268 days ago


She is not a he. She is a she. She was not a pregnant man. She was a pregnant woman. The fact that she took some hormones to change her appearance somewhat does not make her a man. This "pregnant man" sensationalism is so ridiculous.

2268 days ago


IT is a WOMAN not a man. You can add things take things off the outside all you want, inside IT was still a woman. So, no.... Pregant MAN did not give birth, another woman gave birth as thousands and thousands of woman do everyday. Nothing special. Just some freak who is an abomination who did something normal and everyday. Not a news story. Just stupid.

2268 days ago

Get the Story Straight - it a Woman.!    

I disagree with what was said about Transgender. Someone that Thinks they are something, that they are Not, has a Mental issue.
If I said I was a Bird, and went around flapping my arms like wings, swooping around stores, and peaking food off my plate. I'd be slapped in a straight jacket and sent to the Phyco Ward asap.

Its a Mental Deviation, abnormal and negative. Negativity breeds Negativity, its a natural and normal responce within us.
Negative responces result in something like this, because its a vulgar and negative issue, and its healthy, normal and natural to feel this way.

But now, they force our children, and us in the work place and in socieity to tolerate this form mental illness as normal.
When its down right blasphimous and vulgar.

2268 days ago


I am not even going to pretend I know anything on this subject. Time to move on! Next!

2268 days ago
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