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God Bless America

7/4/2008 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Only in the good ol' U.S. of A can you be famous for doing absolutely nothing. Thank your lucky stars and stripes.
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So what? At least she's a PATRIOTIC American. No one should be trashed for that.

2280 days ago


Paris looks like her drunk whore self as always!!!!!!!!!

2280 days ago

Canadian just ask'in    

Just ask’in .... Why is it that the sight of the flag being burned in an act of civil disobience is so offensive and yet it being used as a prop in a photo or as a bathing suit stuck up their arse isn’t ???

2280 days ago


OH PLEASE DO NOT let this big whore represent our flag. She's a disgrace to all American woman with her attitude, her personality and the way she has sex with everyone. Oh so now she has a boyfriend and she's a little calm but she will always be known as a no talent, skank, trashy slut. You cant escape your past. Very disliked person that's for sure!!

2280 days ago


Only in America can you be in multiple tv shows, movies and have a music album while peons say you are "famous for doing absolutely nothing."

2280 days ago


American Woman, get away from me.

2280 days ago


Case in point....TMZ

2280 days ago


Talk about desecration of the American Flag

2280 days ago


Famous for nothing, huh? That TV ad points out that she sure knows how to get all wet while pounding down hot meat. Well we knew that BEFORE the ad, didn't we?

2280 days ago


Keeley - saying you care about your country but doing absolutely nothing to help your country is not patriotic. I doubt she's ever even voted before.

2280 days ago


I bet she doesn't even know who the Presidential candidates are, poor thing!! This isn't the new improved Paris, how old is this picture? lol

2280 days ago


Why people worship this flat chested big nosed skank is beyond me...

2280 days ago


According to the Flag Code Section 8d, "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel." We all know that Paris has no etiquette, so why should we expect her to treat Old Glory with any respect? Time to retire that flag and have it properly disposed of. Shes such a disgrace.

2280 days ago

Big Bear    

paris wearing the flag I went to Vietnam in 1969 to defend sickens me!! paris has done nothing to deserve to touch the flag of the USA!!!! God Bless America and the United States Marine Corps!!!!!!

2280 days ago


Oh please. Why pick on her and call her names? A whore? LOL!! When was the last time you took a good look at your daughters, sisters, nieces, even your own mothers in many cases? It would be one thing if Ms. Hilton were the ONLY whore to grace this planet but she's NOT. Most of the females these days are trash from the age of 12 to 50. As for the American flag, how many of you commenting on how it's used truly deserve to wave it around much less comment on it? Most guys these days are more concerned about how to pick up a whore to be bothered with understanding it's meaning and to go FIGHT for the RIGHT to comment on it's use.
As for ANY female being a whore, this is something the males want them to be and then when they are, they cut them down for it. Hmmm. Must make them feel ever so manly. Bunch of idiots if you ask me! Must be something they got from watching their mothers in action.

2280 days ago
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