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"Idol" Loser: Brotha, Can You Spare $10k?

7/4/2008 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaun BarrowesAnd you thought Taylor Hicks' career was in the crapper!

Shaun Barrowes, a top 48 contestant on this season's "American Idol," is begging for a loan online. He's asking for $10,000 "to market a product I've already spent $70,000 on." Where do we sign?

Barrowes feels he's a good candidate for a loan and says,
"The only reason why I need this money is because I was on American Idol for FIVE months without any income at all, and that set me back a little."

Barrowes is mum on the product. We're guessin' it has something to do with karaoke.


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*faint sound of crickets.....*

2272 days ago


1. Taylor Hicks is on broadway -- NOT in the crapper.
2. Taylor Hicks is responsible for an extra $150K in ticket sales per WEEK. Not crappy!
3. Taylor Hicks signed with Vanguard -- who also reps Joan Baez! Not crappy!
4. Taylor Hicks is appearing before the president today for PBS A Capital Fourth (check your own post!) Not too crappy!

Taylor Hicks is NOT having a crappy career!

STOP picking on the man! Argh!

2272 days ago


He looks like a nerd, so it's either to do with Star Trek or porn.

2272 days ago


Who is Taylor Hicks?

2272 days ago


Hey this is my sisters friend!! pretty cool to see that he made TMZ even if it is for a weird/crappy reason!!

2272 days ago

John C Jackson    

Using Prosper is not "'begging" any more than using a credit card or getting a car or personal loan is "begging."

I invest in loans on Prosper and most people have paid me back. I have also sought and paidoff ( early) a loan there.

Begging would mean asking someone to GIVE you money and make a sob story, not asking someone to invest money with you at 35% interest,

Though this guy does have bad credit and I would avoid funding him personally.

2272 days ago


taylor hicks is more well known than you can ever hope to be uta!

2272 days ago


Some fool with a kind heart will donate to the kid. But no amount of money can get Hicks' career out of the crapper. After that fiasco tonight in DC (he forgot lyrics, he huffed and puffed like the smoker he is, he ran around like a maniac, and acted like he was drunk or high), stick a fork in him, he's done.

2272 days ago


He is actually a very talented singer. I've gone to his myspace page and listened to his music and I love it! All his debt is probably just to help him launch a music career. People spend a lot more than $70,000 to launch their music career, so this article is a little ridiculous. I hope he does well!

2271 days ago


shaun's music is actually really good.

leave it to TMZ to pick the best _frame_ of him.

2269 days ago

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