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Shooting Outside Hollywood Club

7/6/2008 4:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man was shot multiple times outside a Hollywood club, and TMZ got shots of the getaway car.

It happened around 2:30 AM this morning, right in the middle of H-Wood -- Ivar and Sunset Blvds. There are multiple clubs nearby, but we don't know where the victim or the perp were before the incident. Our photog was walking to his car when he saw a man fire four or five rounds into another guy. The shooter jumped into a car and sped off and our photog caught the escape on tape.

The perp is Black male and was wearing a hoodie (hood was down). There was a black Hummer next to the escape car and they seemed connected.

The victim is in critical condition. Another man was also shot several times, but his injuries did not appear serious. Both were taken to the hospital.


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I hang out in that area from time to time. It is not a safe place to be late at night, I hope that he recovers and that the guy who did this gets caught and justice is served.

2262 days ago

Pascal Bernard    

i'm thinking it's a Suge hit

2262 days ago


TMZ photogs are not trained medics.

2262 days ago


Hollywood clubs are nothing but parasites, inviting crime such as fights every night, shootings, drinking etc. They are popping up in every street corner. How can the community put up with this?? Why doesn't City Hall do something about it? Shut the clubs down, shut them ALL down!!

2262 days ago


Geez!! good that you got the number plate bout how bout helping the poor guy. He could have bled to death while you were taping the Hummer!!!!

2262 days ago


White people never cease to amaze me!! Saying "of course he was black"! I don't see black people shooting up malls and schools - killings over 25 people at a time! Just like the white race to say of course he was black!! Got the nerve!! This is not a race issue!! All races have heartless immoral criminals! How about the white boy who flung a helpless infant across a room? That's a white thing - right? What about white men raping and killing little girls? That's a white thing too right? What about white men flying to third world places to have sex with little boys? That's a white thing right? Some of you people on here husbands have probably already done it! And TMZ did nothing wrong! People always think they know what's right to do in a situation like this until they are in a situation like that! He just saw someone get shot for christs sake! And what more could he do?

2262 days ago


I'm sure the cops were notified by TMZ. 911 was surely called. Finally,you did something unselfish. Kudos, Gentlemen. Do you know CPR ?

2262 days ago


..........and people put down Don Imus?????

2262 days ago


While you're looking up Bataan Death March, also look up Trail of Tears (the tip of another iceberg).

Fact is, you can find truly horrible stuff in the background (and present) of any ethnic group and any nation, both collectively and individually. It's all the pot calling the kettle black.

2262 days ago


Was that a trick getting out of the first police car's passenger seat? Who is that fat and wears jeans as a cop and a black t-shirt untucked?

2262 days ago


If it were me lying there, I think I'd be grateful that someone got the SOB that shot me on film rather than running over to check on me. Just my opinion...

2262 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Isn't the 'Trail of Tears" when the Indians left for the gold fields of California around 1848/49 and cried when
they found no gold? Good things the paps hang out at night clubs so they can get license plate numbers.

2262 days ago


#88-- I don't think it is right for people to say "of course he was black" when talking about the shooter, but I also think it's people like YOU who help perpetuate all these stereotypes. You want to cry about white people automatically assuming that a criminal is black, while ranting about what is and isn't a "white thing". You're only making people think that you have absolutely no sense! Next time you want to make a point about what a terrible thing racism is, try not to BE racist simultaneously.

2262 days ago


I can't believe some of you people have the nerve to insult TMZ for not helping the victim. Not only were there many other people in the same area as the victim to call 911, but the paparazzi had a camera and the ability to help catch the shooter by getting the license plate. Some of you are acting like TMZ did nothing. The shooter will be captured a lot more quickly with the license plate number. Would you all rather have the paparazzi throw his camera to the side and let the shooter get away without video evidence of what took place? It is sad that so many people are insulting the paparazzi when he went out of his way to film evidence.

I commend TMZ for doing a good deed.

2262 days ago

tarnika wilcher    

hey #99 we can't be racist, we are black.....stupid

2262 days ago
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