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Madonna and Guy

Want You to Buy the Hype

7/7/2008 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Never forget -- Madonna is the master at using the media to her advantage, and the current are-they-or-aren't-they divorcing drama is no different. Now we're hearing Guy and Madge's peeps have been planning this for months, hoping the hubbub will sell more tickets to her upcoming tour.
Well-placed sources tell us the Ritchies plan to officially split in November or December -- after the Mrs.' upcoming "Sticky and Sweet" world tour. Why? Big bucks. The concerts are expected to earn close to $300 mil worldwide, and they've decided to ear mark that to provide for their three children's future.

And it gets better ...

There is a whole PR strategy that has been in place for some time. We're told the Material Girl will be "very visible" in the months leading up to the tour to "generate a lot of publicity." That's when "news" of the marriage's demise would slowly leak out, causing tongues to wag -- and Madonna to be on the cover of papers and mags around the world.

The marriage, we're told, has been effectively over for some time. The couple are friends, and have realized that it is in both of their interests to make a pile of cash from this tour. No working things out here -- our spies say rumors of reconciliation are "garbage." One person told us, "She is simply playing the media -- and the public -- as usual."

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TMZ isnt smart enough to figure this out!

2296 days ago

tippy katz    

OH, I totally believe it.
Like the money they already have isn't enough for their kids
to have a freaking fabulous future.
Whatever. Who cares?????

2296 days ago


Well, well, well, at least someone is using the media correctly!!

2296 days ago


Love publicity skanks

2296 days ago


Madonna is a scab. She is disgusting and truthfully she has lost her fan base yaers ago. BTW Kabbalah is a form of witchraft. Look it up for yourselves!

2296 days ago


hey tmz. did you miss nicole kidman had a baby girl? you guys are slacking.

2296 days ago


I dont think Madonna is smart enough to do that to begin with.

2296 days ago


This is so beleivable..Because Madonna is such a callous cold hearted buisness person she would do this. Deosnt matter shes already a very well to do person she always wants more. There must of been some legal wrangling for months because I dont think Guy or anyone would of agreed to this if there wasnt something that made it advantagous for them. Good luck guy you were a up and coming director fresh and young. Thats what got Madonna into u in the first place. Find your self a nice girl who is gonna help u and put everything before u

2296 days ago


whats worse though is if this is all a stunt she is a real whore for dragging a weak minded fool like Arod into this. he is a ass for cheating but for her to be the nail in the coffin of his marrage so she can sell more records. i hope her album sux. she hasn't been relevent in years.

2296 days ago


This is breaking news. We aren't stupid. If anything, she is the one who is stupid. No one gives a damn about HER marriage, or her ability to sell more concert tickets; I thought the majority of them were sold old anyway. I have never felt the need to see "granny" gyrating half naked on stage in her underwear in the past, or in the future...and I could have saw her ass 20 years ago a lot cheaper than the ridiculous prices these tickets are said to be selling for now.

2296 days ago


I can't figure out why anyone would want to go see Madonna in a concert. She looks scary and revolting in her weird getups, as if they're covering up scars from surgery. She looks like a pasty zombie....and oh yeah, she can't sing. The last time she appeared on a late night talk show years ago and tried to sing, it was a disaster. That's why she can't appear with Celine, Tina or Cher as a Diva, she can't sing.

2296 days ago

Lenn K.    

Madonna is all about money and self. Of course it's hype or just a plain damn lie.

2296 days ago


Hmmm, she must be losing her touch. I don't feel played. Not at all. :)

2296 days ago


When has Madonna been a good singer? Her concerts are festivals for gay people to gasp my arse..the woman is ugly and looks older after all her operations....but hey if the woman is smart enough to control the media and hype like she's done throughout her career selling sex, violence and crappola.more power to her, right? no takers? ok!

2296 days ago


Who the F would spend money to see some old woman with shaved grays dance around and lip sync half the songs! WTF!

2296 days ago
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