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John Cusack: You Played Me, Now Pay Me

7/9/2008 10:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cusack is suing a movie production company because it didn't have stopping power. Let us explain.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Cusack claims Intermedia Film Equities USA convinced him to star in a film called "Stopping Power." According to the suit, Cusack was guaranteed $4.5 million, whether the movie was made or not. And he was promised all his expenses would be paid, including $50k to cover the costs of his staff on location.

Pitbull lawyer Marty Singer, who filed the suit, claims Cusack traveled to Germany and began production, but Intermedia came to him and said they couldn't afford to pay him the guarantee and eventually canceled production.

The suit claims Intermedia and the other defendants never had the funds to pay Cusack and fraudulently induced him to travel to Germany and then tried and renegotiate a lower fee. Now that's a Grosse Pointe.

Cusack wants $5,600,000 plus punitives.


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2262 days ago


2262 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

Who would want to make a movie with this limp wristed whiner? Not moi.

2262 days ago


Ok, this has to be where dollar signs get in the way of your normal common sense. Intermedia Film Equities USA?? Really? How does that even sound like a company you would want to work for, John? Anyway, I dont know about 5.6mil but you should get a little something for your trouble. Who's your agent?... Intermedia Film Equities USA?? Really? Ugh.

2262 days ago



2262 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Hey John, get the money and then make another Gross Pointe Blank or High Fidelity!! Get back to making the movie YOU want to make and keep your artistic vision! So what if your friends have gone onto blockbuster fame...even Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman...that really "crack's me up big time! But oh well. You make really great films. Have Martian Child right here now and will watch it this weekend. You are great. Ran into you once at a Laker game. You actually physically lifted me up...never realized you were that tall til that moment. Sorry for almost spilling my beer on you!

2262 days ago


John C'mon, your from my home town, so what you traveled to Germany,, seriously 5.6 million? what happened to your midwest attitude, forgive and forget, don't destroy that company. stop being a cry baby, don't make me not like you, your one of my favorite actor's of all time. I thought you were always cool. stop take it easy and please oh please don't turn Hollywood. you always seemed to be away from that.
Oh and me and my friend cranked you when we were teenagers lmao :-)

2262 days ago


Take em down, you don't come to a payment agreement and then decide you want to renegotiate...Give John his 5.6 mil, creeps...

2262 days ago


I love John cusack and normally he doesn't seem to be all about the money. BUT he was promised a certain amount of money. It wasn't like they said hey we can't give you this amount from the start and then he did a film for free. I could see him having no problem with it if they had told him from the start. BUT a payment agreement was made. If I were him I'd want my money too even if it was 5 freaking bucks. You don't make a deal and then back out of it. If you don't have that money state it from the beginning when you're neogotiating the contract. It's not that hard to say we don't have the money to give you. Instead they made the deal in hopes he wouldn't notice uh...that they were too 'broke' to give it to him. Yeah real smart there. It's a matter of principle not money. you promise a set amount you pay it damn it!

2262 days ago


John- You should go after them for all the cluster---- that was involved. Such disrespect for a gifted artist cannot be ignored or blown off. Hopefully, it will serve notice to any others out there who would scheme other artists in the future to rethink their ploy.

2262 days ago


If $4.5 million was to be his salary and he's asking for $5.6 million before punitive, then Cusack incurred 1.1 million in compensatory expenses? Did he got nuts on lederhosen, beer and Hasselhoff CDs?

2262 days ago


Greedy ass! Dont you celebs have enough money and then you get more greedy and sue for more money. Try having a real job and real problems.

2262 days ago


A deal is a deal...that's what contracts are for! You can bet if he had backed out, the production company would be suing him. Pay the guy ALL of it.

2262 days ago


I think John has every right. I am from the midwest and live in NYC and just because I am the sweet gal from KS, doesn't mean I shouldn't stand up for my rights. Movie stars, even tho paid ridiculous amounts of money have a lot of expenses that we don't realize.. managers, agents, etc etc. He was promised this gig whether the movie was made or not and he deserves to stick up for himself. Whoever said, forgive and forget is a MORON! I am not saying we should sue for every little thing but if they came to him with this proposal and he agreed then went on to spend time and money to get it done and they pull out... THEN HE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO NAIL THEIR BALLS TO THE WALL!!

2262 days ago


this story is old news... here is the original story from

IM Internationalmedia AG:
John Cusack brings claim against IM Stopping Power GmbH and Intermedia Film Equities Ltd.
Munich / Los Angeles May 15, 2008 – Intermedia Film Equities Ltd, an Internationalmedia Group company, issued a guarantee for certain liabilities of its former affiliated company IM Stopping Power GmbH, especially vis-à-vis the actor John Cusack and Cusack Enterprise Ltd. Cusack informed the Company through his lawyers on May 15, 2008, that he will bring claims against IM Stopping Power GmbH and Intermedia Film Equities Ltd. in the amount of round 5.6 million USD on the basis of the agreements made. Furthermore, Cusack and Cusack Enterprise Ltd. have announced to seek recourse also against IM Internationalmedia AG in its capacity as former shareholder of IM Stopping Power GmbH (which is currently in insolvency proceedings) and as parent company of Intermedia Film Equities Ltd.

2262 days ago
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